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In modern times, we are realizing more than ever that some of the most important and valuable information that a company can have is its data. We know that a company’s reputation can be compromised through a data hack or leak, and that often times, the right intellectual property can add millions, or even billions, of dollars, to the market capitalization of a corporation. As a result, companies both big and small should be doing everything that they can to keep their data safe.

Database developers work to make sure that databases where information is stored is as efficient and flexible as possible, to make sure that no matter what happens, companies can have their data safe, in any situation. The right database developer can make sure that this is done at the lowest cost possible, and also avoid storing redundant data, which obviously makes operations less productive and efficient.

No matter what, data is essential. We know that Big Data is one of the biggest technological trends in the world, because it helps to illuminate information, whether it’s regarding consumer trends or scientific research. A database developer understands the important of keeping information safe, which is essential in modern times.

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    i need to support for a journey as a company. previous customer service experience is very helpful.

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    DBA Para MySQL 6 Hari left

    Tengo una solución con MySQL, pero estoy experimentando picos de saturación con poca demanda, requerimos identificar fallas y oportunidades de mejora

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    I need comprehensive list of Car Dealers in USA. **** Call me for more info about search **** Asking for the sample ASAP after we will discuss all peculiarities I need it be done as soon as possible Bid confidently.

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    Technical Writing 6 Hari left

    Hello We looking to get a technical write-up on DBMS. Topics includes. ** Perform data storage, security, integrity ** Available DBMS tools ** Data structure ** Database design More details will be sent once the work is started. DBMS experience is necessary.

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    Hello, I have an issue with of Database Systems from relational algebra, tuple relational calculus and SQL Queries. All are practical based problem. You just need to write queries in python/SQL for Oracle Database which are only 3 files. I will provide all necessary code in inbox. It's a bit urgent.

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    Database design is the organization of data according to a database model. The designer determines what data must be stored and how the data elements interrelate. ... Database design involves classifying data and identifying interrelationships. This theoretical representation of the data is called an ontology.

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    Preciso que o Power BI faça a leitura de 2 APIs e apresente essas informações e tempo real através de um dashboard. Estamos abertos se vamos de Power BI ou data Studio.

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    This project involved formatting, distributing and converting of office document to PDF

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    DBA task 5 Hari left

    This script is needed to avoid a DR server manual restore and bring the DBs online. The script I want it to do 1- by the time of emergency, SP will run and check the job history of restored jobs and identify which need to bring online(if it all then it will do for all) 2- after it identified which need to brought online - click the restore job - disable the restore job - it w...

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    I need someone to install Splunk software in Microsoft VMWare and do database integration. And he must be in Singapore.

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    Realizar una aplicación de escritorio la cual tiene integración con my sql

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    Seeking a skilled individual that has knowledge around creating a full Power BI suite of reports with drill-down technology, easy to read, easy to use reporting. The sources are from REST APIs for the majority and SQL databases. Please provide examples of previous work for review.

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    MySQL Database Expert 5 Hari left

    We are looking for MySQL expert with at least 5 years of experience. Preference for someone familiar with AWS RDS. HTML, CSS and Javascript is a plus. Responsibilities: -Development of high quality Database Solutions -Develop, implement and optimize Stored Procedures and Functions -Review and interpret ongoing business report requirements -Analyze existing SQL queries for performance improvements...

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    We produce an instrument which performs respirator fit testing per the OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.134. The data from these fit tests is in a JSON database. We need a Database Manager program which is extremely easy to use and which will enable the user (99% of whom are not computer-savvy) to do the following: 1. Produce summary reports with the ability to filter on several fields 2. Provide the a...

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    Hello, we are developing a VPN program. We are looking for somebody to do the backend and make an API so we can connect it to our clientside program

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    Software Requirements Introduction Our company deals in recycling and refurbishing of e-waste. We are checking and refurbishing old mobile phones and then used to sell them to our B2B Retail Partners. The whole Process involves these major steps 1. Incoming Stock Entry 2. Quality Check 3. Refurbishing 4. Dispatch 5. Return These steps are described in detail further. 1. Incoming Stock Entry The i...

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    • Extract Excel file with full list of Email registered with full category of Registered, Last Login and other important stuff from SQL Database • Remove incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant data. • Create a Manual on how to do Data Cleaning and provide proposals and future recommendation

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    Problem Statement Significant resources and time is unnecessarily spent on updating large and complex excel worksheets on a daily basis. Objective To significantly reduce time spent on creating daily reports for our clients and to create a premium data sharing and visualisation experience. Deliverables • Update and refine the existing Power BI front-end to create deeper visualisations and a...

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    datamangment -- 2 4 Hari left

    work down in the attachment >please check and let me know

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    Hello, we are developing a VPN program. We are looking for somebody to do the backend and make an API so we can connect it to our clientside program

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    The current database is made with MariaDB by the previous developer. The database consists of 3 front end portals used for: 1) Data entry 2) Client viewing 3) Exporting data and approving data entry from employees. The adjustments that we need are based on feedback from employees and clients. Quality of life types of things. (Adding data entry options, adding more options for the front end f...

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    Database creation 4 Hari left

    We require a database be built that has every business listed as a furnace and duct cleaner in the U.S.A and Canada. Would require web scraping, manual entry, data mining, script writing, etc. Required are business name and email address. Nice to have would be manager name, address and phone number.

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    The current database is made with MariaDB by the previous developer. The database consists of 3 front end portals used for: 1) Data entry 2) Client viewing 3) Exporting data and approving data entry from employees. The adjustments that we need are based on feedback from employees and clients. Quality of life types of things. (Adding data entry options, adding more options for the front end f...

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    We need a master product database built to integrate data from multiple suppliers into a single data set and interface. The product data is currently being correctly ingested into separate datasets, but we need A. The combining of all data into a single table B. Creation of multiple calculated fields using supplier and data from additional sources C. Creation of a web interface to be able to...

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    Looking for database app or website 4 Hari left

    I’m looking for an app or a website where I can upload my documents unto, then have search capability, to search the content of the documents and get lists of search results like Google results (with previews).

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    Building Mobile and web Apps 3 Hari left

    We are solution provider based in Hong Kong and outsource projects for our customer. We will find the business and negotiate condition & solution that fit our customer needs. We provide end to end solution with up to date advance technology. I have a number of projects on hand (from small to large) which require people with in deep knowledge in development and development cycle.

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    Create ER-Modell Datebase 3 Hari left

    Hi. I need someone who is extremely familiar with ER models and databases. And unfortunately I need that as soon as possible. Everything else by message.German-speaking preferred

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    Dear developers. We wish to engage with a qualified and experienced developer for the design and development of a marketplace platform with website and app engagement channels for B2B, B2C and B2B2C electronic trade of products and services. The Website/App should have the following functionalities: 1- Differentiation of various customer and supplier rankings 2- Access levels with different prici...

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    Trophy icon Database Developer Entertainment 26 Hari left

    ! ! ! LOCATION: ODESSA, UKRAINE ! ! ! Database Developer Entertainment: -You’re an expert in data engineering and data quality -You’re a strong developer, and you’ve used SQL/NoSQL to handle large data sets and complex data transformations. -Experience with Big data platforms: Apache Spark / Hadoop -Experience with cloud solutions for Big Data (Snowflake, GCP BigQuery, AWS Redsh...

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    Looking to develop a personal finance app with a set of functions to be added progressively. the work requires setting databases /Db requests / drag and drop options/ and graphs. you will be provided with Mappings processes and diagrams to be implanted and tested in IOS 14. the Deliverable if a functional app.

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    New Online Project 3 Hari left

    I need completion of website with connected Android and iOS app for a new business. I have mapped out all the steps required for scope of work, so if you are interested, given my budget allowance, please get in touch to discuss. I have 2 projects I am hoping to complete by Summer.

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    Hello, we are developing a VPN program. We are looking for somebody to do the backend and make an API so we can connect it to our clientside program

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    Website for Shop 2 Hari left

    I want a website where I can determine my all customer panding money and interest and everything Ready with demo I want see demo of your skills

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    Data Mining 2 Hari left

    We seek to compile our own data base of professionals based upon publicly available data sources, legally obtained, among numerous professions and industries (such as lawyers, engineers, doctors, accountants, etc) and sort the data by our fields (name, contact information, occupation, expertise, license).

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    This project is about configuring and porting DB data from an existing instance of TimescaleDB to a new one - to allow a lot faster system. If that is not feasible then port to QuasarDB. The candidate should have good working knowledge of timeseries DB, specifically with TimescaleDB

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    Database Design and Implementation 2 Hari left

    Produce an Extended Entity Relationship Model (EERM) using top-down approach for the given case study organisation. List Validation Questions (6-10) used to validate your EER Diagram. Use the notation taught in class. Normalise the attached form (see Appendix B) used in the current system, using bottom up approach. Consider the implications of this normalisation for other SDLC activities, discuss ...

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    7 penawaran

    Develop in deep my database and optimization of the actual design

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    Необходимо спарсить и импортировать товары с нескольких сайтов на другой сайт на базе ocStore

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    Necesito un analista de base de datos, que pueda cruzar un histórico de partidos de fútbol de los últimos años, con un histórico de datos meteorológicos que hubo en esos partidos. La intención es saber como afecta la meteorología al fútbol. Es decir, sacar relaciones del tipo, los días calurosos hay más goles que los d&ia...

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    I need someone to take queries in SQL and turn them into relational algebra queries

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    Need to create a user interface that people can put information into and an interactive table from inputted information.

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    12 penawaran

    I have questions and answers which are stored in a db, using this data I want you to create a webapp. Create frontend of webapp based on the look of the webapp we scrapped.(I have the screenrecording) Create backend for the webapp which covers all the functions of webapp (as seen in screenrecording and mentioned in supporting documentation file ) Webapp is a quiz app.

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    I do training for several care homes. I am looking for: a database, which will record all staff names for all the homes. a drop down thing so i can then sort by home name, so all the staff with come up for a certain home. I want to be able to print a report for all the staff training for a particular home and for each individual staff member separately i want to be alerted as training is about t...

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    Server Side Web develoment -- 2 1 hari left

    Theory about server side web development

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    There is quite a large amount scattered in spreadsheet and we would like to centralize and develop an environmental dashboard

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    Seeking a AWS certified Cloud Architect to build an ground up system for operations, data management, analytics and insights. This is an on-site project in Mumbai for a duration of approximately 1.5 months.

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    Carbon Footprint Calculator which calculates the carbon footprint of every individual

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