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Hi Designer, We are looking for our Electric scooter a company logo. We want to launch our product world wide What we need from you? 1* Simple text 2* Icon We will give scores by 3 l...

2702 €200 EUR Jul 24, 2021 4 hari, 19 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Sparkling jewellery for young girls and young at heart designed by a school student. It is fresh and creative. We like modern, clean, organic lines and fresh. The company name is “Liber...

271 $50 AUD Jul 24, 2021 4 hari, 18 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Our football club is named "New York International Football Club" or NYIFC for short. We are growing and want to have a third uniform kit designed for us. Our team colors are Black...

106 $250 USD Jul 24, 2021 5 hari, 17 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Earthie Koala is a start up business producing 100% organic skincare products for families from infants to adults. Looking to produce background illustrations to be used for product la...

28 $100 AUD Jul 24, 2021 4 hari, 14 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

I have attached two pictured. I want the picture with the two men be recreated using the same bridge ( the Brooklyn bridge and the London bridge) that's in the picture two men. However...

125 $54 USD Jul 24, 2021 1 hari, 8 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Use your skills to create a new name and logo for a private school in Chattanooga Tennessee. The current name is William and Mary Acadeny but needs to be changed because of the conflic...

333 $200 USD Jul 23, 2021 1 hari, 22 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Floor Plan Design - Single Storey Dwelling - Amazing - House Plan - Architecture We have 2 plans in the AUTO CAD File. We want to see your best effort to Re-design one or both the pla...

22 $180 AUD Jul 23, 2021 3 hari, 16 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

I need someone who can remake my logo but make it look more professional. Requirements: -The logo is for my YouTube cooking channel so please make it attractive. -I like the current co...

91 $50 USD Jul 23, 2021 1 hari, 9 jam Buat kontes seperti ini