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    We are looking for highly experienced & result oriented Sales Lead generation followings could be our target markets (1) Control panel manufacturers (2) Marine / Boat manufaturers. (3) Electrical Contractors. (4) PCB contract manufaturers (5) OEM's(original equipment manufacturers) send e-mails to -- [removed by Freelancer]

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    15 penawaran electrical engineer, who can design/develop an electrical scheme. Project description: It’s some kind of Christmas tree lights, but all components (PCB, LEDs, battery, etc.) should hold inside tiny transparent ‘rod’ (enclosure). This rod needs to be as small as possible, like Dia 8 mm, and up to 40mm long. Design should include battery, ...

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    I would like to build a prototype device for smoke, Light, Fire, Gas detector based on NB-IoT/LTE-M/eGPRS/GSM based communication which includes PCB design, firmware, hardware and software development along with cloud mobile App

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    This is very simple and urgent project which needs PCB layout based on schematic. Please check the attached file. There are missing part numbers for MOSFETs so that you need to select proper one. The guy who designed this circuit said he planned to use this transistor. [login untuk melihat URL]

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    This is very simple project which needs PCB layout based on schematic. Please check the attached file. There are missing part numbers for MOSFETs so that you need to select proper one. The guy who designed this circuit said he planned to use this transistor. [login untuk melihat URL]

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    The project scope is to design and develop a microprocessor (PIC preferred) based lift MP3 announcer card. The functionality of this card is to announce the different floor levels inside an elevator/lift. Please provide me the following:- 1) Gerber files of the PCB for production. 2) Schematic of the circuit. 3) Components list. 4) Source code for

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    I Need to design a system that can Display Data from Modbus-RS485 on a 2 Characters 7 Segment Display. The Data will be Numeric of Two Characters with a decimal (Like 1.2 or 3.0..etc) , Any hardware can be used with an optimization of cost. the deliverable will be: 1. Circuit Design/Schematics 2. Component Description 3. PCB File (Gerber) 4. Program

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    I have business of handmade gifts and I am painter too. I know techniques of PCB design also as I am electronics engineer

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    Project is about the conversion of a currently open source KiCad design into CircuitStudio. KiCad has 13 schematic pages, most are simple, and a pcb 4 layers. Total components 149, Those need to be converted to CircuitStudio project, schematic and pcb.

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    Design hardware for hearing aids, minus all the speaker components. The design will need to include a microphone, all audio conversion or amplifying components, but I already have the speakers with a + and - wire. The speakers are "8 Ohms Exciter Speaker 1W 300Hz ~ 19kHz Rectangular 90.1dB" and I already have them, but I would like a list of all necessary

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    Hearing Aids Berakhir left

    I would like ...necessary, but I will need you to find out which components needed (the cheapest available that will work well and are still small), create the code necessary and finally teach me how to create it myself. You would need to design the PCB, code, find out components needed (mic, audio amplifier, speaker etc.) and know how to assemble it.

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    ...PCBs for spare parts in Australia, I am looking to do some SEO work to increase my sales internationally. The web site is running Wordpress with Yoast SEO plugin installed and Woocommerce. I would like to try to get the 8000 items I have for sale showing up in Google, happy to consider other ways to boost my sales if you can help - e.g Google Shopping

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    PCB Design Berakhir left

    ...charge low voltage and low amps to a set of super caps (multiple or single). The volts will be .3v >1.5v through a Joule thief (if you don't know what that is please google it) Work flow: low voltage input > joule thief > pulse circuit > super caps 2.7v 500f Why? I need some low amp batteries to completely drain to super caps but in a pulsing fashion

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    I I have a gerber files and i need them manualy redone into EAGLE or KiCad. The Gerber is SUPER SIMPLE and i need it done in a hour or so for 10-15 USD

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    Looking someone who have expertise in PCB design and proteus for various projects. There are time constraints as well which can be discussed. I am looking for someone who has experience in similar projects and role. Cheers Hannah

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    Hi! We are looking to hire for 'TAALS', a sister concern of Vistaar Systems Pvt ltd. URL: [login untuk melihat URL] About Vistaar Systems: Vistaar is a PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT COMPANY headquartered in New Jersey, US. Vistaar is a leading provider of price performance management solutions. Vistaar's pricing software enables companies to achieve pricing best practices

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    I provide a PCB file (.brd) designed in OrCad PCB Designer Professional 17.2 4-Layers PCB with planes. I need the following modifications: - CON2 Swap RS422TX+ (PIN3) with RS422TX- (PIN4) wanted configuration: PIN3 RS422TX- PIN4 RS422TX+ - Remove the layer indicator (1234) and regenerate the affected pours. - Change the marking "PN: 08-28-0050-RC"

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    I need a PCB design. I can only explain details when you bid for the electronics project. you must have electronics background, PCB and firmware design experience

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    We have a need to create a variety of raspberry pi sensor boards. We need someone that can work the analog and digital side of sensors, select the proper sensors, design/fabricate a PCB and deliver a working product.

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    gerbr files Berakhir left

    edit in gerber files and pcb design

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    ...project of a 3D photo booth, there are real life examples of already existing products to inspire with, without infringing patents etc., so some reverse engineering skills will probably also turn useful. What is already present: technology, scanning devices, design assumptions, user experience explained What is needed: technical models (example: for

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    ...tracker based on SIM808 (you must use the existing project [login untuk melihat URL] and add send-to-server functionality + create server-side) Main points: -get present GPS position -upload position every X seconds to a server -server receives the position and displays it on the map (current position together with previous positions

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    We need: 1. PCB design for: - ESP32 Wroom board to be connected with: - strain gauge based load cell (E+, E-, A+, A- wired) - HX711 amp - Battery management unit - Qi wireless charging (receiver) - LiPo recargeable battery - one Multicolour LED 2. Firmware/embedded software For ESP32, including ULP development for deep sleep awakening/battery management

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    Electronic PCB work Berakhir left

    In my hot water and underfloor heating zone installation there is a PCB with 2 no. relays; these relays appear to be faulty. Whilst I have the replacement relays, it appears that the existing are solder fixed and I am seeking somebody to fix these relays for me. I live in NN14 area, near Thrapston

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    ...sensor at the motor supply(to avoid dry run). Output : 4 10Amps Relays for controlling motors. (2 for on and 2 for off) Functionality: Level 1 Sensor - Water level low - Motor should turn ON Level 2 Sensor - For indication purposes (Data should be sent to cloud) Level 3 Sensor - For indication Purposes (Data should be sent to cloud) Level 4 Sensor -

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    ...0-2A arası değişen güç kaynağı istiyoruz. Pcb olabilir devre şeması da olabilir. Örneğin arduino analog çıkışı 1V için 12V ve 0.4A arduino analog çıkışı 2V için 12V ve 0.8A arduino analog çıkışı 3V için 12V ve 1.2A arduino analog çıkışı 4V için 12V ve 1.6A arduino analog çıkışı 5V için 12V ve 2.0A I...

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    We have some PCB repairing work in BANGALORE. There are 3 PCB. In one PCB a 12V DC 2Amp adapter is damaged. You need to change that. In another 2 PCB a wire is loose you need to solder the wire back to PCB. THIS IS AN ON SITE PROJECT. You need to go to client location in Domlur and fix the PCB. Things you will nee...

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    We have some PCB repairing work in BANGALORE. There are 3 PCB. In one PCB a 12V DC 2Amp adapter is damaged. You need to change that. In another 2 PCB a wire is loose you need to solder the wire back to PCB. THIS IS AN ON SITE PROJECT. You need to go to client location in Domlur and fix the PCB. Things you will nee...

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    Design a schematic of a cheap PCB that can be produced in a factory using the Particle P1 board. With the P1's wifi capabilities, I am looking to design a custom PCB that has the exact same function as a particle photon. The only difference is the shape of the PCB as well as the parts needed to be integrated with the design. The parts in...

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    Greetings to all. I am looking for someone to design a laptop motherboard based on my instructions. I will give you concept and system requirements and I require gerber design and schematics. [login untuk melihat URL] this is simply an example for complexity. If you cant do something like this then maybe you

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    I need a design of a PIC microcontroller based lift controller pcb up to 10 floors. Including PCB design, programming.

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    PCB design Berakhir left

    I have a hand drawn circuit diagram. I need it drawing out properly in KiCAD then a 2 layer PCB designing for the circuit (all in KiCAD). The circuit is not large, it has a 28 pin dil microcontroller, a square GSM module (surface mount), two relays, a couple of smaller dil ic’s (smps and eeprom), plus a handful of other stuff, like caps, resistors,

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    Design and build a similar pc: WIRELESS CHARGER, LASER, RF, ... The need for one person who can help me in this field. Details are being spoken together.

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    15 penawaran with software knowledge, to work on a test device that was built some 20 years ago and requires an update from the current DOS based system to something more current and future resilient. The ten station device measures pressure and flow via a number of sensors, the analogue output of which are currently changed to digital signals via an interface

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    we need a pcb desiner to design our product as per our requirement.

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    31 penawaran

    I have a design for a handlebar controller that needs several modifications: Adjust for injection molding Adjust for LED indicators Implement other minor design changes (pcb mount, wire channel) There may be additional parts that reqire modification after this. Will require consult through injection molding process, materials selection etc. Prefer

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    Design pcb Berakhir left

    Design a pcb for a circuit supplying 5v and 9v with 5 analog pins and 3 digital pins.

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    I am looking to develop my own range of network switches that will be built onto a DIN rail holder for Control cabinet building. I would like some assistance for producing a schematic that I can then use to CAD up a PCB board for a 10/100/1000 Mbs Ethernet switch that has 3 non PoE ports and 3 PoE ports plus 1 SFP Multi-mode port, with an input voltage

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    ...this [login untuk melihat URL] card. and work fine. but my PCB not work i use asso TSS721A) i have look the datasheet and i need help: [login untuk melihat URL] look at Page 4. in my PCB i get noise tror derfor må endre motstadene

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    Design and architect - software , firmware , pcb layout and configuration for an innovative smartwatch product

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    Project for Asim C. Berakhir left Kiel Perreca, I have been working for Fredy Edison on the drive mouse. I am not sure what he has spoke to you about already but we just need a design for the enclosure the PCB is designed and if we had to its easy enough to make adjustments to it as a new prototype wouldn't break the bank. I think you already have a file for it, however I...

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    Give advice on pcb connectors part numbers suitable for project

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    E Sensor Module Berakhir left

    I need a PCB layout with a 64 pin QFN IC.

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    33 penawaran

    design dc ac inverter architecture selection components software development simulation PCB design

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    27 penawaran

    we are looking for someone who can modify a design for raspberry / orange pi based on out requirements.

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    ...(humidity, temperature, etc) and act over a group of relays, controlling lighting, ventilation and irrigation systems. The data that is read from the sensors will be written to a Web DB, and the parameters that governs the control algorithm will be read from the same source, using a REST API. The required Internet connectivity will be achieved by a

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    Its...display and 6 relays. Everything connected to a PIC24 microcontroller. PIC has two PWM outputs controlled by joystick and the button controls those 6 relays (chooses witch output gets PWM signal ) at the same time display shows PWM level and current function name(depends of which relay choosed) I have the PCB ready 90%. Ill ship it for testing.

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    37 penawaran 18 inch by 0.125 inch PCB layout done. It is an LC resonator that looks kind of like a spiral antenna. The top and all odd layers are the same pattern. The bottom and all even layers are the same pattern. I have high res graphics in .svg, .bmp and many other formats of the shape needed for the copper planes. But it needs to be imported as .svg if possible

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    Design Raspberry Pi hat with MCP 2515 and MCP 2551 CANBUS and 4 XA Series connectors as Breakout. Attached is a schematic as to how the circuit schould look like . The components should be through hole where possible

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    build me pcb Berakhir left

    I am looking for someone that can design pcb for uhf power amplifier. He should have experiences about ADS and Cadence.

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    12 penawaran