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I need a movie poster for an independent film I am producing. This film is done on a budget. But I'm seeking a good cinematic look. G is the lead character. He kills rival gang member...

54 $90 USD Jan 22, 2022 1 hari, 22 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

We're looking for creative ways to display a slogan alongside of our logo. IMPORTANT: - The logo cannot be changed at all. - The text needs to be clearly readable when printed in small...

362 $100 USD Jan 22, 2022 6 hari, 22 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Looking for a high qauility logo for a Concrete Business. Must be Industrial and Masculine Easy to read. Neil Stafford Concreting is the logo name. Can be abbreviated and also must incl...

341 $100 AUD Jan 22, 2022 1 minggu, 5 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

We require 5 skull image designs . All 5 of them need to be in similar themes. The image need to be pixel art. 1024*1024 each in size. I have attached a sample image for your refer...

40 $100 NZD Jan 22, 2022 5 hari, 16 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

We have just launched a CryptoGirlfriend NFT on the Binance Smart Chain. The NFT holder will receive a digital comic book as well as a printed comic book. We are nearly done writing the...

4 $500 USD Jan 22, 2022 1 minggu, 6 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

I would like a very dramatic image, with multiple representations of America (the flag, Jesus on the cross, guns, the statue of liberty, the American flag, Harvard, Yale, and MIT univer...

24 $250 USD Jan 22, 2022 5 hari, 13 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Horse ranch, breeding, race bred quarter horses. I’m thinking a donkey with a helmet on, rocket strapped to his back, some fully, satirical.

97 $300 USD Jan 22, 2022 5 hari, 13 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

Please see the attached document. The first completed decent entry wins by default, other high quality submissions will be considered for separate engagements. I anticipate about 2 hour...

3 $100 USD Jan 22, 2022 5 hari, 13 jam Buat kontes seperti ini