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I am working on a Drupal 7 website and I have encountered a few issues that require assistance. I have attached a drush archive-dump to give a better illustration for the work scopes below. Take note the archive-dump is NOT from the actual site that I am working on. It simply replicate a similar working environment for the features I need. It is meant to get you started to work on the features as soon as possible without wasting time configuring them from scratch.

Download website archive-drump at [url removed, login to view]

1) Filter listing of nodes by country

I have created a list of event nodes without any filtering. I would like to filter the nodes based on country but I do not want to use exposed filter. I would like the country values to be displayed as links. When click on the link, the page will be filtered accordingly. See attachment for better understanding.

2) Field mapping for simple_fb_connect module

I have managed to configure the simple_fb_connect module with the website. But I would like to map the fields accordingly from facebook to my drupal site user profile fields. You can make use of the module api ([url removed, login to view]) to do the mapping.

Facebook → Drupal fields


picture → picture

first_name . last_name → field_user_full_name

hometown → field_user_city

country → field_user_country

website → field_user_website

See full facebook dev docs at [url removed, login to view]

I have created a facebook application for testing purpose already and the archive-dump site has been configured accordingly. You may need set the website domain to [url removed, login to view] while working on this module.

3) Create new node permission when referenced node’s value to set to certain value

There are two content types that you are going to work with: 1) Event 2) Photo. The photo node is referencing to event when the photo was taken.

By default all authenticated users can create Photo nodes if field_event_type is “Open”. But if field_event_type field in Event content type is set to “Closed”, the users cannot create Photo nodes that the referencing “Event” node with “Closed” value.

However, in the “Closed” event, the event organiser (i.e. field_event_organiser) and uid:1 will still be able to reference/upload/save the photo to the “Closed” event.

In layman’s terms, the event organiser can decide whether the public can upload photos to their event album. If set to Open, all authenticated users can upload. If set to Closed, only the event organiser themselves can upload (uid:1 still can upload).

Take note that, there are many event organisers and one event organiser should not be able to upload to another event album which does not belong to them.

4) Limit numbers of photo upload in a single batch

You will need to work with two modules for this scope 1) bulk_photo_nodes 2) plupload

I am not sure whether it is a bug in bulk_photo_nodes module or plupload-1.5.8 library. If you upload more than 198 photos in a single batch in bulk, you will not be able to save the photo nodes. It will simply redirect you back to the plupload page.

I would like to resolve this issue by limiting the number of photos to upload in a single batch to 150 only. I’m not sure how complicated it is to set the limit. Can it be done in the library level? Please avoid hacking the module, bulk_photo_nodes. Please advise if you have any.

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