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I originally tried to do this project with software but i do not want to have to provide support for desktop installs. I do not want someone to have to modify code to work on certain operating systems so i would like this project web based.

In order to understand this project, you need to understand what High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata training are. PLEASE do some reading prior to bidding. A quick note: Its exercise, intense exercise, done in bursts. It can be for as little as 20 seconds or several minutes with little rest in between exercises or 'bursts'.

What i want, is for someone to be able to create their own MUSIC that centers around how they do their HIIT or Tabata.

For Example: If someone wants to do 8 intervals (Same as a repetition) each being 20 seconds long, with 10 seconds of rest between each interval, i would like the individual to be able to UPLOAD their music to the website, set a GUI interface, like an MP3 PLAYER to match there training. When they hit EXECUTE, it would then process their songs and OUTPUT the MP3 to be where the MUSIC plays at a certain volume for 20 seconds, then at a lower volume for 10 seconds.

The individual needs the ability to control the settings. If you look at the attachment, this was the 'software' player i had developed.

It allows the user to control the following:

Warm Up TIME and loudness of the Audio

Hard workout which is the "interval" or sprint, whatever you want to call it

Rest Period of rest between the interval or sprint

Intervals they identify how many intervals they want, in the example we would set it to 8 intervals

Warm down period after their main workout.. if they want to walk and warm down for a few minutes.

Warning The warning is a BEEP that notifies the person that the interval is about to begin and end. So while a person is doing an interval, they could set the timer to notify them that the interval is almost done. And they can also set the warning timer to let them know their rest period is almost done.

ALL of these have the ability to control the time and volume.

The user would take their favorite music, UPLOAD the music to the site, set all their controls, hit the EXECUTE button. The site would then output the music in MP3 format. So the output music would now have the settings on the music so the person can listen to the music without having to watch a clock. their music would now have the warm up, the interval, rest, intervals etc..

They would be able to hear a portion of the audio, the first 60 seconds but cannot download it until they pay .99 cents. If they accept the audio output, they would add it to the cart and pay for it.

I am not sure what language the site needs to be programmed in so i am guessing.

Also, once it is built, the Admin needs to be available for SUPPORT. We can arrange something on the side once the site is built and fully


I am going out of town tonight, back on Sunday. Please take some time, make sure you understand fully what this project entails. I will be weighing cost of project but also Freelancer historic work, previous reviews etc. So please make any adjustments you need to make now.

I also expect the site to VERY professional! Something similar to this.


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