Open, Pending, Closed, and Locked Contests

The contest holder and participants have the option to view the status of a contest. You can see what state a contest is in by looking at the upper right corner of the contest page: Open, Pending, and Closed. On certain occasions, you can see a notification on the upper portion of the contest page saying the contest is "Locked."

Let’s define them one by one.


Open Contests

From the word itself, these are posted contests welcoming freelancers to join and submit their entries. Depending on how long the contest was set, it can be open from 3 to 30 days.

While a contest is open, new freelancers can join, and those who have submitted an entry can further submit more entries. The contest holder can comment on, reject, and rate the entries submitted, and they can also select a winner as early as they wish.

Here is what an open contest looks like for the contest holder:

For freelancers who wish to join an open contest, just click Upload an Entry to submit an entry.


Pending Contests

Once a contest has ended, it will be tagged as Pending. Freelancers can no longer join a Pending contest. The contest holder is given 14 days to select a winner. If the contest holder does not select a winner within this time frame, the contest will be locked.


Locked contests

A pending contest will be locked if the contest holder is unable to select a winner 14 days after the contest has ended. If the contest holder wishes to select a winner, they can unlock their contest by clicking Unlock my contest. This will give the contest holder another 14 days to choose a winner among the existing entries before the contest is locked again.

A contest can also be locked if the contest holder requests for a refund of the contest prize or if the contest violates the contest Terms and Conditions.‚Äč


Closed contests

Once the contest holder and the winner are through with the Contest Handover, which also means the winner has received his or her prize, the contest will be tagged as Closed.

The contest holder may still buy entries even if the contest is closed. The handover messaging board is still accessible at this point. For more info regarding contest runner-ups, please read this article.


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