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144892 Paid to Manual & Autosurf

Design,install "paid to Manual & Autosurf Traffic Exchange scripts & redesign simply my orinal site:

01) -I need a good & safe "paid to Manual & Autosurf Traffic Exchange sys"-similar to LJScripts Auto & Manual Traffic Exchange

Script with Paid to Click & ALL Features-[url removed, login to view] visit this script

admin demo:[url removed, login to view] ,but not HYIP.

-"Autosurf" program must run VERY SMOOTH & have non-stop feature-similar to [url removed, login to view],[url removed, login to view]

02) -"Manual/Autosurf" are seprated by serval equal sections on same display screen similar to [url removed, login to view],it is almost same

as [url removed, login to view],but not totally clone [url removed, login to view] must be seprated SIX equal sections,not 5 sections,no scroll bar between them

,but have "Adobe Reader hand tools".

-Each section have small "OPEN" link to site,could you make it fly-in or something like that or...?I think [url removed, login to view]

"OPEN" link is too [url removed, login to view] it have only ONE Surfbar fix at the top.

03) Targeted Traffic Exchange-Directory & Search Engine all features similar to [url removed, login to view](GOOD Search Engine program &

upgradeable-maybe search Image,Video..later),but it have "Input Search,Drop Down Results menu:Search,Manual/Autosurf search"

(Surf Search Result)",visitors can visit "search result" & links,but only members use "Manual/Autosurf Search" feature-surf this

"search result".I mean "surf all search results",[url removed, login to view] also have search engine,but NO "surf results" feature.

If not a member,visitors just redirect to [url removed, login to view] a member press "Manual/Autosurf Search" button,just redirect to login

& surf at once,no need go to member area.

04) -Manual/Auto Surfbar:

-height is better same as ljscripts large Surfbar,468x60 banner at the end of right hand side(below it are Two 40-characters

text link),Banners Support for gif,jpg,png,Flash,raw HTML,Pixel banners & google 468X60 new text style rotate.

-also includes graphic Casino Games next to banner(lotto,Jackpot Slots,Roulette,Craps,Solitair...-pulldown menu,

user chose one play for Manual/Autosurf credits or cash-Game auto run when Every time Manual/Autosurf begin,

similar to [url removed, login to view] BINGO SURF game,and also [url removed, login to view] games.

-All surf state/info at the end of left side-"Open Site,Buy Credits,My Account,viewed,Credits,Cash Earned,Report Site"

(All in one column),next is counter(only number+Sec) & the Small "stop","play" button,similar to LJScripts,

under it have "Input Search,Drop Down results menu:Search,Manual/Autosurf search".When "surf search result" finish,

surf must stop,Member press "play" button,then it will surf member's account original choice,or maybe press

"Drop Down Results menu:Search,Manual/Auto surf search",visit "search result" again or input new search.

-"Manual/Auto Surf Search" also earn Credits or Cash.

-Manual surf bar:It have 6 different shape,two row,change all color & shape every surf begin,members match the same shape,

similar to [url removed, login to view],all shape is at the top of counter & "stop","play" button,& all shape grahpic changable by

admin,then all things same as Autosurf bar.

-Manual/Autosurf have only ONE Surfbar fix at the top.

-Manual/Autosurf open in new window.

05) PTC ads(Credits/Cash) is full screen display with PTC bar,which have timer,Credits/cash earned,468x60 banner at the end

of right hand side(below it are Two 40-characters text link),banner Support for gif,jpg,png,Flash,raw HTML,Pixel banners &

google 468X60 new text style(similar to [url removed, login to view]) rotate,no SIX equal sections.

06) Manual/Autosurf can run at the same time,but only one Manual surf & one Autosurf run at the same [url removed, login to view] Web site's

Surf programes also run at the same time.

07) Admin control pannel design/control all Surf System.

08) Payment Gateways:Paypal,E-gold,Stormpay,Alertpay,Safepay,2Checkout,Wire transfer

09) [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view] all features are basically features, and also include Fllowing features:

10) Google new text style,similar to "My TextAds" & "Text Codes".

11) Search Box on Member's Site,similar to

12) Clone [url removed, login to view] "Traffic Flow Control Position" feature-[url removed, login to view]

13) When a member Manual/Auto surf "pages",amount of cash/credits user wins for clicking the bonus link,

similar to [url removed, login to view],but it also have additional feature "random pages".

14) My Cash:similar to [url removed, login to view] Cash Sys.

-Account Cash Deposit(Paypal,E-gold,Stormpay,Alertpay,Safepay,2Checkout,Wire transfer)

-Cash Balance.

-Cash Withdraw/Cash Withdraw History

-Convert members' credits to Cash.

-Convert Cash to members' Manual/Auto credits,Banner impression,40 chars text link & google new text style impression,

PTC,News letter ads,Solo-ads,Buy referrals/downline members.

15) Buy Traffic:Upgrade A/C,buy credits,banner,google new style text,[url removed, login to view] 40 characters text link,PTC,

News letter ads,Solo-ads,Buy referrals/downline members.

16) Top 100 Paid to Click-Position,ID,Site Name,Url,Total Hits.

Top 100 Referrals-Position,ID,Site Name,Url,Total Hits.

Top 100 Auto/Manual Surfers-Position,ID,Site Name,Url,Total Hits,Cash in Acount.

17) News letter ads,paid email-users buy,Edit Solo-ads,members recive email & Messages,get BONUS CREDITS/Cash for clicking

link,similar to [url removed, login to view]

18) Credit market-Browse/Manage Credit [url removed, login to view] & Trade System & Bid [url removed, login to view](Daily Sponser).

19) Assign Credits also have Transfer credits to another member.

20) Credits/Cash for each page referral views

21) Get Cash/Credits:reture click/send traffic to my site-members' site add a banner,link box(Google new text style)/popup,popunder

,add Search Box/send traffic to a traffic rotator/refer others,similar to[url removed, login to view]

22) FREE unlimited URL Rotator,similar to [url removed, login to view] & clone all features,but members also use this rotator promote

url on my [url removed, login to view] & FREE/upgrade member have diferrent rotator URL,the header bar of URL rotator also can

rotate 40 chars text link & google 468X60 new text style ads or gif,jpg,png,Flash,raw HTML,Pixel banners & have my site Logo.

23) E-mail Downline.

24) Buy referrals/downline members,similar to [url removed, login to view]

25) Splash Pages,clone [url removed, login to view] "Promote" page,which have banner exchange & Splash Pages generator,but Splash Pages

at least 10 pages & the header bar of Splash Pages also can rotate 40 chars text link and google 468X60 new text style ads

or gif,jpg,png,Flash,raw HTML,Pixel banners & have my site Logo.

26) Admin area easy edit FAQ,Privacy Policy,Terms pages,member "login ads".

27) Member pressing enter the user area,display 1 or 2 "login ads" pages which admin easy edit,similar to

28) Build a [url removed, login to view] ADS Forum"

29) Multi-Languages(Install free Google translator).

30) Support Tickets System

31) It must support multi-browser(Internet Explorer,Firefox...)

32) I only want very secure high quality products,hack shield-100% no loopholes,backdoors,sql injections,etc & Cheat-Proof.

33) Install scripts and redesign simply my orinal site [url removed, login to view] :

-My site backgroud paste all "pixel iframe",but it is slow,could you speed up?similar to,[url removed, login to view]

-I think change [url removed, login to view] menu bar to drop down menu is better,but it still have "Style".

-Drop down menu:Main Page

"Join FREE-Banner Exchange user/Advertiser & Manual/Autosurf"

"Log In-all System"

"Input Search,Drop Down Results Menu:Search,Manual/Autosurf search"

"Ads Forum"

"Top 100-Banner sys new user/all top100"

"statistic(System)-Banner Sys & Surf sys"

"Translation pulldown menu-English is default language"

"Support-FAQ,Privacy Policy,Terms,Contact Us"


-Drop down menu:Member

"Banner System-Edit account,View & Edit Ads,Purchase Clicks/impressions"

"Manual/Autosurf-Home,Start Auto Surfing,Start Manual Surfing,Paid to Click,Buy Traffic,Upgrade Account,My Sites,

My Banners,My Text Links(Google new text style/40 characters text link),My Cash,Assign Site Credits,PTC AD stats"

"Promo Tools-Ads Forum,Credit market,Free Rotator,Promote,Downline/E-mail Downline,Downline Builder,Contests,Personal details"

"Top 100-Banner sys new user/all top100"

"Input Search,Drop Down Results Menu:Search,Manual/Autosurf search"

"statistic-Member's personal statistic,Banner Sys & simple statistic of all Surf sys".

"Translation pulldown menu-English is default language"

"Support-FAQ,Privacy Policy,Terms,Support Tickets"


"Log out"

-It includes 2 main system,one is original banner exchange system,the other is new "Manual/AutoSurf" system.

-Directory & Search Engine,Drop Down Results Menu:Search,Manual/Autosurf search also display at the end of main page.

-Update original members datebase & integrate into new system.

-All new signup members & original members only login one time,but login 2 System.

34) All scripts/designs must be delivered and installed with perfection, bug free and allow for revisions,Demo PLS.

35) At least 1 year FREE support.


[url removed, login to view]

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