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I need a simple 1 page app that fills a table within a form. The table would have 1 input box per row and would calculate one of the other cells (like a spreadsheet). The data for the table cells would need to be stored on a separate code page in an array. This is a very simple task and you would have 2 pages like [url removed, login to view] for the form and [url removed, login to view] for the data and calculations. When the form is submitted the array and the form data would need to be processed in a loop. I only need to get started - I can finish the work myself once I have framework.

An example would be an array (psuedo code) :

/* the first number in each array row is for referance only and is not used on form or calculation (for future use) */

Items(1,1 to 4) = 174976,"Brick",5,[url removed, login to view]

Items(2,1 to 4) = 12845,"Hammer",3,12.0

Mult(1) = 1.0

Mult(2) = [url removed, login to view]

Mult(3) = [url removed, login to view]

Mult(4) = [url removed, login to view]

Mult(5) = [url removed, login to view]

/* the arrays Items and Mult should be unchanged after processing in case the user wants to reuse the form. Create other arrays/variables as needed */

/* preprocessing */

/* value to be displayed on form is Mult(Need)*Value so...

For i-1 to 2 {

Rowvalue(i) = Mult(Items(i,3))*Items(i,4)


/* end preprocessing */

On calculatebutton_pressed {

For i-1 to 2 {

process each row in form table to calc totals


{ calculate Total of Quan*Value column and display at bottom of table}


The table/Form

( user input) (calculated)

Item | Need | RowValue | Input Quantity | Calculate Quan*Value

Brick 5 [url removed, login to view] _____3_____ ____15.75________

Hammer 3 [url removed, login to view] ______2____ _____19.20_______

[calculate_button] ____34.95________ Total of Quan*Value column

(Hope that makes sense)

This is a narrative example:

We buy Bricks. The full buy price is [url removed, login to view] but since the need is low (5) the buy price is lowered to 50% of full or 5.25.

We also buy Hammers at a higher need (3) so the price is reduced 80% of full price or 9.60.

In the case above the user would input that he wants to sell me 3 Bricks and 2 Hammers. The form would calculate the extension for each item and the total buy price of 34.95.

These are not really prices so don't use currency - use double instead rounded to 2 places.

I am using Visual Studio Web Express so it would be nice if this played well with that. I will need to adjust the array values once a week or so.

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