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161358 Video Game estarland clone

Am looking for an [url removed, login to view] clone which will accomplish the following:

Be a current build on a safe, fast, and secure open source or one time licensed e-commerce shopping cart solution. (no monthly fees, will be using our own server and credit card gateway).

The fully functional video game retail site will accomplish the following criteria:

1. Be fully integrated with a database provider via rss feeds. (ie [url removed, login to view] integration with muze data) and henceforth receive timely database updates and new releases from the database company muze or other similar provider. These updates will be placed in their respective categories ie. Playstation 3 Fighting Games. Items in the catalog will appear as [url removed, login to view] has them. Each item will have a “Buy New” option (dependent on availability, button only shows when we add quantity from the admin side), “Buy Used” along with the percentage that the person will save based on the new price notes may be added to the buy used whether the item includes just the game or box /manual (if no quantity is in stock they may place the item on backorder or they can elect to have the website email them when quantity is added to our database), and finally “Trade It” this will be available on all items and will be a percentage of the used price. Once the Trade it button is selected it will go to an intermediate page (like estarland) and they will have the option to select if the manual and or box is included with their trade. If not they will suffer a 20% decrease in the price of their trade per each missing item. Once the options are selected the person clicks continue and the item is added to their shopping cart and shows a negative total. (this can be applied instantly if the user purchases items as well as trades them in the same transaction) Customers should have the options to elect for trade or cash (cash value will be slightly less based on percentage)

2. Have a full administration side that will allow easy updates to product quantity prices and options from an easy to use administration panel. If using oscommerce easy populate must be fully stable and fully integrated. The administration page should be able to open up cataloged items 50-200 at a time, changes made on the fly and the save button clicked. This will automatically save all of the database changes to the mysql database seemlessly and without server timeouts.

3. Allow a streamlined process for the surfer to browse video games they want to trade and insert the upc number or title of the game ( ie [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] ) This will match up their upc or title and they will be able to add the "TRADE" to their cart which will prompt a credited value on their screen.

4. At the conclusion of adding traded items and or purchased items the user will be able to print out a shipping label from their computer that will eventually be attached to the package they are shipping in to our trade department. (if the trade is for $50 or more, they will be able to print a postage paid shipping label that will have our ship to address permanantely in place with a usps Business Return mail account, and will automatically generate their user shipping information as the return address) IE the EZ ship service on [url removed, login to view]

5. The site will be lightweight and easily load in any browser environment and be optimized for 800X600 and 1028X768 screen resolutions. The shopping cart will allow easy integration and control of all Template aspects so we can get the exact visual representation that we seek. (we will be doing all visual aspects of this project you just need to make sure it is easily modifiable and that we know how to change these)

6. Be 100% database driven with no spyware, or adware within shopping cart software if opensource program.

7. Contain all the standard bells and whistles of ecommerce shopping carts such as [url removed, login to view] integration and ups/fedex/usps shipping calculators.

8. Have a one page easy customer sign up and order so we don't lose customers after 2 pages of sign ups.

9. Have SSL encription or compatibility for all pages that require secure information (ie sign up page and payment info)

10. Have a focus on dangling carrots. Any items that are associated with the purchased item and actually in stock a box will appear right below the shopping cart and or item description with check boxes that will allow them to instantly add the additional items onto their order (when there is no closely affiliated items, or items that other people who bought this item also purchased, the dangling carrot will default to gift certificates, gift wrap, and an item of the same type which we have a large amount of stock of)

11. Randomly Generated popular items, that have been purchased recently, that we are overstocked on, or best sellers.

12. A trade in landing page that will fully and easily describe the simple trade process to our visitors.

13. Categories / Menu like the [url removed, login to view] menu where ps3 ps2 etc are available and visitor can browse by system and then by genre to select the item they want to buy.

14. When a category such as ps2 – fighting is selected the user will have the option to sort the items by in stock, price range, new, used, platform, category, rating etc.

15. Banner column enabled like the right side of estarland for cross in store promotional items that will be displayed and randomly generated to direct the visitor to a purchase.

16. Fully integrated repair accessory strategy guide and system hierarchy for each system selected

17. Ease of integration of a easy to use affiliate system for webmasters who want to make commission on referred traffic. This will be very user friendly and show real time stats for referred traffic and marketing materials, links banners etc. Also have examples of profit share and revenue.

18. pages should be completely seo optimized so that each database item has a good chance of appearing in google, yahoo, and other search engines.

19. integration with froogle, pricewatch etc so that items may be updated by rss feeds to these sites that will help grow our business and revenue

20. A full newsletter system, which will ask permission to contact our clients at the account sign up / checkout page. The use can see the newsletter terms and conditions right next to the check box which should be already checked? We will be able to seemlessley send “Gauged” newsletters to our clients during non peak server times. These emails should not be sorted into any junk or bulk mailbox folders. They will be for anyone who signed up for the newsletter and twice a month at most. But the gauge should be set up so that only x amount are pushed through at any given minute.

21. Preowned category page like [url removed, login to view] with a visual display of various systems.

22. Not only a just in preowned, or whats hot section, but also a rare items in stock column that will showcase items of exceptional rarity or value that are new in stock.

23. A fully integrated tell a friend system that will allow the user to not only forward our page onto a friend but also to forward an item to a friend with out weblink to that item along with a welcome message (ie youtube) but also the option to add a wishlist that will allow the user to add items to a wishlist and send their wishlist along with a special message to a parent or someone who will be purchasing items for them this Christmas season

24. A “collection tracker” for customers. This will allow the customer to keep track of their collection on our website of video games. They will be able to add or subtract items that they have or have sold. Special alerts will be sent to these customers when they have an item that we are out of stock on and are offering a great trade in value for that item.

25 An easily integrated price drop system, or global discount system, as well as coupons that we will insert in our newsletters and a gift certificate system. Further if the trades are chosen as “Trades” when the trade is received and verified we update the queue from the administration panel and they credit is automatically applied to their account along with an email that says the credit is available to spend.

25. The ability to integrated with a upc scanner so when Items are being shipped for fulfillment or coming in on trade we will be able to scan the barcode and quickly add the item to our inventory stock.

Possible not Necessary: Ease of integration for exporting items in stock to Ebay , Half etc that will closely resemble the same pricing structure and will be easy to update should certain quantities or items sell out.

Possible not Necessary: Ease of integration with POS system for various locations across the US. Locations will be able to add quanities to the website. Each different location will have a unique store # and the quanitity will represent their store. If the item is purchased that store location will receive an email saying the item is sold and it will be removed from their inventory automatically.

This is all I can think of for now there is a lot more of the basic bells and whistles that accompany a common ecommerce store that I expect to be standard. Mostly a clone of a website with some variance in design and functionality. Escrow to trusted scripters. Others payment as proof of project is shown. NDA and non compete agreement should be understood when project is began and accomplished.

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