AngularJS Developer with Writing Skills Required - Short Assignment

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Looking for an AngularJS Developer who can prepare a FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) list for AngularJS. I have provided the list of questions and attached below.

For each question appropriate details should be provided including theoratical answer, code snippet (if required), diagram (if required).

Important NOTE: Only accept project if you can fulfill all below requirements:

Project Requirements:

-> Project should be done in 2 miletones.

-> Milestone 1 = First 10 Questions

-> Milestone 2 = Remaining Questions

-> Every question's answer should explain the concept thoroghly with necessary code snippet/diagram.

-> No one/two liner answer will be acceptable.

-> Content must be unique. No copied or plagiarised content. All content will be verified manually as well as plagiarism checker.

-> Length of whole FAQ list should be atleast 2,000 words (Code snippet not included).

Person should be a genuin AngularJS developer with professional working experience.

-> have atleast 2 years of working experience in AngularJS

-> Good Knowlege of technology including theoratical/Practical.

-> Should be able to write in a professional way.

Following is the list of AngularJS FAQs list:

1. What is AngularJS? What are the key features of AngularJS? Are there any disadvantages of using AngularJS?

2. What is angularJS Boot process? Explain in details with diagram.

3. How MVC is represented in AngularJS?

4. What is routing in AngularJS? Explain in detail with diagram.

5. What is Scope in AngularJS? Explain briefly.

6. What are the Controllers in AngularJS? Explain briefly.

7. What are the Services in AngularJS? What is the role of services in AngularJS and name any services made available by default?

8. What are expressions in AngularJS? Explain briefly with example.

9. What are Directives in AngularJS? And what are the core directives in AngularJS? Explain ng-app, ng-init, ng-controller, ng-model, ng-bind, ng-repeat,ng-include, ng-disabled, ng-show, ng-hide, ng-click.

10. What is the difference between ng-show/ng-hide and ng-if directives?

11. What are Filters in AngularJS? Briefly explain uppercase, lowercase, currency filters.

12. How to make an AJAX call in AngularJS? Please explain and provide an example code for making a real-time AjAX call.

13. Explain two-way databinding in AngularJS with an example? Kindly provide appropriate details. Also explain the difference between one-way binding and two-way binding?

14. How to validate data in AngularJS? Briefly explain with an example and source code.

15. What is deep linking in AngularJS? Explain in detail by providing an example.

16. What is an interceptor? What are common uses of it?

17. What are templates in AngularJS? How would we programmatically change the template of a directive before it is executed and transformed?

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