Build mobile app displaying international car shipping prices

1. Goal of the App, and target audience

Goal of the App is to deliver present shipping price of international car transportation in containers, from US ports to world's (outside US) ports.

Target audience – American / classic car owners (for additional car) and owners-to be (first owners), people moving from USA to outside (mostly European professionals moving back to their origin country - Western and Central Europe). Both group are mostly from Europe, especially from Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Great Britain, Scandinavia.

2. list of main features

Select origin (from provided list: Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami)

Select destination (from provided list: Bremerhaven (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Gdynia (Poland), Felixstowe (Great Britain), Le Havre (France), Antwerp (Belgium), Valencia (Spain), etc (take input from google spreadsheet)

select shipment (small car, big car, household goods/packages)

Estimated price of shipment is displayed, right after selecting ports and shipment.

Optional display small print about estimation

Button call us for quote (after receiving price) - call number in US. Visible after price is displayed.

Button e-mail us for quote (with your selection - fill in e-mail; or without selection, if user didn't select. Please remember to include keyboard with @ char on first screen for prospect's email entry). Text please allow 1 business day to answer.

Discounted price display (special price - display needs to be adjusted, special price in bold or color and how much off it is -10%. This should be configurable in spreadsheet)

Menu: get quote, faq, and other screens

FAQ in menu:

Example of car sizes: Small Porsche Mustang, Medium Sedan, Large Cadillac (just a list, no need to show images). Household goods - by qubic meter

Check out Car shipping facebook and twitter profiles - display icons at the bottom.

bottom: powered by company name (link)

3. List of screens (minor additional screens may also need to be done):

- main screen with selector and CTA button (get quote)

- result screen with selection details and price, button to send emails with details (email input), button to call immediately to discuss details

- faq screen

- thank you page after sending e-mail (is main screen with communicate)

- powered by and disclosures

4. Expectations of features as an Admin of the App.

Source of ports displayed in origins, destinations and prices could be in google spreadsheet (or other very easy interface, e.g. spreadsheet in dropbox, automatically updated once a day)

Data formats - Origins: City (Country), Destinations: City (Country). What are you shipping: small car, medium car, big car, motorcycle, goods, etc.

Configure telephone number to call.

Configure e-mail quotes are send to.

Shipping prices for all combinations (may apply per shipment, per qubic meter

5. Expectations of features with regard to tracking user behavior, that comes as analytics:

Number of app installs.

Most popular pairs origin/destination (number of checks, number of calls and quotes per origin/dest pair).

Collect - send to spreadsheet/email/dropbox input quotes if possible.

Export input quotes in connection with gathered info about user (if possible)

6. Design

Flat. Simple. High contrast. Big buttons, easy input, easy choice.

Booking Now is benchmark.

7. Timelines expectations - to be determined after contact. No special urgency, time frame in weeks.

8. Technology preference - native or cross platform, or take suggestion from developer on pros and cons of both and finalize.

iOS first. Android.

9. Security preference - Regular. Please prevent quote sending spam.

10. Back-end preference - open source based

11. Geographic restrictions, other

This is going to be used by prospects in US and Europe (sometimes by customers from Middle East). Does it mean app is going to be submitted to US and EU Apple store separately?

2 way auth is not necessary.

US flag colors (blue, red, white background) are preferred.

Keahlian: Android, HTML5, iPad, iPhone, Mobile App Development

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