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A local came to me because I'm the nerd guy to the max and he has an idea I believe in (as well as funding) to get a app out there. Because of ndas I can not tell you what the app it is.

Tech stack that I suggested.

Technology Suggested

Nodejs for the webserver with a ngnix proxy in front. Node is very scalable as far as apps go and allows you to create a connection with your users phone that stays on but consumes very little data for update. A ngnix proxy in the front helps spread your app out over multiple machines (proxies the work) so heavy loads are only problems for freight drivers.

Amazon or other self-scaling platform. Amazon's boxes and high speed tech are good, extremely good, and they can help auto configure the ngnix proxy to allow your app to scale and unscale during peak hours see: [url removed, login to view]

Strip Connect for the payment processor as it allows you to do microtransactions on top of payments. The app server can automatically assign the user his or her own stripe sub-account that they can handle their bank information with out anyone seeing it (but them and stripe using stripejs). However the default method is They can set up personal branding for invoices (I believe this works in connect -- it's a regular stripe feature) and all money is handled externally but the app can still "trigger" the fees. When they hit complete on the app, the money will work like uber. See [url removed, login to view]

Stripe Js : [url removed, login to view] makes it easy to collect credit card—and other similarly sensitive—details without having the information touch your server.

For the App I suggest Ionic Creator. This accelerate the app production process, as well as, allow you to ship to both flavors of popular phones with one code base. Furthermore, the screens of the app can be seen and reviewed by the client (you) before they are ever put into production. In fact, non-technical people can even drag together a (non-functional) app in their ionic creator. See [url removed, login to view]

Please send me a message with your information I will be adding people to a discord group (public) to talk about this together. Each firm will get to present their idea (after everyone signs an nda).

I'm looking to start before or on the 13th. Payments will be escrow since it's > 10k Milestones are a possibility.

U.S/Canadian firms only please. The reason is we want to make sure if you sign an nda/compete then it actually enforceable.


Yes, there will/can be milestone payments

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