develop a marketing plan for a new, fictional flip-flop brand that will be launched in the UAE

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the project is to develop a marketing plan for a new, fictional flip-flop brand that will be launched in the UAE. Students will need to analyse the various environments (external, competitor and consumer) that relate to the flip-flop market and based on this analysis, develop an appropriate marketing strategy for their new flip-flop brand based on concepts covered in the course.

Executive Summary

1. External Environmental Analysis

Demographic Environment

Economic Environment

Cultural Environment

Political Environment

Technological Environment

Natural Environment

2. Competitor Analysis

Direct and Indirect Competitors

Competitor Analysis Table

Competitive Positions

Competitive Objectives (market share etc)

Competitive Strategy

3. Consumer Behavior

Needs Analysis

Do consumers seek to fulfill rational, emotional, symbolic or social needs with this product?

Decision Making Process Analysis

What does the consumer do in each of the stages of the decision making process?

Include any internal or external consumer behavior variables affecting the process.

Types of Decision Making

4. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Provide a short description of the product market

Identify the different segments within the market and describe them using relevant

segmentation dimensions

Describe your chosen target market(s), objectives and strategy

Describe your positioning strategy

Provide a perceptual map

5. Product Strategy

Product Objectives

Product Mix

What type of consumer product are you producing and where is it on the product lifecycle?

Specify the core, actual and augmented product.

Outline any product or brand development strategies

6. Distribution strategy

Distribution Objectives

Explain your distribution channel.

Is it direct or indirect? Who are the channel members? How are marketing functions shared?

Is there a vertical marketing system? Is there potential for any channel conflict (what type)?

What numbers of marketing intermediaries will you use? Who are they? Where are they located? Do you need a reverse channel?

7. Pricing strategy

Pricing Objectives

Detail the price.

Are you using value-based or cost-based pricing?

Demand and Price Sensitivity

New Product Pricing Strategies

Product Mix Pricing

Price-Adjustment Strategies

8. Marketing Communications strategy

Marketing Communications Objectives

Promotion Mix

What mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, sponsorship, direct response marketing, public relations/publicity will you use?

Is it push and pull?

Develop examples of your communications with reference to the Six-steps of Communication Effectiveness

9. Customer Relationship Activities

Customer Relationship Objectives

Service activities, handling of complaints, staff issues (training, empowerment ...) Relationship Activities

What will you do to keep customers and create loyalty?

How will you manage different customer relationship groups?

Will you use database management?

10. References

at least 6

I just need number 1,2&3

External Environmental Analysis, Competitor Analysis & Consumer Behavior..

each one of thses three have to be in 2 pages

Notes on Assessment

1-You will submit it to the SafeAssignment area provided. The plagiarism detection software will compare your assignment with your classmates’ assignments, previous year’s assignments and search the Internet and electronic journal databases for instances of plagiarism. Reports containing plagiarism will be awarded zero.

2-When preparing the group marketing plans it is important to draw on research to support your critical analysis. It is essential that your research is referenced. Correct referencing is important because it identifies the source of the ideas and arguments that you present, and sometimes the source of the actual words you use, and helps to avoid the problem of plagiarism. You are asked to use APA referencing style referencing where necessary and to link each reference to the reference page.

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