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Create a good visual logo of charioteer with horses on a cloud with the name DE WAGENMENNER as text. So a person that is pursuing their dream.

84 €350 EUR Jan 14, 2019 5 hari, 9 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

I would like a drawing of a yeti(Sasquatch, Bigfoot) lifting weights (working out). The image should also include a background.

5 $50 USD Jan 14, 2019 4 hari, 21 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Hello, we are a new cleaning company that will be specializing in cleaning offices. With that being said we would like to create a High End image. The name of the company is: Royal Mai...

124 $40 CAD Jan 12, 2019 3 hari, 11 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

We are in the market for a new modern designed logo for our irrigation/lawn maitnance company in Alberta Canada. We are looking for an original design that may or may not incorporate sp...

348 $200 CAD Jan 11, 2019 1 minggu, 2 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

I have several new designs I need for board models. Conduit, Launch Pad, Fish Plate. Attached are a few I already use. I need to follow up with other designs as well.

68 $150 USD Jan 11, 2019 45 menit, 54 detik Buat kontes seperti ini

We are after a sleek and modern logo for our existing business. The business name is: Renishaw caravan accessories We have included our old logo as a reference, this was designed 17 ...

317 $150 USD Jan 10, 2019 1 hari, 11 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Hello, we need a Logo for the online presence names "pocketpet". The style from the logo can playful! The company prints shirts with a animal in the shirtpocket. We h...

95 €70 EUR Jan 10, 2019 1 hari, 9 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

I need a logo designed for healing crystals and stones website healing intentional living ritual Myztical Stones competitors

68 $190 USD Jan 10, 2019 1 hari, 4 jam Buat kontes seperti ini