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Hi, I am looking for a logo for my pub/hotel that will tie in with an existing logo I have for my brewery. Both businesses sit next to each other in a little regional town in Rainbow, V...

63 $150 AUD Apr 27, 2017 5 hari, 23 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Our organisation is in the healthcare industry (based in Malaysia). Especially in the field of alternative medicine. We specialise in bone setting therapy using the TCM (Traditional Chi...

96 RM490 MYR Apr 27, 2017 5 hari, 21 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Good day! We are an interior fabric supplier, supplying fabrics for upholstery and curtains. We mainly focus on wholesale selling to larger scaled projects such as hotels, restauran...

9 Rp1919190 IDR Apr 27, 2017 4 minggu Buat kontes seperti ini

The name of the company is Sugar Shenanigans. This is a cupcake bakery that is owned and operated by three young sisters. The primary menu will be different varieties of gourmet, made...

180 $100 USD Apr 27, 2017 2 minggu, 5 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

Illustrate from photos provided a simplified drawing suitable for use on business cards, stationery, websites, social media post, etc Would like to be able to change the color of line ...

8 $100 USD Apr 27, 2017 5 hari, 13 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

i would like a new design for my entertainment company the name of my company is inside your head hypnosis / magic id really like this to be very professional looking with hypnosis and ...

40 $200 USD Apr 27, 2017 3 minggu, 2 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

Hello Freelancers! I am looking for some social media banners. The company is named: LoadingSkills The idea of the company is based on player versus player battles in the game ...

22 $50 USD Apr 27, 2017 1 minggu, 1 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

For the company Cutout I need a logo. We do cnc cutting/milling of wood, aluminium and plastics. It is a service for customers who have a 2d design and want to have it cnc cut. The nam...

183 €90 EUR Apr 26, 2017 5 hari, 7 jam Buat kontes seperti ini