GSM device position location using triangulation with software

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Pls note this is not a GPS based device as adding GPS feature will make the device expensive. We need to track and transmit location through the GSM sim card.

I would like to be able to get the location of the client mobile phone, without using GPS.

This is similar to OpenCellID / Skyhook Wireless/ Google's 'MyLocation', which sends the server info on the Cell towers it "sees" at the moment: the Cell tower connected to, and another 6 neighboring cell towers (assuming GSM).

The location calculation will be done on the server and not on the client mobile phone. the phone's single job is to send via HTTP/GPRS, the GSM tower it's currently connected to, plus other neighboring cell towers it currently 'sees'.a

pls develop a software similar to PINGZ by tarrifman. search for more info on this please.

The cell tower location - although not as accurate as GPS, with triangulation, will still be relatively close, and we want this data to be automatically converted to the Google KML or street or Google map position, so that by merely clicking on the result, we see the co-ordinates converted to a Google Maps point.

The ability to communicate almost anywhere in the world with family, friends and colleagues is an obvious advantage, but we believe that the ability to physically locate someone who is miles away simply by sending them a text message has an enormous potential also.

GSM triangulation software for tracking:

The software can be a web-based service or a client only service depending upon the customer?s requirement. It requires a simple software applet to be downloaded into the clients mobile device (all mobile devices must be supported) which would enable the device to receive position requests from our servers. When a request (PING) is received, the device sends its GSM positional data back to our server for evaluation. This is then displayed on a mapping panel for the owner to view.

We want to operate on GSM triangulation and not Location Based Services (LBS) of the towers. LBS is still a highly inaccurate system if you are using it to try and locate someone or something

On the contrary Triangulation does not rely on the data from the local GSM network for its positional data. Indeed, we have to avoid working with most GSM networks as the accuracy of their data is actually so bad it often simply hinders the location process. Instead, a small piece of software (applet) is downloaded into the target mobile device either via SMS or vis GPRS. This software quietly sits in the background of the mobile device and simply waits and listens for our server request, otherwise known as a ‚ÄěPing. When this PING is received, the mobile device itself records the nearest Cell tower signal strengths and individual ID codes, known as LAC (Location Area) codes and sends this data back to our servers via SMS or GPRS. (cost chargeable to the mobile device as per its standard tariff) The advantage of this service is that the device records ALL GSM network cell towers, not just one.

Skills Required

.NET, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Geolocation, SQL, API, PHP, Java, Linux

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