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    Hi! Thanks for read! i need a single page app for testing Gyroscope hardware on the user's phone. PROJECT IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't need publish app on Play store or App store i need ONLY source code for testing correct run! The Ui need to be elementary (Basic element in react native stock library is ok) i need to import your code into mine a simple Programming note for delivery: 1) NOT EXPO! Only React native! 2) Only Js not Ts 3) Please use common node Library please not pay lib, 4) The app need to run on android and ios. 5) We can use git repository for check code. The scheme is of App is: 1) The app will starts, and show data from Gyroscope in 3 text input X - Y - X 2) When phone is moved the text input need to be upgraded with new data. Thanks!

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    I am looking for After effect expert to create complex animation. If you are a webflow expert that can make an animation, it is a big plus. This is urgent.

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    P2P Sports betting App 6 Hari left

    I need a P2P Sports betting app like Peerbet.io. Has to to have the same functionality as with a few exceptions. Users must be able to set up profiles and link bank accounts to the app in order to place bets. Users must be able to payout when the lose and receive money when they win.

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    Requerimos crear una web app donde los usuarios puedan hacer un login y accedan a un dashboard donde puedan jugar 3 juegos e interactuar entre ellos. la idea es que las personas al ir a restaurantes puedan entretenerse mientras esperan -Necesitamos crear una beta donde se pueda acceder y jugar -Crear Login para el restaurante -Crear Login para el usuario -Crear Login para los administradores -Necesitamos que al llegar a cierto puntaje en el juego los usuarios por medio de una alerta puedan reclamar un descuento en el establecimiento

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    Hi all, I was developing a complete look feature on the Shopify website Impulse theme. Need help with the javascript to select the variant option and display the dynamic price and add to the cart button.

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    MQTT LED ESP32 Controller 6 Hari left

    Looking to have custom Android app, iOS app and mobile site created to connect via and control a WiFi LED controller (ESP32 based), using MQTT. The controller is ESP32 MCU based. The successful candidate must have a ESP32 controller. Skills required: IoT, C, C++ HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript

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    1) Make the modal close when date is selected 2) Make the date alsp appear i the date-btn field 3) Fit the Date Picker in the modal Body

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    Customise an online quiz plugin for a psychological test. Select a plugin for that can be customised and make it suitable for the test An online exam management system to run psychological tests like the Holland code test. The test scoring sheet is a separate document. A plugin has to be customised to run and score this test. Also if possible it should be customised for other psychological tests that may have a different scoring criteria.

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    Chart website developer needed 6 Hari left

    I need someone who can business a website where we can get the info of cryptocurrency and get the chart of it similar to dexscreener or poocoin app I need someone who worked on a similar type of website or has a readymade solution for this. Thank you!

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    Hi We looking to add few more features our existing project in for a logistic software. Points to be covered as Integration of third party booking api and apis. and few changes reports. We will discuss the project in detail Super Admin Panel Changes in company master Create Api account master - add/edit/delete - need to link it with Companies. Individual company wise booking..via api for xpressbees and delihvery Bulk company wise booking -- via api for xpressbees and delihvery Listing page to view the booking done company wise and date filter. max limit to view 30 days at any given point of time --- need to discuss this To delivery hisotry status of the consignment via api... with same company wise and date wise filter - option to download data in excel. Upload booking data directly do...

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    You will implement K-Nearest-Neighbor (kNN), Centroidbased Rocchio, Naive Bayes (NB) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifiers from scratch (that is, without using scikit-learn APIs) in Python. You will use a subset of the 20 Newsgroups dataset. The full data set contains 20,000 newsgroup documents, partitioned (nearly) evenly across 20 different newsgroups and has been used for experiments in text applications of machine learning techniques, such as text classification and text clustering. This assignment dataset contains a pre-processed subset of 1000 documents and a vocabulary (dictionary) of 5,500 terms.

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    Red social tipo foro php 6 Hari left

    Con funciones de Publicar un post , Responder , recibir notificaciones , mensajes y post mas comentados en la ultima semana

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    Looking for Magento dev 6 Hari left

    My site I'm at a loss to why my website performance and not capturing more sales. I have turned to a lot of so called experts that have produced zero results. I have a Magento II website with lots of different plug ins that are either not being currently used or really have no meaning. I have turned to SEO companies, design experts and just about anyone that said they could make it successful. In short no one has taken this site to a self running sales machine. If you like a challenge and have the knowledge and skills to take a Magento II website to the next level. Then contact me. i would love to hear from you and listen to what you bring to the table.

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    i need more modules for node js app 6 Hari left

    i need more modules for node js app i need more modules for node js app i need more modules for node js app

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    It's a little lengthy idea or you can in text it's not easy to explain but it's related to a travel website.

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    It's a little lengthy idea or you can in text it's not easy to explain but it's related to a travel website.

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    Wanted to build user profile page and user display cards

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    Parse value from web page 6 Hari left

    I have a data scraping task. I need someone who can help me parse information from a web page. Please apply if you are interesting. I will share link in the chat.

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    Metaverse Plots 6 Hari left

    I need a metaverse land project. We basically need an early stage of a metaverse project like Decentraland plots only (not the actual metaverse) There are plots which people can buy and rent. They are able to post some ads and link on them. And members can use a land to put a picture and link for their project That's the whole project. Simple and futuristic design. For example: Some technical aspects are: Plot sales on ethereum chain, deployed on opensea. Assign your plot on map. 3 different rarity levels. 9kmx9km each plot

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    The task is to modify the chart item, that by hovering over a certain item (here just 4 links), the regarding graph in the chart gets a shadow to create a highlighting effect. The chart should not be reloaded, to prevent the starting animation to happen again, the instance should instead just be updated, but that is up to you to find a suitable solution. Please tell me beforehand how you intend to solve this, as a shadow is not a built in in Charrt.js. You will then receive a HTML file that also contains the JavaScript with an example chart in the current state. All modifications can be done in that file.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a game developer who can develop casino game in Django. It's urgent so let me know if you can do. Thank you.

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    I have a node / react app for my business. It receives data from some forms and returns values based on some calculations. I need to update some formulas in the server. Please read attached file

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    we need a script that scrapes certain values from indeed for us specifically it should copy name and telephone number of applicants and list them in a xls file

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    experto en google calendar api 6 Hari left

    Es una pequeña pagina que maneja un calendario de una cuenta GSuit. Se necesita una funcion en PHP o JAVASCRIPT Que reciba parametros (titulo, fecha y hora, etc). Que cree un evento en el calendario con un Meet asociado Que devuelva el link del Meet. No se deben pedir las credenciales de google porque todo se aplica a un solo calendario que cuenta con sus credenciales para realizar el proceso.

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    Django & React developer 6 Hari left

    we need a Django and React senior developer. It needs to be completed in a week. Will explain more detail via private chat.

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    Require Reactjs designer -- pages 6 Hari left

    Require Reactjs designer -- design pages and know tailwind.

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    Attendance App using Kintone Database 6 Hari left

    I am using Kintone Database, with which I would like to make the employees app to check attendance and to do list automatically

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    Senior Frontend Engineer needed. If you are a fan of the Solana ecosystem or want to continue your career in web3 - this is a good opportunity. The gross annual salary is in the range of $36,000 - $84,000 depending on experience, and they also provide equity.

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    Use case: Screen recording tool that can be installed on websites to record and report bugs - The screen recording tool can be installed on any website as a code snippet that will be included in the host website's code. - Users can see a very small "start screen recording" button floating on the website in a corner - When users click on the "start screen recording" button, recording of the entire screen starts (after user allows permission on the browser) - Users can click on a floating "stop recording" button to stop the recording - Users can provide a title and description to the recording and save it to their account - Users can then login to their account and replay the recordings

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    Looking for Magento Expert 6 Hari left

    My site I'm at a loss to why my website performance and not capturing more sales. I have turned to a lot of so called experts that have produced zero results. I have a Magento II website with lots of different plug ins that are either not being currently used or really have no meaning. I have turned to SEO companies, design experts and just about anyone that said they could make it successful. In short no one has taken this site to a self running sales machine. If you like a challenge and have the knowledge and skills to take a Magento II website to the next level. Then contact me. i would love to hear from you and listen to what you bring to the table.

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    I need some developer expert on security tasks for solve some Issues on my e-commerce site. The issues to solve are for CSRF, add an Referer header validaton, API Mass Assignment. This project is hosted on Windows Virtual Server (IIS)

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    I would like to have someone build a script, using python3.9, that i can execute from my local machine to transform a mysql query table of data that contains columns with json payloads into columns on a spreadsheet. I want the script contain a query. That query will return multiple columns (some will contain json payloads and others will not). For each row returned, I want to parse into columns within the json within each column into a csv file containing the columns . Please review the attachment example.

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    Auto swipe social badoo 6 Hari left

    Creazione auto like bot di che metti autolike

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    I need an experienced react and google firebase developer to help me build an admin portal that will allow registration and some other functionalities. The developer should be available to start work immediately and into the weekens. if you know react native too it will be n added advantage.

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    HLS Video decoding 6 Hari left

    We have a video streaming server with HLS, and need web decoder. We have some server control with CGI too.

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    15 penawaran
    Need a bookmarking website 6 Hari left

    I need a bookmarking website from feed history from the browser. user will login to the website to his browsing history from the browser. user will be able to add these link to his personal or public bookmarking by cateogy when add the bookmark, the script will create a thubnails from the specific website. in addition, user will be able to customize the bookmark, like adding description; changing title, and rating it, add image/ tubnails user can create his own category

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    HF React JS Node JS Developer 6 Hari left

    I am hoping for a full stack React / Node JS developer for ongoing work. Forms / APIs (REST)

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    We're searching for a Front-End Web Developer who can join and help our company team to complete the project and should be able to work with us for several months. As a Front-End Web Developer you will be responsible for coding and maintaining the front-end of websites and blogs for our client's core brands. You will work in small, concentrated teams and influence projects from inception. It will be your job to take feedback from across departments and teams and apply it accordingly., you will have the opportunity to impact processes and workflow, educate on industry trends, and influence the use of new technologies. Core Responsibilities: Own technical leadership on client projects Support the recruiting and hiring of new Engineers Collaborate effectively with cros...

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    PWA APP for B&B 6 Hari left

    You'll develop a mobile and Desktop responsive PWA marketplace APP for B&B. 1. Signup & Login is by Twitter, Facebook or Username. 2. Payment method integration is PAYPAL and Stripe (Guests can also pay with Debit Card) 3. Users can chat with Host. Filter search using different filters. All notifications must be instants. 4. Create Admin and Host Panels with all necessary Modules for B&B and Hotel Bookings (show me your samples if you've done this before) 5. APP can have access to Phonebook, share Properties to Twitter, save properties. 6. You'll use your technical discretion to deliver a complete responsive PWA APP that can be downloaded from Google Playstore to user smartphone and also accessible on Desktop. Chat me up with your previous jobs so we can agree o...

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    We're searching for Junior Front-End Web Developer who can join our team and work with us for several months to finish our company project. The Junior Front-end Developer works with the DevOps team to develop the overall look, design, and functionality of web applications across our company systems. The right candidate has knowledge of web application development and can build user interfaces from wireframes using HTML5, CSS3, and various JS libraries and frameworks. Core Responsibilities: Works in close collaboration with multi-functional teams (Design/Content/Analysts, Developers) to ensure development projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with high quality. Ensures that the design is consistent with organizational brand guidelines where applicable Partne...

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    I am seeking a creative and innovative UI/UX frontend developer to design an e-commerce application. React knowledge is required.

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    Build a AR creator web -- 2 6 Hari left

    Hi, I look for a professional to build a AR creator web, here are the requirements: Web-based, can use webgl, or others tool to develop Features required - Rigged Avatar with say hi and talking animation (rigged avatar will be provided) - Avatar wear a T-shirt able to change/customized color and with logo in the shirt - A Textbox + Voice out for Avatar - With 5 AR photo booth frame designs with few animations 1. Party 2. Flower/ Cherry tree 3. Congratulation 4. Anniversary Ceremony 5. Holiday 6. Customized frame from server 7. Season e.g. New Year, Christmas, CNY etc - Around 20 standard props available to select, and 2 Customized props from server - Can add footer Iogo and text in the photo booth - Add a button to 3D model (fbx) with animation in the photo booth fram...

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    Required Currency conversation 6 Hari left

    Hi there, I am looking for someone who can create conversion module between currency on a react/nodejs platform thanks Fed

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    El proyecto de creación de la web SURGICALDENT, consiste en un E-commerce que tiene como objetivo vender insumos médicos a estudiantes que cursen carreras universitarias relacionadas con la rama dental. Actualmente en nuestra base de datos de Odoo 13 Community Version contamos con un E-Commerce llamado , la IDEA es que nuestro nuevo E-commerce esté vinculado a esta misma base de datos si remover ni editar el E-Commerce de , pues este e-commerce es para venta al público en general, y estas modificaciones no deben aplicar al e-commerce de surgicalmed.es.

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    I'm looking for Angularjs expert who can complete the product by next week. This product works as Gmail 3 major functions should be completed and api works. - Search function - Expand/collapse function with api - Contact Info popup If goes well, we can work for long-term Please bid if you are expert at angular. Thanks!

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    I need a website 6 Hari left

    i want a bitcoin mining website

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    React front end screens available. Django or a performance-friendly solution should be used for the backend. I need some one who can do application faster 30 to 40 % of the application is completed Looking for individual freelancers, not companies.

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    Full Time Remote Laraval Developer 6 Hari left

    We are looking for a Full Time Remote Laraval Developer with experience of min 1-2 years for 3 months (contract) to help us finish an existing project. The contract might get extended as well depending on performance and situation Working Hours : 8-9 hours per day Working days : Mon to Saturday Timezone : US Time (Preferably) Role & Responsibilities Plan and build scalable and hassle-free web solutions Develop stable and high-performance web applications, as well as APIs with real-time features Optimize applications for speed and usability on different platforms Identify potential blockers and troubleshoot them for successful project delivery Create application features in a fast-paced environment Keep documentation of all tasks performed across the development stages Perform code ...

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    React Site 6 Hari left

    Need a front end developer who can work on my website with maximum commitment.

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    Whatsapp API integration 6 Hari left

    Hello I am looking for some one who has good knowledge and experience in Whatapp APi ( Baileys or ) The purpose to use this library to send and get messages and reply Actually the most of work completed just need to handling and simple issues. So if any one has good experience please start your bid with clear , so I can contact you directly Thanks

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