How to Release a Milestone Payment

It is best not to release a Milestone Payment until your project is finished, the tasks you assigned are done, and all deliverables have met your full satisfaction. As the employer, you have the right to decide when it’s time to release the payment. We highly advise to consider releasing upfront payments only with well-trusted freelancers. 

Once it is released, a Milestone Payment can no longer be recovered unless your freelancer is willing to return the funds.

If you are ready to release a Milestone Payment, you can do so in two ways.


On the Project Page

1. Go to your project’s page, locate the particular Milestone Payment you want to release, and click Release.

2.  You’ll be asked to reconfirm the amount. You may enter a higher or lower amount if you wish to change it. Click Release to send the payment.

3. A notification stating that released funds cannot be returned will appear. If you agree with this, click Yes.

4. You can confirm if the Milestone Payment has been released successfully by checking the list.


On the Financial Dashboard

1. At the upper right part of your Dashboard, mouse over your account balance (money in specific currency), and select Finances.

2. From your list of Outgoing Milestones, look for the Milestone Payment that you want to release, and click Release.


3. You’ll be asked to reconfirm the amount. You can enter another amount if you wish to change it. Click Release to send the payment.


4.  On the confirmation popup, please read the 4 notifications carefully. Tick Yes if your freelancer has completed and delivered their work, then click Yes, I want to release funds.


If you released only a part of a Milestone Payment, the remaining amount will be listed in your Outgoing Milestones. Its description will state‚Äč (Partial Release 2).

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