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    33 sims objects pekerjaan ditemukan, seharga USD exciting opportunity to you, please break out the estimated time for the 3 items: 1. Training Model with TensorFlow for early results 2. Estimating distance between 2 objects 3. Building and finalizing App There is a very high chance that this will become a long term project after the 1st version of the app is developed....

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    27 penawaran exciting opportunity to you, please break out the estimated time for the 3 items: 1. Training Model with TensorFlow for early results 2. Estimating distance between 2 objects 3. Building and finalizing App There is a very high chance that this will become a long term project after the 1st version of the app is developed....

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    Develop Custom Software 6 Hari left

    ... we will then like to download a report from all the elements and textures selected for the project 3. we need it to be able from admin panel to add all fabric and cases objects See some references [login untuk melihat URL] (This is not our site- its just for the idea) Please send us a prototype how you will design it, let me know

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    I am working on a project in webflow and need a developer to make sure the pages are mobile friendly. There are animated objects on the pages, when I view the mobile mode, elements are not in the correct place. I also need someone to help me develop the webshop.

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    Object Detection in c# 6 Hari left

    I am looking for a two part project. I w...designate the area, in each image, where the object resides. Once this has been done an output file should be generated that can then be loaded into part 1 that will allow new objects to be detected. I currently have object detection working using yolov2 and one using yolov3 but use of yolo is not required.

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    Once setup is complete, I need to be able to point Kinnect to various objects, but it just needs to recognise three objects. If Kinnect is pointed to an object it hasn't been "trained" to recognize, it can simply ignore it. Python/opencv is the preferrable language to use.

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    It's a project for personnal use only. The main objectif of the android app is to detect objects in a live video (with smartphone camera), to track movement of these objects, compute timings. Each Videos take about 30 seconds and camera is 48MPX at 1080p with 30/60 ips. I need consultant expert with: - Object detection - Motion detection - Image processing

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    Remove objects in commercial 5 Hari left

    Remove dirt from wind turbine in footage. Here is the movie [login untuk melihat URL]

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    Maintain and continuously improve NetSuite OneWorld implementation, customizations, and associated third party products Develop, test and deploy customizations, custom objects, third party tools/applications and new NetSuite functionality based on evolving business needs Design, implement, and maintain configurations and customizations of NetSuite to

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    I'm a huge fan of The Sims 4. The pack called City Living provided us with an opportunity to live in apartments. The truth is we can't build our own appartments, they are only located in the new world. I want you to build a mod for me that would allow to build apartments in any worlds. A few moders have said that it's impossible, so what do you think

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    ...animator, with skills in 4D Cinema. The person must be able to use Blender to create our 3D logo and animation, showcasing effects such as breakage and reassembling of words and objects. We want our logo to come alive...similar to the Pixel lamp as seen on television. The chosen animator must be able to use metallic, glossy colors and give our viewers a truly

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    ...Donation / And open fields for clock / Follower count and Sub count The layouts should include somehow the characters or a part of them like the face/torso and recognizable objects from the movies e.g. a Balloon and the face of Pennywise, Michael Myers and a knife, Jasons Mask and machete ... Looking forward to your feedback! My twitch channel

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    Remove objects from a photo 4 Hari left

    I need a professional photo editor for a simple task. Removing an object from a photo. Experts only. Looking for longterm designers.

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    Need using http request, need to pass query param which will be mentioned in json and apiUrl will be available within Json file. successful response data contain multiple objects. script will create folders according to response and download files from server. script will run recursively if multiple folders signatures present in response.

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    Trophy icon Draw Illustrate a Coloring Page 3 Hari left

    I would UPDATE: *** PLEASE look at the examples of styles I like (first 4 images attached). *** Things you may wish to include in the page: 1. Leaves/flowers; 2. Similar objects in the last 3 images attached; and/or 2. Also, if you wish to include words to color in, you may use words like: Surrender Protected Loved Obedience Patience

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    Need to link objects and create corresponding graphics. Need to name and list attributes for each object. See graphic below. Need to be able to point to an object and have it show (graphically) which objects it is linked to.

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    5 penawaran in colour and appearing above the pet’s in a rainbow shape. The colour scheme is light pastel colours. I’m not looking for lots of detail, just a basic drawing of the objects describes above. The overall style I’m looking for is hand-drawn, soft pencil strokes, shabby chic, girly, cute. I have completed a rough sketch of what I’d like and some other

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    Parse sewing patterns 3 Hari left

    My name is Gatis. I like to sew and I have this idea I want to test. This is what I want to achieve: 1. Create a software which extracts pattern pieces from pdf as separate objects. 2. Then automatically creates right and left side pieces. *In sewing patterns each piece is typically put on a folded fabric and when you cut it you get 1 right side and 1

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    ...develop/deliver connectors. You'll use our SDK which gives you access to our artifacts. We will give you details and specifications on each connector: unidirectional or bidirectional, objects, performance definitions, mapping back to our Mongo DB, interface/scheduler/backend process. You will develop the connector, test, and return to us documentation for the

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    LaserCutDesign 3 Hari left

    Lasercut Design deals with machining with laser technology on steel, creating wall accessories and personalized objects.

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    ...days as the entire project needs to be completed in September. If this seems like a project you are interested in - please contact us with examples of how you have created objects in 3D and the process you used to unwrap them. It is very important that we can unwrap the model to 2D patterns for manufacturing. Must haves: • Architectural experience

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    AWS Sumerian 2 Hari left

    Build a simple scene with 6 objects in AWS Sumerian, upon clicking/selecting one a video should play.

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    3 penawaran

    Create illustrations for a childrens book on language development. ...old. Will need about 9 illustrations with one character then the illustration repeats with two characters then the illustration repeats with no character just the difference objects in the one page with only the playground highlighting the slides, then the swings etc.

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    128 penawaran currently working on my scifi short film and i need bunch of scifi type overlay effects to motion track my subject for at least 15 scenes, you dont have to create any 3d objects i have a large library i will share with you with the exact effects i am looking for, all you have to do is place them into the subject, motion track it, create the effect

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    Inputs - 3 d coordinates of a roof area.[There can be n no of corners for the roof] 3d coordinates of objects inside the roof and height of the object[There can be n number of objects] From the 3 d co ordinates, we need you to generate a 2d sketch and sent it to us via the web service so that we can save and download the image. Kindly note that roof

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    Looking for someone who is an expert in writing SQL queries. Having good k...SQL queries. Having good knowledge on joins, views, union and merge. Some one who can program using PL/SQL implementing business requirement using cursors and develop Oracle objects (procedure/functions/packages/triggers) and can handle exceptions. Also prepare for audit log.

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    iOS ARkit swift developer 1 hari left

    Hi, i have a project which we want to build using iOS native ARkit framework in swift.. for scanning objects using camera and set up on human body like snap chat placing goggles, or beard on face..etc.. if you have already worked on such project then only applyl, otherwise you will be reported... send me previous samples of same work done.. thank

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    4 penawaran

    ...will turn created characters into a .stl file. So here's the thing I don't just need a character model, I need a whole 3d character creator application. So think of like the sims, or any other very basic character creator in a video game, but coded in a way that once the design is complete, it sends me a .stl that I can print. This character creator

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    Trophy icon OpenGL Project -1 3 Hari left

    Two-part small project. I just added the description, you may ...effect. Part 2: Surface rendering is achieved by applying natural lighting effects to the objects’ surfaces. In this assignment, you will implement and display a Bezier surface patch. A ray-casting based ray-tracing algorithm is implemented to render primitive objects (e.g., spheres).

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    I require illustrations/graphic design for a childre...illustrations/graphic design for a children's picture book. The book will be a 'Where Am I' format where kids will have to find the main character in each scene hidden amongst a range of objects/people/things. There will be approximately 20 landscape pages in total (10 unique, two-paged scenes).

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    121 penawaran

    Cartoon episodic I am moving into the design stage ...the design stage of my project and require a quality cartoonist to support with character creation. Setting: Space, with a mix of alien races (some of which are inanimate objects given sentience) and number of human characters also. I am looking for a back and forth style creation partnership.

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    51 penawaran written in UNITY 3D. The project only includes user interface changes. Apk of existing code: [login untuk melihat URL] Example objects and material : [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL]

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    5 penawaran