Design a Tattoo

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A tattoo from hand to elbow (half-sleeve?).

General Idea


A serpant eating its own tail like an Ouroboros, only instead of a simple circle it is wrapped all around the forearm. The mouth and tail meet at the border of the tattoo, about 3 cm below the palm. The border of the tattoo below the hand is a smooth line; the border at the elbow is either a-symmetrical or fading towards the shoulder. The tattoo should spill a little above the elbow.



Not a photographic tattoo, but more ornamental and abstract. The style could be native, mythological or pre-historic art. Or perhaps psychadelic. Or perhaps Japanese (i'm probably leaning towards japanese). In any case, a clean, skillful design, that will be in good taste in will stand the test of time, with clear lines, flowing geomtry, and a good balance of light-and-shadow. All black and grey, accept for blue here in there: the eyes of the serpant and a few other subtle details.

The serpant


If possible, would like the head and jaws of the serpant to look alien, premordial and even mencaing. The artist will have solve the problem of wrapping the self-eating serpant up and back down the forearm in an interesting, aesthetic way, and to intertwine it well with complamenting content or texture. Better if the serpant is not too obvious, so the meaning of the tattoo is not recognised in a glance.

The rest


The other content or texture should either be completely abstract and ornamental, or if it depicts objects, should not be anything of this world, no flowers or wings or animals or human faces for instance. Could be liquid surface, or abstract waves, or outer-space-objects, Or, again, just abstract and ornamental.

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