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479970 iPad App for delivery of text graphics video (ie articles)

Good day scriptlancers!

I am putting together a budget for an iPad app. Basically, the application will present articles with text, video, graphics. Further details below.



It's probably easiest to start with applications that have similar feature sets to what we are going for (the look and feel will obviously be different):

- The New Yorker

- The Economist

- Pulse (sort of)

- Nature (the genome app)

- SF Moma (barebones but gets the job done)



- Overall navigation - either a lower nav like you see in many of the referenced apps, or a side nav - nothing too fancy

- Various 'articles' presented. The initial app is a demonstration which will have a few (on order of 10) articles

- Articles have following features: text, graphics, interactive graphics, embedded video (see in particular the Nature app which does this well, especially the 'Sequence Explosion' graphic).

- Sharing (via email, facebook, twitter) [not must have if using the facebook/twitter API is too cumbersome]

- User login / account creation

- In app purchase (ie, ability to purchase additional articles)

- User ratings / comments (see the epicurious app for a good implementation)

**Let me know if any of these features significantly increase the budget or development timeline***


NICE TO HAVE FEATURES (do not need to be included in bid)

- Web version - ideally, we'd also create a web version that largely replicates the App version (ie, so that someone without an ipad could use the content)

- Articles have supplemental materials - I'll show you this later, there's a good example in the New Yorker application but you'd have to purchase an article - don't bother for now.



As mentioned, the initial development is for a demonstration app. It will not have all the bells and whistles but rather the basic functionality and architecture that one could see how it could expand.

We have a designer but it would be helpful if you/your team has design sensibilities.



By mid-March we should have the application mocked up (with photoshop, drawings) and a detailed written description.

Between now and then we'd like to select a scriptlancer to work with (so that we don't design something that can't be built on budget and on time).

Please indicate in your bid about how long development will take.



- We are not sure about content hosting - would it be in app? Video is painfully slow to download locally, and takes up a lot of space. So perhaps serving from YouTube (if possible) or similar sites would work best. Interested in your thoughts on this.

- How will we manage the content? Do we have to pass it to you to install, or is there an easy web based CMS system we can use?



Please let me know what questions you have, I will update this project frequently.



We own the IP, code, app, content, etc. You should be comfortable entering into a contract that indicates same.



You will communicate with one member of our team that has experience with UI, design, and project management. You will not have to communicate with 4 people giving you difference instructions!

We are a small team with zero budget - but don't worry, we'll find the budget to pay for this. We are not a major publisher or magazine company. We have used scriptlance before and know the drill.

There will be ongoing work associated with this project beyond the demonstration app (see above re website, other platform deployment).



I have selected '$2,000 to $10,000' range, feedback welcome.



If you Bid, we'd like to know what apps / sites you have developed - please link to a portfolio if available.

Please also include rough timing - is this weeks, months, etc?

Your bid should be for the application development. If you like, you may also indicate what the additional expense (approximate) for website development (see above) and iphone / android development as well. These two can be very rough estimates, but would be helpful in case we can work together on everything.

We are looking forward to working with you!


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