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34231 Direct optin Mailer Linux

I want a custom mailer made .It will have muti parts. It will be setup and used for Can Spam legit emailing. It will have one part that is the brain and does all the work. ( cluster). Will have a second part (Remote ) that will be installed on other boxes. Below is a big list of stuff I want i took off a website from another list.I want the mailer setup like this there will be many options in this [url removed, login to view] handling [url removed, login to view] controling [url removed, login to view] runing muti jobs at one time. to having a subject generator where I put in 3-4-5 keywords and it generates a list of x amount of subjects that all go with that list. It will also have a encoder so if i load up a txt message and have the option checked it will convert to 64 bit encoded html.(will go over this more wtih the winner.) Will have muti macros I can make and call any where for randoms. in subjects,headers,body. Will be able to rotate messages per job and subjects per job. SO example I could run 10 jobs at one time each job having 3 [url removed, login to view] muti subjects. Would like somthing that is a php that can put in Reverse Dns info and it sets it to what I need. Below is the jist will be a few other things that I go over with the winner. personalizes each email (ex. "TO" field is addressed to recipient) optimization for simultaneous, multiple mailings throttle controls to send to maximum capacity local or remote list storage web interface tools: administration, statistics, graphs, history, and more sends from multiple IPs Rotates all ips each remote box has Web interface administration for list and address management. graphs current status start new mailing show current schedule configuration parameters rot13 = "TO" address from outgoing email lists is in 13 character rotation to track actual address of recipients that reply with mismatched "FROM" addresses BOUNCE PROCESSING SMTP Bounce processing with deferral manager. light SMTP server designed for efficiency collection for bounced and deferred messages Will only remove HARD bounces. load tolerant to prevent degradation in performance of outgoing messages parses email for further management handling and pruning lists Unsubscribe cgi included. Will have a remove macro that I put in the body and it will make a remove link off domains that i list and they will be removed from the list at the time they hit [url removed, login to view] have grauds to stop people from abusing it. Will also have pic in the box each time you hit [url removed, login to view] will run this list againest any other list you load before mailing [url removed, login to view] will have a domain section etc. that will filter out and not email stuff I have here. DATABASE (MYSQL) LIST MANAGER Management and storage of lists with a database back end with option to back up to a diferrent server hourly/daily etc. automated list management options schedule, edit and cancel email campaigns in real time custom variable substitution for personalization and unique sending personalize: use recipient's name in greeting target email to consumer: content based on residence unique content: vary email size depending on recipient WEB TOOLS More options for lists, addresses and server configurations email campaigns configuration parameters from campaign results such as false positive, hard bounces to recipient tracking details: send more, send less, unsubscribe, unique follow-up, etc. variables for recipient records can be chosen for personalization to improve effective marketing strategies. variables for rotation of text files: vary your marketing message with rotating subject and from lines. schedule campaigns in advance generate view and click-through URLs show recipient details: view, click, and IP address server options traffic graphs for both email and web traffic modify thread count to send faster or slower and cc/bcc/to for muti persons per email change IPs used for sending set from domain names CENTRAL CONTROL PANEL For management of multiple remote servers to send lists out on multiple servers. web interface, single point of access for centralized control ad remove remotes etc. increase speeds up to hundreds of millions per hour multiple farms of remote servers handling dynamic list sharing multiple web portals fault tolerant solution clustering capacity instant, collective results monitoring across entire remote clones schedule, edit, and cancel email campaigns in real time security lockdown for cluster control logical best route path synchronization Bid with your amount to do this and the amount of time it will take to finish this. I will not use escrow unless you have alot of feedback so my money isnt tied up and sitting. I will send 50% once you have a working demo on your site. and 50% once its installed and bug tested on mine. Will require full source. MUST BE EASY TO INSTALL SO THE REMOTES CAN BE MOVED AND INSTALLED WITHIN A FEW MINUTES BY SOMEONE NOT USED TO LINUX.

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