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T-Shirt Creation and Designing is the process where a designer blends design knowledge and transfers what has been drawn on a screen to make great looking t-shirts. This ability is not ingrained in just anyone, those who perform this profession enjoys the next fad and has an imagination when coming up with t-shirt designs.

There are proficiencies which you should already be practicing to complete t-shirt design jobs. You need to have a working knowledge of design software. You need to enjoy designing new ideas via, pen, paper, or the use of other mediums. There are design programs that are used by the best graphic designers out there. These include Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

One of the most important things a t-shirt designer must do is to talk to his or her customers and listen to what they want the end product to look like. This skill takes time and dedication to learn, but it is well worth it. Once you know what your client wants, bring that idea to life and draw it. When dealing with those customers that are not t-shirt creators or designers, it allows them to see what you and the client are looking for as an end product.

People in this line of work perform magic through art. They create and design logos, pictures, and more. Whether the client wants a cartoon character or a unique logo, designers try their best meet the clients needs.
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Daftar untuk mulai menghasilkan. Apakah Anda a T-Shirt Designer? Anda bisa menghasilkan uang bekerja di pekerjaan-pekerjaan ini!

Telusuri Pekerjaan di Freelancer

Proyek/Kontes Deskripsi Bid/Entri Keahlian Dimulai Berakhir Harga (IDR)
Logo Design for Darts Jersey Butuh design untuk jersey darts. Logo Design dan Design Nama. Saya attach gambar sebagai contoh 23 Desain Grafis, Desain Logo, Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Jan 9, 2018 Jan 9, 2018Berakhir Rp1350241
Mendesain sebuah T-Shirt Mendesain sebuah T-shirt dengan rancangan terbaru untuk menjadikan T-shirt terupdate untuk konsumen. 12 Desain Grafis, Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Nov 5, 2017 Nov 5, 2017Berakhir Rp5106667
Design project logo Terima pembuatan design logo di bandung 7 Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017Berakhir Rp4792380
Design a tshirt for our company We a company that sale spare part for refrigeration unit. We want to make a unique tshirt regarding Air Conditioning Technician. So everyone want to use it. Below some example, Teknisi Pendingin = Profesi mulia/ Pengusaha/ Teman yang paling cool/ yang bikin hari selalu Adem! Paling enak jadi istrinya teknisi AC, Ruangan saja didinginkan apalagi hati istrinya. Ruangan aja bs aq buat di... 21 Desain Grafis, Desain Logo, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Kaus Oblong Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017Berakhir Rp409943
Mendesain sebuah T-Shirt mendesain t-shirt buatan asli indonesia 20 Desain Grafis, Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Aug 10, 2017 Aug 10, 2017Berakhir Rp350625
Reven Cloth Website seluler (Hanya untuk Seluler) Saya membutuhkannya dibuat dan didesain 9 Desain Grafis, Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Aug 5, 2017 Aug 5, 2017Berakhir Rp4959258
Mendesain sebuah T-Shirt Design gambar tokoh2 pahlawan Islam versi anak2 7 Desain Grafis, Kaus Oblong Jul 26, 2017 Jul 26, 2017Berakhir Rp1068253
Membuat Suatu Ilustrasi Saya ingin membuat illustrasi, komik, dan beberapa pekerjaan seni lainnya untuk menyalurkan imajinasi seni saya yg mungkin berguna untuk orang lain. 8 Desain Grafis, Desain Logo, Ilustrasi, Karikatur & Kartun, Kaus Oblong Jul 21, 2017 Jul 21, 2017Berakhir Rp1570138
Mendesain sebuah T-Shirt pilihan setiap gambar , warna spesifik , dan nuansa, isi teks, serta memiliki makna 10 Desain Grafis, Desain Logo, Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Berakhir Rp115999
Mendesain sebuah T-Shirt proyek dimana membuat desain baju yang akan menjadi formalitas sehari hari 20 Desain Grafis, Photoshop, Desain Photoshop, Kaus Oblong Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Berakhir Rp840971
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