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Bonjour controlsExpert, j'ai remarqué votre profil et je voudrais vous offrir mon projet. Nous pouvons discuter des détails au travers de la messagerie instantanée.

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    Istanbul,  Turkey

    My skills include: -- Control system design and analysis - Laplace transform, solution of differential equations - Transfer function derivation from differential equations - State Space derivation - Root locus, Bode plot, Nyquist plot techniques / Nyquist stability criteria - Stability of open loop and closed loop systems / Routh hurwitz criteria - Feedback, Proportional integral (PI), Proportional integral derivative (PID) control - Phase lead / phase lag compensator design - Steady state error analysis, Step response, Ramp response, Parabola response - Rise time, settling time, percent overshoot analysis - State feedback design, Observer design - DC motor, Electrical circuits and electrical systems transfer function derivation control - Mechanical systems, Spring, mass damper systems control - Inverted pendulum control, Ball and beam control - MATLAB and SIMULINK simulation and analysis - Adaptive control, Robust control, Optimum control -- Signals and systems - Continous and discrete time signals <br> - Exponential, sinusoid, unit step, unit impulse signals - Linear time invariant (LTI) signals - Frequency domain representation of signals - Laplace transform, fourier transform, z-transform - Filter design (butterworth, weiner, low pass, high pass, bandpass) -- Electrical engineering - Circuit analysis - PSPICE simulation -- Random processes - Set theory, Probability theory, Stochastic processes -- Linear algebra and linear systems - Solution of equations - Linearization of differential equations - Matrix theory - Cayley hamilton theorem -- System identification - FIR and IIR model identification - Equation error method / Output error method - Least mean squares (LMS), Recursive Least Squares (RLS) - KALMAN filter -- Aircraft modeling and control - Rigid body equations - Stability modes, Equilibrium - Controller design -- Detection and estimation - Hypothesis testing, Tracking algorithms, Multi model tracking, KALMAN filtering <br> -- Programming - MATLAB, SIMULINK, LabView and C# -- Mathematics - Integration and differentiation, Solution of equation and General mathematics -- Consulting in Paper writing