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This project is for Electric Mini Car Company. The company is needing a box truck wrap design made just for the box, Left, Right & back of box, Not the truck. . I have provided template...

25 $80 USD Aug 21, 2019 3 hari, 20 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

We need a logo design for our website. Name "Book Baba". It's a wordpress plugin related to hotel booking. We required mascot and icon. Please keep in mind, selected freelancer have to ...

33 ₹2000 INR Aug 21, 2019 1 minggu, 6 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

I am attaching something that is 60% done. I just want to see you make it better. Thank you! Please do not change color. Keep backgrounds white. Work in Adobe Illustrator. Do not chan...

57 $150 USD Aug 21, 2019 5 hari, 3 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

We are going to sell these bags in aid of rabbit rescue organizations. We want five different designs to encourage people to buy all five in the series. Brief: Please design FIVE d...

45 $240 USD Aug 21, 2019 3 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

Describe your product, target audience, and industry. Vitamins for Pets. Pet owners who take very good care of their animals. Describe your brand values. Modern vs Vintage? Fun vs S...

196 $150 USD Aug 21, 2019 5 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

This is a electronic repair shop that needs a logo for the business name: EdgeTech Repair

160 $200 USD Aug 21, 2019 4 hari, 23 jam Buat kontes seperti ini

We'll give you $500 to join in on the fun. Twitter personality John McAfee recently tweeted that he was looking for an artist to do his portrait, Steampunk style. The thread (https://t...

4 $500 USD Aug 20, 2019 3 minggu, 6 hari Buat kontes seperti ini

In October we will be launching a series at our church called Villain - Villains of the Bible and the things we have in common. PLEASE LOOK AT EXAMPLES ATTACHED. This is the type of stu...

43 $250 USD Aug 20, 2019 3 hari, 23 jam Buat kontes seperti ini