Java Programming Assignment

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You are contracted to develop an application for a software development company.

It must be able to contract software developers to projects. Team of developers can have any number of members. Projects are ordered by clients from industry. Once team is selected a contract between the client and team of developers is signed with estimations of project cost and date of completion.

Software application must have a simple GUI which allows entering data about client, developers, and projects.

Implementation suggestions

Your application will need to work with the following objects:

A Stakeholder has a full name, phone, and email.

It has two subclasses as Developer and Client.

For Developer you need area of main expertise (e.g. Java, Php, C#) and experience in years.

For client you need a name of industry (retail, education, etc) , and a name of project.

A Team is a group of developers. You will need the name of a team and date it is created. You need to have a list of developers in a Team. A Team may have from one to several members.

A Contract includes the contract id, Client, Team, cost, and duration. Implement this class according to principles of Object Oriented Design (using objects as instance variables).

Part A (5 marks)

Write code for the classes above. Implement proper encapsulation of data with private/protected access. Include documentation where appropriate.

Part B (25 marks)

Develop a Graphical User Interface (ContractGUI). Below are implementation requirements and suggestions.

It has several windows (consider JTabbedPane as possible solution).

First window will allow to enter data for an individual Developer and add it to array list developers.

Second window is to enter data for a Client and add it to array list clients.

Third window is to enter data for a Team and add it to ArrayList of teams. The members of the Team must come from the developers who have already been entered, so the GUI must display list (use JList) of developers to select developers to be added as members of the Team without re-entering their data.

Fourth window is to enter data for a Contract such as cost and duration and store. This will need to use some list(s) (JLists or JComboBoxes) of Clients and Teams without re-entering their data. Display all data for all Contracts.

Your application must write contracts into binary file. It must be able to read from binary

file and display all contract details on ContractGUI.

When application starts it must have hardcoded developers (at least three) and clients (at least two).

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