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How To Get A Speech Written On Freelancer

Learn why you need a ghostwriter to write your speech and how to find one on Freelancer.
20 Okt 2022 • Bacaan 7 menit
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Need a speech but you can't find your voice? Maybe it's time to hire a ghostwriter.
Writing a speech that really delivers the message can be a complicated task if you're not familiar with how it's done: what words to use, how long it should be... not everybody masters the art of captivating an audience, but what we all can –and should– do is to hire the right person to do it for us.


Did you enjoy the latest Academy Award winners' acceptance speeches? Well, guess what? It's very, very likely that they didn't write them themselves and rather hired someone to write those speeches for them. See? Feel no shame because there is a whole industry of people whose job is writing speeches for celebrities, activists, and politicians. 
That's the job of a ghostwriter: whether you need a book, a song, or a speech, you tell your ghostwriter what you want to say and they will shape your ideas into something that everybody will understand and enjoy. And the best part? Nobody's gonna find out ever because discretion is a fundamental part of their job.
If you already checked online, you know that Freelancer is the best place to find the solution to any job problem. The most successful people in the world understand well that delegating a task is how the task can move fast when you have neither the time or the skill to do it yourself and Freelancer is where you can find the people with the time and specially, the skill.


If you already decided to hire a ghostwriter via Freelancer, consider this before you start: freelancers are very talented, but they can't read minds. If you don't give them specific details and instructions, they won't be able to give you what you need, no matter what's the project or how much you pay them. Keep in mind that freelancers are always on the hunt for projects and if your project isn't working for them, they will move on to the next one.
The trick? Write clear instructions and avoid being vague. Would you just tell a seamstress that you want a dress for someone who's tall and likes blue? Or would you give her your measurements, the type of fabric you like, and even some pics with examples? Here is the same: ask yourself what kind of speech you need and what you need it for:
Is it an introductory speech? Are you presenting someone? Or you're the one who's been introduced?
Is the speech meant to be motivational? Or you're just presenting your audience with data and factual information?
How long should the speech be? Are you given a limit or can you take your time?
Who is your audience? Coworkers? Friends? Family?
What type of event is the speech for? Are you the best man for your brother's wedding? Are you receiving an award? Or are you presenting the award to someone else?
You might think these details aren't important, but they are very important. Think about them at the moment of describing your project to let your ghostwriter know exactly what to write. This will save time for both of you. 


If you're new to Freelancer, registering won't take long. And don't worry about payment settings either: professionals from all countries work with us without any problem because most banks and paying processors are accepted. If you are familiar with PayPal or have a credit or debit card, you'll be fine.
Nevertheless, if you have any doubts about fees and charges, check our help section or ask us directly. And ask your bank too before posting your project: if your budget is only $100, but fees take $10, then you won't be able to pay those $100 as planned, only $90.


These two boxes are the most important information a ghostwriter will need to know whether they can or cannot work with you. Consider it as the first impression they'll get of you.
Be brief and precise, enough to let them know what's the project about and no more:
“I NEED A SPEECH FOR [event]”.
That will be enough to catch anyone's eye and move to the next step.
Here is where you explain every detail your ghostwriter needs to know. Remember, what we said above: be clear and specific and don't be vague. See how you can do it:
I will present a lifetime award for one of our coworkers.
His name is Carl and he's been working at this company for the past twenty years as a regional manager. His wife's name is Lily and his children, Susan and Reg.
Carl is 54, Christian, and very traditional. He's also very serious and doesn't enjoy jokes, so don't include them. He served in the army and his parents were Japanese immigrants.
Things to mention: he helped to open two new branches in the city and saved one from closing during the 2009 crisis. This award is given because he helped our coworkers to keep their jobs during covid lockdown.
Speech can't be longer than ten minutes. It's a family event, so language can be casual. Mention his religion, his family values, and the love the company has for them, and how grateful everybody is for keeping their jobs.
You can use the example above as a template and simply change the words. The box allows 4000 characters, but if you need more space, you can write them on a document (word, text, pdf) and upload it. Don't forget to indicate that the instructions are in the document.


Freelancer has different categories that freelancers use to filter the jobs they're looking for. Use them accordingly to help them find you. “Ghostwriting” and “Speech Writing” are the most fitting categories for this project, but you can add up to five skills if you need more. And yes, you can even include a different language. 


Freelancer offers two different ways to get things done: project or contest. And both have their pros and cons depending on your needs.
If you choose a project, you'll be able to work directly with a ghostwriter and give them specific instructions for them to follow because you're hiring them to work exclusively with you. The problem is that you might receive so many proposals that, if you don't have the time, can be overwhelming to sort out.
On the other hand, a contest can get the work done exactly by the time you want it and rather than deciding who will do it, you will choose from what has been already done. Here, the issue is that what you see is what you get. There is little or limited interaction with the participants and the final result might not be satisfactory and you'll need to extend the time of the contest or cancel it.
For this type of job, the best option for you would be a contest rather than a project: it's a one-time job, requires little time, goes straight to the point, and allows you a limited budget that people will accept in advance if that's a problem. See below:  


Let's be real: paying too little won't attract many participants. We cannot recommend what is the best amount to pay because that's a matter of personal economy, but keep in mind that offering a small sum, not only won't be appealing, but will make you look like you don't respect people's time and value. Maybe you could work cheap for a friend, but would you do it for a stranger if that's your job that pays your rent? If you won't do it, don't expect others to do it either. Be fair.


The time of the contest depends on how much time you have until the day of the event. Don't set the final date for the same day or the day before because you will want time to decide which entry is the best, make suggestions if your favorite needs any, and, once you decided, get time to prepare yourself and practice, even if you will be reading the speech. Three or five days before the event are enough. Consider you could need to extend the contest.
In the same way, if the contest only lasts a couple of days, participants will have to work in a hurry or worse, you won't have many because people won't have time to see the contest before it's over. Five to seven days are enough: more time means more entries that you can handle and you won't have time to read them all to choose properly. 


Don't sweat much with these amazing extra features that Freelancer offers. You don't need them to run your contest, but if the budget allows it, “featured”, “top context”, or “highlight” can help your contest stand out and get the best people to see it. The rest of them are self-explanatory and optional. “Sealed” and “Private” can help participants to protect their entries without the fear of being plagiarized or copied, so consider those too.
“Guaranteed”, on the other hand, will let the participants know that you will definitely choose a winner and one of them will get paid for their work. Otherwise, they'll think that, if you don't like any of the options, you won't choose one and they won't bother. With this option, you won't get your money back, though. 


Make sure everything's fine and check it twice. Once you're set, click the “get entries now” button. Your ghostwriter is on their way. Be patient, give them feedback if they need it, and good luck!
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