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We’re famous (OK, somewhat famous) for our incredibly ambitious approach to the SAT. How ambitious are we? We believe that virtually all students can score above a 2300. Most people think we’re crazy when we say this, but we believe it to be true. We also have the results to back it up; we’ve had numerous instances of students going from 2000s→2300+, 1900s→2300+, 1800s→2300+, 1700s→2300+, and even 1600s→2300+. This is possible because of the highly fundamental approach we take to the test—not to mention that we’ve analyzed the SAT way more than anyone else has. We don’t just want to teach you tricks and send you on your way; we want you to truly understand (at a fundamental level) every single question on the test. Most test prep companies focus on “beating” the test, and teach “tricks” to help you bump your score. The problem with this, however, is that there’s effectively a cap to how much you can improve; tricks can only take you so far. If you want a truly incredible impro

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