Automated Web Scraping System

oleh ahmedh003

Advanced CL scraper to visualize number of entries by each city, the scraper managed data in a 6-MongoDB cluster servers and it was based on Python using private proxies custom built circulation. The visualization (map) was created using D3.JS - Created Python scrapping system saving data into a cluster of MongoDB database servers. - Tabulated Data using Bootstrap 3. - Created PHP filter script as well as export to CSV format function. - Automated Notifications with pre-set thresholds.

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C++ Software Developer with experience in Algorithms and STL as well as Boost libraries. Expert Python programmer. PEP8 clean code, modules, packages, version control and GUI experience. UNIX/Linux sys admin with experience in FreeBSD, CentOS and Ubuntu. VPS and dedicated server management. Amazon Web Services expert. KiCad and Eagle PCB design, PCB fabrication and SMD soldering experience. Certified embedded systems developer with experience in ATMEL AVR, Arduino, Teensy, ARM and Raspberry Pi. Advanced web scraping infrastructures based on Python, MongoDB cluster and Linux. Experience with analog voltage and sensor measurements and strain gauges. Honest, Creative and Organized Service

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