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221075 Flash/PHP/MySQL Flip Book Site


I have spent a lot of time trying to be as detailed as possible. I wrote in a “stream of consciousness” fashion, so I may have repeated myself a few times—forgive me. Although I have been quite detailed, I am sure that there are pieces of the puzzle which may be missing for the successful implementation of this system. I look to you and your expertise for suggestions on ways to make things work in the most efficient and successful manner. If anything is not clear, please ask. I have found that the biggest challenge in working with developers over the internet is communication. This is why I want to use skype. My skype name is “” We can also talk on the phone as well. I will email my phone number to your regular email address when the project has been accepted.

The heart of this project is a flipbook website which will largely be based on what you see at the following two links:

[url removed, login to view];MagNo=1 AND

[url removed, login to view]

I have a copy of the $99 version of the flash flip book which I can send to you, but it does not include the code, which I think you will need to complete the project. I want you to create the coded version for me based on these two flipbooks, along with the xml page or content management system which will allow my designers to update and design the pages very easily.

As I am sure you know, a lot of what I am requesting can be done with off-the-shelf type applications. To make your job easier and to keep the costs down, please let me know when you believe such an application is warranted. There are CRM applications out there which, with a little tweaking, will do the job as I am sure there is other code which is already written. So I hope you make your job as easy as possible while providing me with an astonishingly easy-to-use yet robust and successful application.

I expect that getting the debugged first version of these websites up and running and making money, will just be the beginning of our strategic partnership if all goes well.

Please press on me to get you your designs, wireframes, sitemaps, logos, videos etc that will be necessary to get this project done on time.

Now into the details:

The website I want to design will include this flipbook only customized for my purposes, an html email template and a database for collecting and processing data, forwarding emails, calculating statistics, viewing reports all within an easy to use and updatable xml page or similar content management system. I will need to have my designers be able to easily update the content without intense any coding. At least, that is how I understand how it can be done. I will provide you with designs, images, wireframes, descriptive emails, phone call communications and whatever else is necessary for you and to understand each other and get this project completed successfully and on time. Here is a "wish list", in no particular order, of features of and ideas about this website:

1. The ability to send (weekly) a custom html template with 5 featured .jpg coupons to a growing list of email addresses.

2. The custom html template will also have an embedded flash video at the top of the page.

3. From the email members will be able to access the flipbook website AND ONLY FROM THE EMAIL. There will be no outside access by going directly to the url without entering an email address which is found in the database.

4. The website that the general public will go to will be simple one page flash site with a video describing the service and a form which will collect information from the site visitor and add them to the database and the email list. So up to this point we have an email template, a flash flip book website tied to a database with xml editing capabilities and a one page flash website for selling and capturing visitor data.

5. In order to get people to view their weekly emails the embedded video (updated weekly with the easy to use xml or some other content management system) will include a contest which will require those who want to compete for a weekly prize. These contestants will need to be able to input info into a form in order to win. The following week's email will announce the winner and the new contest. So there either needs to be a form on the html email template or a place on the flipbook website where these contestants can enter to win. Obviously this info will be collected in the database for easy viewing and selection of a winner. I want to get them to go to the website from the email so the contest link should take them to the flipbook website where they will view the advertising in the flip book and be able to participate in the competition.

6. The flip book website will look very similar to what you saw at the link above. I will customize the background for my application (like the grass which you see there) and I will have custom sounds, music, etc. I do like the changeable background feature in the flipbook at the website, so it might be nice to include a few options for the site members.

7. The front cover of the book will have the branding (logo, colors, etc) and an updatable photograph (jpeg) which will be updated weekly using the xml page.

8. I don't know exactly where to put the “table of contents” but the flipbook needs to be “browsable” in several different convenient ways.

A. By a simple search box to search for a specific advertiser

B. By a list of clickable thumbnails of the actual larger image which will be found on the page which will take the member to the respective page

C. By a list of clickable advertiser names which will take the member to the respective page.

D. Other ways which you think might be better.

I imagine these features on the first 1 or 2 pages or maybe better would be to have these features work like the “press preview” feature at the wildflip site ([url removed, login to view]). There is a tab on the bottom right of the page to view small images of the actual pages. This “press preview” feature may take the place of the thumbnail aspect, but I do want to have a list of advertiser names as clickable links.

9. All of the other features as seen on both of the two links which I gave will be expected in my flipbook website in some unique way using my branding.

10. Now on to the “meat” of the flipbook website application. I will be soliciting advertiser to advertise in the flipbook. Each advertiser will get 2 full pages – a left and a right page. On the left page will be a full page ad and a 200 pixel tall by 350 pixel wide holding place for a custom flash video for the advertiser. I envision this video box in the middle of the top third of the page surround by the rest of the ad. Not every advertiser will want to have video so the box needs to be “addable” by my designers using the easy to use xml page or content management system. The full page ad also needs to be easy to design on a ready made template and added by way of the xml page as well. There will be clickable hotspots and buttons on the ad which will take the member to the advertiser's website or landing page. Around the edges of the page there will need to be copyright information stating that everything is the copyrighted property of my company and probably a link to all of that legal stuff like a “privacy policy” etc.

11. On the right hand page the advertiser will have a standardized coupon in the top half of the page. This coupon, like the ad on the left page, will be custom designed by our designers and added via the easy to use xml page or content management system. The coupon will also have buttons or hotspots on it for linking purposes. These hotspots and buttons will need to be easily addable using the easy to use xml page or content management system. This is true of all hotspots or buttons in the whole site.

12. The bottom of the right hand page will be vertically divided in half. On the left side of this division, the member will be able to email some information using a form with fill-in boxes, radio buttons, drop down menus, etc. which will automatically email the coupon (seen above in the top portion of the right hand page) to the respective advertiser. Since the site member came to the flip page site from their email, the database will automatically know their full name, email address and other pertinent information. If the member chooses to receive a gift card or some other inducement/reward for giving their email address to the advertiser, they will be able to check a box which will be located in this region of the right hand page. Other such information, such as, time of arrival at the advertiser's place of business will be available as well. A notes or comments box will be included. All of this info, some of it automatic (such as the member's name) will then be emailed to the email address associated with the advertiser.

13. The bottom right side of the right hand page will offer “print” options to the member. There will be a print this coupon button which will print only the coupon on the current page. There will be a checkbox to select the current coupon for printing later. There will we a toggle button for check all/uncheck all. There will be a print checked button.

14. If multiple coupons are selected, the website will format the coupons to business card sized coupons (3.5” x2”) up to 10-up per page for printing. The choice should also be given to print the coupons in color or black and white from within the website. In other words, the website will turn all the color to grayscale before the printing so the guest does not have to change their print settings.

15. I will need to be able to add an infinite number of advertisers to the flip book.

16. The entire flipbook website will need to be distributable to multiple urls in the following format:

A. [url removed, login to view]

B. [url removed, login to view]

C. [url removed, login to view]

So the php and mysql central database will need to be upgradeable to add data tracking for expansion to new cities as we grow.

17. On the business side of the database I will need to be able to keep track of which advertisers were brought on by which salesperson. So I can track commissions for the particular salesperson. Salesperson A will be paid X dollars for each initial sale and then a percentage of a monthly recurring amount for their clients only.

18. Each salesperson will be given marketing material which will be specific to them in order to accomplish two things:

A. Drive new members to the sign up page with the video and the sign up box to start receiving the weekly email.

1. Example – Door hangers will be made with a url which will be specific to Salesperson A. All potential members who go to his site will join up under her name and will receive part of their compensation based on how many new members they sign up.

B. Acquire new advertisers for the flip book application and for the featured coupons which will be present in the weekly email. So when they demo the site using their laptop at the prospect's place of business, they can signup their clients using their own website which will be reflected in the database. Also if they place marketing material, like postcards, brochure, personal emails or flyers with the prospect, and the prospect signs up using their credit card online, Salesperson A will get the credit.

19. I will need to look at reports, charts, etc. based on all data form members, salespeople, advertiser/clients via online reports which will be printable.

20. Advertisers will be able to login to their own user interface to see statistics on how many people are visiting their site from the flipbook site, how many are printing out coupons, how many are emailing coupons directly to the advertisers, etc.

21. Advertisers will be able to keep track of individual clients using our Customer Relationship Management solution which will allow for inputting sale's receipt information, date visited, name, etc.

Much of this information will go right into the advertiser's database when the coupons are emailed to them and then when the guest comes in to make a purchase, they can update the database manually.

22. Coupons printed off and brought into the advertiser will have easy to read barcodes on them which will contain the customer's basic information – excluding email address – unless the member has checked the requisite box at the flipbook site. So this barcode will have to update depending on which boxes are checked, but the standard information will be the customer name and whatever other information the client included when they signed up at the sign-up page. We will not include email addresses unless they give explicit permission at the flip book site.

23. So the database will need to be able to accept barcode read information from the advertiser. The advertisers will be able to scan their coupons and their gift cards into their online database.

24. Back to the left side page of the flip book. I intend to sell flash logos as a side service, so there needs to be a hotspot on the left page where a logo or a flash logo will go.

25. The flash loading graphics and all other graphics for that matter will be custom.

26. So the main page where everyone comes to including prospective members, advertisers, me, my salespeople, will need (maybe not – you tell me) to be the main portal of entry to the various databases. At least the advertisers need to be able to come there to log into their CRM portal.

27. I want to get the advertisers themselves to build the main email list with their own network of contacts so I want the salespeople to be able to offer them bonuses and/or discounts for sending invitation emails to their network of contacts. The email invitation will contain a link to the sign up page which will credit both the advertiser and the salesperson for the member sign-up A simple algorithm will need to be designed for this. Maybe a separate calculator that the salespeople could use to show the discount would suffice. Credit will only be give for actual member sign-ups, not for invitations sent. I expect to build my email list quite a bit from the advertisers themselves, so this is key. Oh and the salespeople will need to get credited for these member names.

28. So now I see that there will need to be three email templates up to this point:

A. The main weekly email template with embedded video – easy to update.

B. The salesperson email template for acquiring new advertisers and members – easily customizable with a photo and/or personalized video.

C. The advertiser email template for sending invitations to their network of contacts – easily customizable with both the branding for my company and the advertiser.

29. I considered a bidding scenario for the 5 coupons which are included in the actual html email which will go out weekly. I thought it would be good to have the top four coupons in the email be paid for spots where the advertisers would bid for the spot using some kind of link to ebay or having the bid built in a separate web page. There will be a weekly bid which will begin the day after the last email is sent out and will end, say, three days later, to allow enough time to design the coupons and get them into the next email.

The last of the 5 coupons will rotate through all of the advertisers included in the flip book in order of their sign-up date. I should be able to look that piece of information up easily in the database.

30. I will need to be able to accept paypal and other forms of payment online based on calculated discounts, etc. I also want to automate the payments so I don't have to ask for the money. Payment will be due every month before any emails go out.

31. Commissions will need to be easily calculated based on the numbers of the salespeople kept in the database.

32. I will need to have a place where the advertisers can upload their graphics, logos, videos, etc. so that my designers, using the easy to use xml page or other content management system, will be able to setup and update the flipbook.

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