Existing click tracker app needs fixing. Click/session tracking + GA knowledge required! Laravel Lumen PHP based solution. Budget is placeholder.

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I connect social media publishers with entertainment websites by offering a system where people can generate shortened (and tracked) links to various websites, and be paid for the traffic they send. Articles on these websites might range from Jokes to News, to Funny Galleries.

Social media publishers post these shortened links to their Facebook Pages, etc. When a random person clicks one of those shortened links, the request hits my server, collecting information about the click to know how much traffic each user sent, then does a 302 redirect to the website behind the shortened link (an entertaining article for the user).

This means I need to make sure that the session counts for my tracker, closely match the session counts from the Client Side Google Analytics ([url removed, login to view]) residing on the article website behind the shortened link. This is so I can accurately know how much traffic each user sent, to know how much they earned. Currently I am storing each click in both MySQL, and Google Analytics Measurement Protocol (server side GA) when the user clicks a shortened link

However, there's a problem.

The values from MySQL/Measurement Protocol are often double or triple the amount of sessions as compared to the Client Side Google Analytics. I'm aware that there are a few reasons for this, including:

- Adblockers (some also block GA)

- People who don't have Javascript

- Mobile phones rotating IPs

WHAT I NEED? For both the click counts stored in MySQL/Measurement Protocol to match the ones from the Client Side GA on each entertainment website. Therefore I need someone well versed in testing this sort of thing, and coming up with some sort of click reduction formula, so that we can do server side filtering as much as possible, so that the numbers line up with Google Analytics hopefully within 5 or 10%. This might include proper cookie implementation (what I have is very rough), as well as anything else to check for bots, duplicate users, or anything else that WOULDNT register in the Client Side GA. Because basically we're trying to replicate what ends up getting sent from [url removed, login to view], but on the server. IMPORTANTLY, this includes having a near identical country breakdown for those sessions, as the cost for clicks from each country may be different.

Research on Google shows that this is a known issue. However, due to the nature of this business, the filtering I need for this tracker app needs to be done properly, to avoid tracking more than it should. To test where the failure was, I set up a chain of link redirects and then analysed how many clicks were recorded at each place. The chain was as follows:

Link on Facebook -> [url removed, login to view] Shortened link -> My click tracker shortened link -> Another [url removed, login to view] link -> User finally redirected to the article they clicked on. In the example I did, the results were as follows:

- Facebook reporting 1500 clicks

- First [url removed, login to view] reporting ~1500 clicks

- My click tracker reports 2300 clicks <---- UH-OH!

- The second [url removed, login to view] reporting ~1500 clicks

~ Google Analytics on the final article website also reporting ~1500 clicks

Please note, due to the fuzzy nature of this job I will only accept applicants who agree to only receive payment if the job is completed successfully. A successfully completed job would involve having the tracker app successfully mark and filter clicks close enough to the client side GA, within 10%.

I'm available via Skype 16+ hours per day, so communication is easy for me.

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