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    We need to have a project report which will reflect the progress and steps involved in the project. Customer is getting 4/5 different services across 14 different sites t...which will show the status of all services and all sites individually and as a whole. How much progress has been completed and how much left. what will require to go to next stage?

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    Website build 6 Hari left

    Hi, we need a website built for u...just need someone to build it and get it up and running. Built on Wordpress is great but open to options. Looking to down the track have a possible online shop but at this stage simple website approx 5-7 pages. Very particular it needs be be professional and no issues for our customers to reach required information.

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    ...PLAY button to work, the VUE meters to move as the show plays and the volume control to work. Need the words "BROADCASTER" replaced by our Logo. And to the right should be a box that displays the Meta Tag data we enter into our streaming service, STREAMGUYS (using their Icecast servers streaming .mp3 audio). Can anyone create this for us? See our current

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    artwork design -- 3 6 Hari left

    can you design artwork with love hearts, flamingoes, baloons, flowers & butterflies, as colourful as the attachment.& swans. i need 4 versions, busines card artwork with love hearts, flamingoes, baloons, flowers & butterflies, as colourful as the attachment.& swans. i need 4 versions, busines card size, gift bag, jewellery box & large bag.

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    artwork design -- 2 6 Hari left

    can you design artwork with love hearts, flamingoes, baloons, flowers & butterflies, as colourful as the attachment.& swans. i need 4 versions, busines card artwork with love hearts, flamingoes, baloons, flowers & butterflies, as colourful as the attachment.& swans. i need 4 versions, busines card size, gift bag, jewellery box & large bag.

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    Instagram Scraper with Web App 6 Hari left

    ...— .txt file for usernames 5. Thread count — input box User Information Scrape Interface 1. Progress of scrape 2. Start / stop / pause 3. Import — .txt file for usernames 4 Export — .csv file for username And all scraped data 5. Thread count — input box Settings Interface 1. Proxy input text box A. Save button B. Import button C. Quantity ...

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    ...and backoffice page to select them. - Search engine with result list with details on images (link to user, like, add to bucket). - possibility to add images to a "bucket" to scroll them later and possibility to have multiple "buckets". - image details with add to preferred, to bucket, link to image creator, list of tags, title, etc. Further development

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    Website Redesign 6 Hari left

    ...MY google calendar. I had used Setmore in the past to do this but am open to an easier method (This can also be on a separate FREE ESTIMATES Page), reviews/testimonials will scroll at the bottom (I currently does not have any but we want an editable area where they can be added) - HIC # will have to be displayed legally - #PA152055 - PHOTO GLLERY can

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    I need a music box (not one with the strip) that plays Panic at the disco! - This is gospel

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    I'm looking for a Crowdfunding Marketing & Lead Generation Expert for a Kickstarter campaign i'm looking to launch. It's in the pre-launch lead collection stage, but it's a product that is very unique in what it does, World's First but would appeal to a very larger worldwide audience. But i need leads and quantity leads so that the campaign will be

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    Trophy icon Graphic Representation 6 Hari left

    ...showing a rise of 717.1% in the last 30 days (since December 20 to January 20). 3) In the top-left corner should be (as a logo) the Title: EQx. 4) You should also include box - sections showing the following data items: TOTAL AUM: EURO 41,299,857.94 52 week Return: 1,858.7% Volatility Index: 93 Database Core DataFEED Essential API VORTEXILION

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    pay2friend 6 Hari left

    ...transactions automatically (Entering the information of the person to be sent, amount, transaction confirmation and receipt receipt) ) 4- If the member cancels the transaction at any stage, the transaction is canceled no matter what step and the shooting request from the pool list returns to the list for investment. 5- You can follow all successful or unsuccessful

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    ...should be fairly straightforward. Users will need to have access to a profile page, a home search page, a page where they post content available to the public with a comments box. You will see an example of the page where content is posted attached, it consists of a JPEG/PNG/Screenshot taking up most of the page with the equivalent of likes or dislikes

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    I need a simple prototype/MVP where: 1. user logs in submi...blockchain 3. experts login and view the video and accept/reject the request. 4. the outcome of voting is recorded on the blockchain -- no backend management needed at this stage - pre-set accounts required for demo. -- super quick delivery is required. flowchart/screenshots available.

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    Fix cookie 6 Hari left

    If a user log into: [login untuk melihat URL] and then try to log into: [login untuk melihat URL] or anyother suffix in the url, It wont be able to do it. The cookie will o...try to log into: [login untuk melihat URL] or anyother suffix in the url, It wont be able to do it. The cookie will only work with the url where the user cheked the remember me box.

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    I have recently started a small venture creating wedding proposal gift boxes. The company is called Blushing Box Co. I have created a logo online but as it was from a free website the quality is terrible. So I’m looking for some competitive prices for a logo design and for a website design and activation. Attached is the logo I am currently using

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    ...Login/Register. Backend is Clients portal and will consist of a dashboard Get a phone number, Create Campaign, Send Quick message, Analytics, Contacts/upload, Support, Messenger/chat box(this is when a person responds to sms/mms), image library, and Campaign Library(Delivered or Pending. Able to to edit). Want to be able to upload a bulk list of phone numbers

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    22 penawaran forms 5.1 Waiting for customer to provide all form fields for each form (name, email, all other form specific fields). 5.2 See if possible to also include the “newsletter box” in order to have the person register at the same time he filles out this form (Once register, the person get added to Campaign monitor and both sync together) All built using

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    53 penawaran and animated text ad funny graphics need to be put on the photo). There shall be a little animation and the ad shall be produced with Instagram marketing tools or the tool box Instagram provides in their app. So we will provide you with photos and you shall be creatively making animated Instagram ads of this. We will give you the text / content

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    ...English Meaning: Renouncing a throne or a position of power. Arabic Meaning: التخلي عن الحكم أو عن منصب مرموق. Arabic WORD: تنازل if the user tried to type (Abdication) in the box it will gave him the other three terms like the example above. *What if the term is not found? ● Option for the user to request translate from us. ● Get translation from Google

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    -Need a chat box icon on the website through which customers can raise their issues, queries (ZenDesk). -Should take out OUR VALUES portion / section from the website and directly put the slides on top. -The four boxes: FREE SHIPPING, FREE RETURNS, Unbeatable warranty, PAY OVER TIME. The 4 boxes need to be small & 4 different corners should have 4 different

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    Food waste reduction app 6 Hari left

    ...Supermarkets and restuarants throw out tons of food everyday. This app will let you buy a bag/box of the food to be thrown out/left over from the same day. it could be 100$ worth of sushi which is going to go bad over night. This is where the customer could by that box of sushi for a low price, maybe 10-15$. the customer can see how many boxes/bags there

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    ...changing too but I'm sure you can just code it to adjust to the amount of text. The image size, text size, and title size of the tooltips will remain the same. __________What stage is the project at?__________ I have all the .PSDs done (apart from a few). It is available to start instantly. I have all the text ready for the wiki pages and the tool tips

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    I wanted to automate google postmaster tool, parse all the data and dump into MySQL db. Expectation is it runs on a Linux box as a cron once a day. It should run in multiple threads to make the parsing faster.

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    Application for renting 6 Hari left

    ...can put the details like: - location ( Google map ) - Pictures - Videos - Schedule for when it’s busy or available - Big box for writing the informations - Contact us by ( call, email ) - Prices list In the main page: - Scroll bar - Menu square buttons - I can put farms ( picture and small details under it ) ...

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    ...| | 55503 | 2 | third_picture | +---------+-------------+----------------+ 3 rows in set (0.00 sec) mysql> I'm looking to have a website with a single search box, I enter the customer_code and submit. It goes and displays a page where all files relating to that customer are displayed as downloadable links with the metadata. Alternative

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    We are an early stage startup based in the UK and are looking for a designer with capacity this week to work with us on a branding redesign. We have a logo already and we are looking for this logo to be enhanced upon, a colour palette to be designed for the brand, as well as animations including a mascot.

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    Hi Guys, I'm use Laravel with Bootstrap 4 + jQuery, I'm looking who can work on Scroll down of the page and loading data from JSON and append data to ul > li You can see JSON data here [login untuk melihat URL] Expert skill javascript + jquery required!

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    47 penawaran

    Hi i am Looking for PHP developer to add...allow withdraw, we already have something(not all) related to for how many tournament he get invited whichwe need to show up. 6-make site responsive like do a swipe finger scroll in the header menu payment should not exceed 80 USD and we are planning to hire the selected freelancer for long term Thanks

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    Hello I create a Form on Form Assembly and trying to integrate with Salesforce. In the process I couldnot able to map some fields(as they are picklist fields in Salesforce like Stage in Opportunity). Need help to finish this setup ASAP. Please let me know if you have working experience on Form Assembly and integrating with Salesforce. Thanks.

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    7 penawaran them (probably 10 minutes long or less) with my analisis. Hopefully the webpage would involve some sort of online payment method, although this could be left for a future stage. You will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that a server would be necessary for having the videos uploaded and accessed for both me and the client. Thank you

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    Unity developers are welcome 6 Hari left

    ...Admob issues related to a banner, reward, interstate, etc... (Update to latest version AdMob plugin and play services). remove unity ads services from the project. 5) I want a smooth game control as a game ((Let's discuss through chat)). 6) Watch a video and unlock one ball (In shop page) 7) Watch a video and unlock 2/3/4 shorter on the gameplay page.(check

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    14 penawaran no more than 30 minutes. 2. Naming Convention Test: You’ll be doing the 1st part of your training and it will serve as a test. Attention to details here and in the next stage is key. This should take 30-45 minutes. 3. Campaign Upload Test: You’ll be doing the 2nd part of your training and it will serve as a test. Upon completion, you’ll have almost

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    ...for multiple staff members to use booking appointments for the other members of staff, All administrated by a select number of staff managers, Professional looking app, notes box on each date clicked for adding information regarding clients etc. Managed by a web hosted CMS system that is easy to use. Requires app for android, ios and windows but all

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    Trophy icon Logo for business 6 Hari left

    I need a logo designed. The name of the company ...Spotlight Productions The business is for wedding receptions We provide dance lessons, custom music mixes, Mc/host & Dj for events. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY The logo must have stage lights( some type of spotlight) Music notes A bride and groom dancing Colors Gold glitter Black Hint of yellow

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    Hello, I am looking for few full time freelancers, who can work regularly for me as a data entry operator. Task is easy, you just If you gain good speed and complete that task within 3 hours, I don't have any issue. I am just bother with quality and accuracy. Rest details , I will discuss in chat box. If you are interested, message me here.

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    Need a landing page for my up and coming site. WordPress now installed on Go-daddy Will need a box for users to sign up for newsletter ( maybe a box at bottom ) A area to add google ads to make money as well as amazon Be great if help with like ppc affiliate marketing etc A placement for social media links to linked accounts ( maybe a block on the

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 6 Hari left

    ...looking for a powerful logo for a company called MASSIVE. I would like MASSIVE to be in capital letters, bold and thick font. I would like an M trying to smash out of a circle/box with affects as though its ready to explode. Big effects I would also like a stickman to be stood next to the M looking over the M. This stickman needs to be bigger that the

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    ... B. Experience managing a busy administrative office, balancing competing priorities and liaising with various internal and external stakeholders, whilst ensuring the smooth running of multiple business functions. C. Demonstrated ability to manage a large budget, provide relevant financial and budgetary reports to senior management, and

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    labeling photos of rims 6 Hari left

    ...the labels to be as accurate as possible. See examples at the word document. more examples will be given later. Accuracy is very important, i need it to be a strict bounding box. Here is a video explaining how to label images: [login untuk melihat URL] I need it to be more accurate than

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    Our company is looking for a SEO specialist. Product - online invoice generator & invoicing software. Task: Increase organic traffic by link building &...invoicing software. Task: Increase organic traffic by link building & content writing in blogs or using other methods. The project is long-term and the budget is limited at this stage of the project.

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    ...| | 55503 | 2 | third_picture | +---------+-------------+----------------+ 3 rows in set (0.00 sec) mysql> I'm looking to have a website with a single search box, I enter the customer_code and submit. It goes and displays a page where all files relating to that customer are displayed as downloadable links with the metadata. Bonus points

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    Trophy icon Redesign for me my cover box 2 Hari left

    I want someone to redesign for me this attached cover box.

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    21 entri
    Comparison Wordpress Theme similar to 6 Hari left

    ...and responsive. - The review page is like this [login untuk melihat URL] Please note how the second topbar (the one with the item reviewed "monese") it's moving down while you scroll down and notice the sidebar on the left with the elements (check also the mobile version). All in all, the theme you make should be a twin of that one. Please post asking

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    Wordpress Plugin Development 6 Hari left

    ...created notifications from notifications plugin and all notifications from RCP On one page that will be based on the UM Style and will have a checkbox “send with UM so when Box is checked it will:
1- Disable the original email source and
2- will create the same email under UM email to be trigger from UM emails so I have all email in one place while

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    Need experienced SEO Expert Full Time 6 Hari left

    ...experienced and stay updated with your field then you should know about this update. This is priority thing we needed not just general seo, we want a person who thinks out of box for us. This opening is not for managerial role, you have to work for the sites which we gave you both on page, off page, smm you need to do your own. This position is for Freelancers

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    Mobile Application Enhancement 6 Hari left

    ...award-winning social enterprise that works towards improving the educational outcomes of early-grade learners from low-income communities using a technology-enabled school-in-a-box approach. Trained community educators, public childcare workers and school teachers deliver quality early-grade education programs by using ThinkZone's technology, proprietary

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    14 penawaran

    ...australia, 4 digit postcode of the states...I will test you on this knowledge. If i like your 50 sample, I will give you training on this in more details. If you pass the training stage and if i feel you are right person to do this work, will assign project. I might assign this project to 2-3 people. CAUTION: You must not change the excel font size and font

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    This is a Map interaction among users. The user can split the map into zones then he can r...list Must have a database to save the changes on the floor layout Live update feeds to all areas whenever any users made any changes to the zones Need a communication chat box with Walkie Talkie interface for users to interact Dining reservations capabilities

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    73 penawaran