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    Our company Starfish Construction would like to develop a Mobile App which would allow us to audit o...Safety, Quality, Environmental Issues, Productivity, Design Issues etc. We currently use an App called iAuditor, but would like to develop our own suite of Apps. See below an example of the completed Site Audit Report produced by iAuditor software.

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    ...surveys of land, marked with metes bounds and directionals. We need someone to describe these metes in text form, going around the lots, the land- in the conventional way. Example:- North 2 Degrees 47 minutes 20 seconds West 278.06 feet, North 49 degrees 22 Minutes 20 Seconds East 64.17 feet South 65 degrees 18 minutes 00 Seconds East 55.65 feet Minimal

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    ...really functional to amplify the narrative and does not subjugate it - Pleas review the attached power point MOCK DESIGN INSTRUCTION -Full Width: Each Page is Full Width: Example [login untuk melihat URL] -Scrolling: Full page scrolling where scrolling down jumps to new full page: e [login untuk melihat URL] ; -Design Features: Play on Word

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    Logo Design 6 Hari left

    My name is Peter. I have started up my own electrical business and I am looking for someone to design my logo. The business name my logo. The business name is 'Flexi Electrics Ltd.' Moving forward from this - business card design, shirt pocket branding and email signature. I have attached an example of business card design that I like.

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    Scape Data from Sites 6 Hari left

    I have a list of URLS, for example: [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] ------------------ I need to land on each website, check if they have facebook page. If they have a facebook page, we need to click on this URL and click page

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    Agrasenprime Overseas is a granite and natural stone ...India. We are looking for 10 structural renders showcasing different stones. These involve renders of rooms, kitchen, living spaces etc depending on where the stone is used. Example attached. Renders required in 5-7 days Half payment after submission of five renders. Rest after full submission.

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    ...short bite-size informational videos (example: [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL]). You'll get access to stock footage resources, at least 20% of the video must be your very own original animations. For example, watch this video. Original animations can be seen at these example reference points: 0:41-1:07 - 1:43-2:14

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    spinning wheel 6 Hari left I would like to put in place is a spinning wheel that, depending on the reward, gives the player the gift. Here is an example of a wheel: [login untuk melihat URL] So when the player gets for example: 10 Potions (on the game), this is entered in the database to get his gift on the game. I need to add the number I want to

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    ...the apps for me.   Example: [login untuk melihat URL] This is an app, and I want a HTML5 version of it. All levels and functionality same as this game or limited functionality and levels, such as 50 levels, both of them are ok, it finally depends on the price of the two kinds. Just an example, maybe I'll need

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    Hello friends, I need 30 All the article related to " How to make Make money online" Within this article you have to provide the complete information and details about Start to end and some example the article should be 100 unique and copyscape passed If your able to make those article please send me few sample lines urgently Thanks

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    I need the application to count clicks and present some histograms. I plan to use...months. “Year view” – bar per month and total for the current year. Here I do want to option to see former years numbers. Can be just a number per year. I attached a simple example for the different views. it is just to show the information needed on each view.

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    Hi I am looking for a person to do design my company logo, I need a text logo complete with an icon text logo, also the logo ...person to do design my company logo, I need a text logo complete with an icon text logo, also the logo must be in vector a simple, modern logo. The following photos are an example what I need or what i have in my mind. Thanks

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    Hello everyone We are an association in Switzerland, active in the field of sustainability and environment-friendly activities. As an example, we have an online platform that people can give the things that they do not need anymore to others for FREE, instead of trashing them (we don't need a logo for that platform). We would like to have a professional

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    Painting Material Bag Pakage Design 6 Hari left

    I have all size data for the design and the style we're looking for. We need four types of design, but the only change will be swapping one image on the front ...four types of design, but the only change will be swapping one image on the front and changing some wordings. Need a experienced designer for this. Must have previous work example. Thanks

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    Looking for a 3D artist who can create mockup product packaging images....Example: Plastic Bottle with a label on it .....Glass bottle with label.......Box with label design....

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    **** Only experienced wordpress plugin developer should bid **** Hello developers, I only need a colopicker (10 colors, no need more), a cancel button (return to previous steps, like CTRL+Z in Photoshop for example), eraser, pen, and custom predefined elements (user could draw room, walls, windows and doors, as we can do in [login untuk melihat URL]) I want

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    I would like to change the name of my business and the image in the centre of the logo and then apply those changes to: Email signature Logos Letterhead Business Envel...Tutoring and Educational Support Services Logo image: Change the bird in the centre to look more like a Raven. Raven's have larger beaks that curve. I included a photo as an example

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    ...Architect, then this will be a ".plan" file), 3D rendering images, file for viewing 3D model in 360degree product viewer, along with set of pdf architectural plans in standard Arch C size (18" x 24", also generated by the software). We expect this will take about 1-2 hours per plan, with total project scope of about 50 plans. Project will be broken down

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    Javascript Date Calculator v2 6 Hari left
    TERVERIFIKASI can see there is an error with the javascript. The result is correct. Date arithmetic that crosses month boundaries is off by 1 because there's no day 0 in months. For example, if you input the date of October 1, 2019, you will get the results of: 45 days: Thursday, November 14, 2019 180 days: Sunday, March 29, 2020 But, if you input the date

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    I need a script that will search for rapidrewards-id has same id in the Address-Id. If It does not have same id print those lines. Example: 2019-07-11 12:59:59,934 INFO [tomcat-http--294] {{x-tbs-app-name,commerce-service:${[login untuk melihat URL]}}{x-tbs-correlation-id,RytWGUSCSE6qi71bG_fZyg}{x-tbs-host,[login untuk melihat URL]}} xlpcds19 AUDIT 1.8.10-21

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    looking for a basic blog site on ...of poster visable in post. everything on front page. easy to use. no more than $20.. create thumbnail of profile pic on each post that's clickable back to profile show example on test environment. then when i test when its ready i pay in exchange.. bc im waiting for milestones to be returned from freelancer site

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    I need that in a file xml in a part when it happens a program does not detect a line in par...continues showing publicity the application. If it does not detect my code it will not be able to know that the code is there, but if it detects it, it changes it quickly for example: if my code is 1234, he searches for 1234 and if he finds it he changes it

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    I need lottery website like example [login untuk melihat URL] ,that just displayed live result and may included some chatting room on the web Before I've the some lottery site,like MY lottery, Thai, Vietnam Laos. But some of the reason my site are not longer available, so I need a fresh and stylish design which displayed the result. In the meanwhile, the site can still

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    ...text with a bit of industry technicalities. 3000 words across 10 pages. Ideally, would want to see how you do at translating couple of paragraphs. Bellow is the paragraph example: Our unbiased approach cuts through the marketing noise and ensures that you are provided with an in-depth analysis of a yard’s financial stability, their building quality

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    We require a person to convert a list of names from a PDF into a formatted Excel spreadsheet. We've attached an example of a PDF and the expected output excel file with the first 10 lines done. The first column contains the full name. The second column contains the award title. This includes any headers in the PDF, plus any text in brackets in their

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    ...specialist, to create a simple/common plug-in java and corresponding workflow, which completes search-get-update function. Please contact me if you are the right fit. Below is an example for easy understanding of this common function: 1. Workflow calls plug-in. 2. Plug-in searches for a matching value from 'Partner address (Lead)' in 'Partner address (Groups)'

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    Need help with html. 6 Hari left
    TERVERIFIKASI by typing in their postal code in the search box. When a page viewer sees the a post I want them to be able to click through to the seller's social networking page. For example, someone signs up on streamavid, posts a job. Then when the viewer clicks on the job, and responds to the message, afterwards there's a link with a picture to go to the seller's

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    I have a working example of seq2seq RNN forecasting code, it is working well on 1 step prediction. However, when I tried to predict more than 1 step it failed. the problem is with the shape and probably need more tweaking on the architecture. all training and validation is already there, probably add R2 and RSME is better. for now i use mae and smae

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    ...simply reply I AM INTERESTED IN YOUR PROJECT AND WE HAVE DONE BLAH BLAH BLAH where blah blah blah DOES NOT RELATE to above requested info , YOU WILL be ignored. A link as an example we can view and test your claimed skills and brief explanation is all we seek. For successful candidates we will require you to sign a NDA to protect our IP and concepts and

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    Day Care Excel Business Project 6 Hari left

    ... electric, repairs to all. Unique Formula Required - Loan(s ) to start business, plan to pay it off 2, 5, 10 years? Unique Formula Required - Fees: for example if you are running an online business there are fee to set up PayPal or Card Swiper and those fees for each transaction. How does this effect your product costs

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    ...every incoming call passing the phone number and direction as a parameter: Example: [login untuk melihat URL]<device-name>&phone=0748777222&direction=incoming - calls an URL on every outgoing call passing the phone number as a parameter: Example: [login untuk melihat URL]<device-name>

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    HTML5 wrapper/custom theme development for WordPress. Project will be fairly minimalist in design and navigation...content and site assets will be provided. Please make sure that you have thoroughly read the description of the project and closely reviewed the operation and features of the example websites before applying to this project. Thank you.

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    Cordova expert for ios/Android 6 Hari left

    ...just Android and iOS but Apple Watch as well (with Android Wear, and Tizen for Samsung Gear possibly in the future). This app has a very simple concept, set a fixed time (for example, 7AM to 5PM Monday - Friday) then send a push notification to the user every "x" minutes. After this the app will open with a preset timer. I'd prefer this app to be built

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    DayCare Business Excel Sheet 6 Hari left

    ...mailing, bills water, electric, repairs to all. Unique Formula Required - Loan(s ) to start business, plan to pay it off 2, 5, 10 years? Unique Formula Required - Fees: for example if you are running an online business there are fee to set up PayPal or Card Swiper and those fees for each transaction. How does this effect your product costs? What are those

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    ...and can click on them to re-print them if they wish. - In the background, video files will be manipulated using simple ffmpeg commands to make basic edits and add music for example. This is actually fairly simple but looking for a very robust solution for this part. So in short: It will grab new files video from a LAN webserver, create a photobooth style

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    I am putting together an online guitar course and I want to include song sheets but I need to add guitar tab and chords. Here is an example of the sheet sans tab and chords (scan 18) and also a finished song 'Whiskey in the Jar'

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    ...door, Home door A selection for each of the 3 fields - O closed not closed - O Door locked The user defines the radius of the order to see which craftsmen get the order. Example the customer gives to a radius of 50KM the order is then only shown to the craftsmen who are 50KM away from the user. By default 50 KM should be indicated The user can now

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    Hi, While ago, I posted a similar job description as I was working on a proposal for one of my clients which was looking to build a mobile app. I have passed on, some cost estimates to him and this time around the job has 99% changes to go ahead (provided that my client will secure the funds). The concept behind his idea is to use a similar matching system used by websites such as [login untuk...

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    Trophy icon logo design for new website 6 Hari left

    ...need the logo to be something that can also be used as a watermark and the face of an app. The logo will need to be shown in the corner of the escort images, please see the example. I also need the logo in the colours that are shown on the pricing plan. we really liked the previous logo, however, had to do some rebranding for SEO reasons. We are also

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    ...checkout site - Template customization - Live chat - Coupon / unique discount code system - G2A Payment integration - Automated Delivery of Details upon payment An excellent example would be this website : [login untuk melihat URL] Will furthermore require SEO so could turn into a long term project! Further minor details can be discussed in an interview

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    I have a Table of Contents HTML page that is just a whole list of links (with some plain text headings mixed in) to other HTML pages that I also have....modern so you'll need to develop the CSS. Do not use deprecated code. Ideally this will be mobile friendly/responsive, but not critical. Please see attached [login untuk melihat URL] as an example and layout.jpg.

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    We run a crew house out of our propert... food, drink, somewhere in the logo, but this is really not essential. - If the logo includes a strap line underneath ‘[login untuk melihat URL]’, this should be beds • boats • booze Some example graphics are attached (all stock images), however we would really like to see any graphics incorporated into the text itself.

    $155 (Avg Bid)
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    ...[login untuk melihat URL] 7) [login untuk melihat URL] Hopefully i provided enough examples for you to follow :) You dont need to copy paste an example.. As long as you're free to produce without limitation! Please stay away from copyrights.. If you're adding vocals, i would like to know the source of the vocal :) Do not

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    Real estate related data mining, fill in missing fields. For example: list will have business name, address & phone number. I need broker /owner name email, mobile number, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram info.

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    33 penawaran has existed for some years now, we have not seen a version of this product from any of the big names in touch-screen computers or the smart home (one early and expensive example, the Cybertecture Mirror, seems to have vanished from the market) - and it's equally surprising that several attempts to crowdfund a smart mirror have failed to hit their funding

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    9 penawaran

    In stead of styling a room and making picures, I need to manipulate a raw pict...manipulate a raw picture with 3d images in order to make the picture look like it is of a room with furniture. 1. Pleace furniture, plants etc. on roof terrace, according to example picture 2. Place a kitchen and style room and kitchen. Presice insturctions will be given

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    Scraping a website 6 Hari left

    I need a scraping website, to import some information in .csv format. The website is: [login untuk melihat URL] It's a marketplace for real estate in Spain, t...[login untuk melihat URL] (zone) [login untuk melihat URL] (town) [login untuk melihat URL] (district) [login untuk melihat URL] (adress) [login untuk melihat URL] (area) [login untuk melihat URL] (floor) [login untuk melihat URL] (...

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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