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We are a small design + dev team, and looking for a passionate WordPress guru. Currently, we manage about 8 WordPress sites for small business clients. These sites are very small (5-10 pages), and have limited activity. They do not have big demands, so we are looking for someone to help out in small piece work as needed.

First and foremost, do NOT respond to us with a generic, copy/pasted message or proposal. These bids will be dismissed immediately. People who rush and are lazy are not the people we are looking for. This will go a LONG way if you are seriously interested.

Please be sure, to read each of our following points in detail:

- We want a talented developer that is truly passionate about WordPress: Is involved in the community, eagerly learning about updates, improving their understanding and skills, etc. Not just someone that is 'good' at WordPress, but someone who cares about making the best decisions, smartest approaches to solving WP problems, etc.

- We are not looking for a developer to BUILD new WordPress sites, but rather, help us in the long term management and maintenance of current WordPress sites. This includes responsibilities such as the following...:

a) Security: We need a TRUE WordPress security expert. Someone that thoroughly understands WP vulnerabilities, and has significant experience in solving both hack and spam issues on WP sites. Furthermore, has a vast understanding of most appropriate WP Security widgets, what pro-active and preemptive measures or strategies should be in place to protect, solve, and minimize risk from WP security issues. This point is VERY, very important to us, so in your response... speak in detail about this.

b) Core/Widget Updates: Not just ability to watch for and apply updates, but smart enough to understand their influence on the site. IE: If we modify the theme or a theme feature for a clients need, how will updating this widget 'affect' the functionality or structure of the site? Too often, developers do not consider this - they don't think about 'long term', 'affect', or 'sustainability'. This is all very, very critical to us in selecting a partner.

c) Has overall WP AND Coding Experience: We want a WP expert who can help out with small changes requested by client. This will often be just content related, but also will be small developmental changes, so we want an expert not only in WordPress, but also has great understanding of overall site building, custom widget development, responsive coding, and all the important factors in today's website building. Extensive server experience is also a great asset, so be sure to mention this.

- Accessibility/Availability: We need a partner we can reach on very short notice or has great communication and availability. Too often, developers disappear and we need someone we can truly rely on when any security issue or client requirement arises.

- Communication: We need someone with GREAT communication skills. Thoroughly detailed, provides both technical and easy to understand notes on work, fixes, how you solved problems, etc. This has been a HUGE problem in hiring WP professionals. Sometimes they solve problems, but do not communicate to us the details we need to report back to clients on what caused an issue and how we solved it.

Our work is very limited at the moment, and it is mostly small jobs, however we do have a few immediate tasks to begin on.

Affordability/Cost is a MAJOR factor for us. Keep this in mind as you submit your interest.

The more you share with us, the better. Be sure to speak specifically to our points above. I repeat, do NOT send a generic, copy/pasted message about your WordPress experience. If possible, please be sure to send your CV/Resume as well.

Thanks for all your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

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