How to Delete a Project

There may be times when you do not want search engines to index your project. For that, you may want to consider upgrading your project to a Private Project or you may ultimately opt to delete your project.

Before deciding, it is important to understand the differences between the two actions.


Deleting a project

If you want to delete your project, you can do so by going to your My Projects page. From there, select the Employer View and select the tab from where your project is listed. Locate it and select Delete from the action dropdown menu next to it.

A confirmation popup will show informing you of what will happen when you delete your project and how much the deletion fee is. If you agree with the deletion fee of $5 USD, click Yes.

Alternatively, you can delete a project by going directly to its page. From there, click the ellipsis tab "..." next to the Management tab, and select Delete

A confirmation popup will appear, and you can click Ok if you want to proceed with your project's deletion.


Remember, once a project is deleted, there is no longer any way for us to return it to its previous state, so be absolutely sure when choosing to delete your project.

If you want to get the Private upgrade instead, please read this article: Private Project Upgrade

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