Blend Silverlight Slideshow

Seeking a Silverlight / Blend expert.

This project is restricted to "Milestone 1", which is to build a photo slide show and its animated transitions.

Milestones 2 - 11 are not included in this project. They're just FYI.

Read on! And thank you.


## Deliverables

Thank you for reading my project plan,

The beginning and end of my current bid request is **clearly stated in bold red** text.


SLIDESHOW PHOTOS Milestone 1: "Photos Project"**

[url removed, login to view] will achieve it's photos, photos, photos, stories, stories, stories objective by using a silverlight animated slideshow that you will build as a central theme. It will feature a number of compelling photo models. Please read the full spec below before bidding. I'd appreciate it if you would check out my additional project mliestones planned for this website. They're listed below the full spec. Knowing what the parts you're building now are going to be additionally coded to do will help you to build your slideshow better.

Of course, I'll happily hire you for the additional projects, too, if we work cheaply and productively together.

Here's the **Full Spec**:

I'm doing a Blend 4 Silverlight Website project and need to contract with you, a highly skilled Silverlight / Blend / XML / guru-developer to build its Slideshow photo presentation:

1. The work needs to be done in the Blend 4 UI as much as possible so that it can be adjusted from there, if there is no way to do it from the Blend 4 UI, then go ahead and code it manually in Silverlight C#.

2. Please comment out the current slide galleries

3. 1. But, leave the gallery menu button, I'll need to repurpose it in a later milestone.

4. You need to preserve the current functionality that when different pages are called, specifically "about" & "contacts", that the background darkens when the textbox pops up.

5. The only thing you need to do in this contract regarding the animated menu buttons and other non-targeted site features, is to frequently test them to make sure you haven't accidentally broken them.

6. Repurpose the "Self-Portrait" grid

1. Use the "self-portrait" grid container as your slide container--see [[url removed, login to view]][1] .

* This container is so huge that it's like a background. That's one of the reasons I chose this template, the opportunity to publish huge compelling photos that fill the entire browser.

2. Make the "self-portrait" grid host the different photos when right and left arrows are clicked (see #4).

3. Note that this website has "FULL SCREEN" functionality. This too, is very important to the design:

* Code the slideshow to toggle beautifully to FULL SCREEN with no change in viewable area of the photo. (The template currently has full screen toggling enabled but the viewable area of the photo is changes significantly when in FULL SCREEN.)

4. Make sure that each photo can be used as a unique landing page (has a unique URL--this was vexing in Flash, but in Blend/Silverlight it should be as easy as [url removed, login to view]\photo#x right? )

5. Code the slideshow so that its photos will resize dynamically with the re-sizing of the browser without loss of viewable area.

7. Create right and left buttons to transition photos in and out

1. Make the buttons grow in size during mouse-over like [[url removed, login to view]][2].

2. Colors: Match theme black for inactive, and match theme orange when moused over

3. Add click sounds when they're clicked (I have some sounds from my other template)

4. Make the buttons stay with the sides of their grid when resizing occurs

8. Photo Transitions:

1. The transition code is already built into the template but for a different purpose

* View the code's transition effect by clicking back and forth between the "Galeries" menu and the "Self-Portrait" menu at [[url removed, login to view]][1]

* You will repurpose this code to be the code used to transition from photo-to-photo within the slideshow

* Add a transition sound when moving from photo to photo. I have one in my flash template that you can use for this.

9. Code full screen in such a way that the Slideshow fills the entire screen with its large compelling photos

* Yet, allow the right-left buttons and all other controls and menu controls to operate layered on top of your slideshow.

10. If you find that you need differently sized test photos than the ones included in the template, let me know. I don't think you will, though.

11. Prepare the animation in such a way that it is easy for me to edit the transition easing from the Blend GUI.

12. **Document colaboration:**

Specifically, we need to collaborate like this:

1. I send you questions for the document

2. You answer the questions and add items you think I might be missing out on

3. I test

4. For the parts that don't work, I send you clarification requests.

5. You answer

6. I test the answers

7. If it works, I edit. I retest. If it works then we are done, and I'll be confident that I can refer back to our documentation when I need to make photo and story changes.

So, this contract is 95% software work, and 5% document collaboration. To your benefit, I'm very fast in the documentation department. So, don't stress, you have a professional tech editor in me, who will work with you to get all the steps and explanations solid. What I need from you, is that you'll be very patient and fast with your responses to my questions and with my edits to your documentation, until we get it right.


Please read below to get a better understanding of how the slide show will be incorporated immediately after you've finished Milestone 1. ** **

**You will be helping me build [url removed, login to view], where I will sell my software:

**I have patented and developed a C# application called StopWatch Privacy that Stops shoulder-surfers from Watching your Private programs on your screen. It uses motion detection. When someone enters your space, StopWatch hides whatever you don't want them to see on your screen. Whatever you DO want them to see is still open on your screen, ready for you to interact.

On launch day I'll be sure to give you a free StopWatch license as an additonal thank you.

The winning bidder will create a Blend/Silverlight slideshow from my unique specification. Also included in this contract: We will colaborate on a simple operational document (How to manage the slideshow day-to-day).

**The website: **

My website concept is photos, photos, photos, stories, stories, stories!

My Visitors' various landing pages will be specifically tailored to fit the particular affiliate website that referred them. The landing page will feature a full-browser photo of a model (Photos, photos, photos). Almost immediately a callout will come from the model's lips that says, "I HAVE A SECRET, CLICK ME!" When the user clicks on the photo, an animated-transition textbox (provided) comes up that contains the text of a dramatic cautionary tale (Stories, stories, stories) of what went wrong when this photo-model did not use StopWatch. The photo will be part of a slideshow of additional unique landing page photos, each with its own unique associated story. The slideshow will also present (by clicking a navigation button) a "How StopWatch Works" tutorial. The current bidding is only for the first milesone of this website project--(the photo slideshow's photos transitioning in and out of the slideshow grid, their animated-transitions, their sounds, their right and left navigation buttons, their scalability to FULL SCREEN, their ability to resize dynamically with browser resizing, their ability to be edited from an XML reference, and their ability to be landing pages).

**.................END OF MY HIGH-LEVEL EXPLANATION.............. ** Please read on before bidding. Thanks!


**What I already have:

* A [url removed, login to view] Silverlight template. See a slightly customized version at [[url removed, login to view]][1] .

* Template Monster upgraded it from Blend/Silverlight 2 to Blend/Silverlight 4. I bring this up in case the upgrade causes unpredictable Blend UI issues for us as we work--such as making the website too slow, or buggy behavior when manipulating the files from Blend 4.

* Drawing: I also have a flash website that I started earlier but did not finish because I've decided to use Silverlight for its superior SEO compliance, and because even though I don't work for Mircosoft, "I'm a PC" nerd living in Redmond, Washington. ;- ) ![Nerd smile][3] Anyway, we can use my Flash site as a re-design "drawing" to study as part of the future milestones, but the only thing we'll probably need it for during this milestone, is to rip off it's slide transition sound.

* Cautionary tales (stories)

* Logo, and fonts

* Test photos


Here are my projects, which will happen immediately following successful completion of **SLIDESHOW PHOTOS Milestone 1: "Photos Project"**


**Milestone 2:

** SLIDESHOW Localization-ready XML Callouts: "**Photo Callouts Project"**

Jist: An animated thought bubble pops up, uniquely positioned for each photo subject near his or her lips.

1. Create an animated caption that almost immediately come's from the lips of each photo model when he/she slides into view.

1. Each photo will have a uniquely located mouth, so the thought bubbles locations need to be customize-able for each shot

2. Code it so that I can custom position the captions on new photos from the Blend GUI with no need to look at code.

2. The caption will say, "I have a secret, Click Me."

3. Translation/Localization ready XML: Create an XML file that the caption calls for its text.

**Milestone 3:

**SLIDESHOW Localization-ready XML Stories : "**Textbox Stories Project"**

Jist: In this additional milestone engagement, the website visitor will be enticed by the photo model's request to "Click Me", and will click on the photo which will make an animated textbox (provided) pop up, and the caption dissapear.

1. Code the a large central part of the photo area to be a button.

2. Code the button to call the animated textbox.

3. Create an XML file and populate it with the text stories ready to be called by the textbox.

4. Code the call from the textbox to the XML stories text

5. Code the association of unique photos to their unique story text, with these features:

* Photo1 is paired with Story1, Photo2 with Story2, etc.

* Make that pairing editable and scalable so that I can easily add, swap, replace etc the stories and photos using a file directory of photos and the XML file references to the stories and photos.

6. Utilize the current code that grays the [[url removed, login to view]][1] 's "Self-Portrait" backgroud photo when the textbox comes up to:

1. Do operate the same for the slide show like "Self-Portrait" photo does when a textbox is displayed.

7. Resize the textbox to be an ideal size to present the stories.

8. Place "BUY NOW" and "FREE TRIAL" buttons at the top or bottom of the text box in site-matching orange.

9. Test to make sure the story #'s match the photo #'s before sending it to me to test, and that the custom positioned thought bubble captions have not lost their positions.

**Milestone 4:**

SLIDESHOW Localization-ready XML Tutorial Slides: **"Tutorial Slideshow"**

Develop slideshow code to display an ordered presentation of powerpoint-like slides as a presentation on what StopWatch Privacy is and how it works.

**Below are Milestones 5 through 9. They are additional milestones after the slideshow specific projects above are completed.**

**Milestone 5:**

Help System 1: "Imbed Twitter-help Project"

Jist: Using design drawings, copy, enlarge and modify the animated text box to build a help page that will be reached from the "Twitter Help" textbutton. Within that box:

1. Imbed a twitter-viewer where my users can scream about technical problems

**Milestone 6:**

Help System 2: "Imbed Facebook-fan Project"

1. Imbed a facebook business fan page link

**Milestone 7:**

Help System 3: "Help-Page Project" repurposing the original gallery bump-outs

1. Classic old school 3 pages in one help document

1. A FAQ section

2. A User Guide section

3. About section

2. A link to the Twitter-Help page

3. A link to the Facebook-Fan page

4. A link to the UPDATES page

**Milestone 8:**

Demo Video(s)

Jist: Using design drawings, copy and modify the animated text box and convert it into an imbedded YouTube movie viewer. If you have a good clean way to build a viewer for my movies, that would be better, because the site will be using the maxCDN network so that the silverlight hopefully loads really fast ([[url removed, login to view]][4]). (I'm looking for a super-fast silverlight webhost to use in conjunction [url removed, login to view], if you know one please let me know.)

**Milestone 9:**

Download Page

Jist: Using design drawings, copy and modify the animated text box to house a Buy Now order fullfillment page. I'm still searching for the right payment gateway service to call to from this page. I really like [[url removed, login to view]][5], but since a lot of my customers will be coming from gambling and adult affiliate sites, FastSpring won't process their cards.

**Milestone 10:**

Update Page

Jist: Users go here to check if there are new updates to StopWatch Privacy, and download updated versions.

**Milestone 11:**

*Copacetically Yours*, Ned

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