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I have still not been able to find anyone on any contractor site that has been able to produce the following golf club fitting hardware/software device successfully, even on a most rudimental level.

The device(s) and application comprise first accurately tracking/logging golf club movement before any part of a golf swing is even begun (the pre-swing period). Many initially interpret this incorrectly as meaning that the “swing” is only the swing that counts for one’s score and that one or more practice swings can be made during the pre-swing period. This is incorrect. Every swing, including every practice swing, has its own pre-swing period. The only club movement needing to be tracked is what is commonly referred to as a golfer waggling of a golf club (or whatever club motion a golfer might develop in its place). Stated simply, the motion produces an effective clubhead weight for a golfer as he/she is about to begin a swing and helps to regulate the entire subsequent golf swing.

Once this motion, which can be extremely subtle to detect, is precisely captured, the data is fed through an appropriate algorithm(s) to determine a rotation point location along the length of the club, a location that could vary significantly from golfer to golfer even with same golf club. For those familiar with golf, this is where the golf club specification of swingweight was derived from, but individual golfers have rotation point locations that can vary significantly from the 14-inch fulcrum point location from the grip end of the club on the traditional swingweighting system. This advanced golf club specification, named waggle weight, will be a variable-fulcrum club balancing system that will help golfers swing and play better.

But the overall system is going nowhere until the pre-swing golf club motions of golfers can be precisely tracked and analyzed, the first critical part of the system. Attempts and partial work to date have included but not been limited to single 9DOF inertial sensors or dual-accelerometers on a PCB attached directly to the club, and video analysis, all of which have failed pretty miserably thus far. Perhaps there is a better technology around.

Most of whatever budget I had at one point has been depleted due to uncounted unqualified contractors previously hired. And time is of the essence due to a rapidly dwindling patent protection period for this device and system. Some knowledge of and/or interest in golf and the game's future might be a plus, but is not required and might actually hurt the project due to so much deeply embedded incorrect knowledge within the golf industry.

Help is needed in areas including hardware selection and/or development, software application development, and algorithm development. A prototype with which to gather critical early testing data for analysis is required first in the shortest time possible time and at minimal expense before the project can proceed further, largely to help determine whether the results are far enough away from the old system to warrant continuing on with the project. If making a bid, please note whether you are a specialist desiring to contribute to any one particular skill described or whether you consider yourself (or company) qualified to develop multiple aspects of the project.

Though very crudely produced, a homemade requirements document detailing various project elements and experiences is attached for inspection if desired. Initially browsing through just the images and videos linked through the document might help one to understand the fundamentals of the project, with additional details in the text as desired.

Anyone interested and able to skillfully help finally bring any part(s) of this particular project to fruition in as little time and cost as possible please consider contacting me with any additional questions or comments. I am open to fixed-price or hourly quotes.

This disclosure for the project is copyrighted material. Thank you.

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