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assingment solution

Create a class Named "University" to represent a university (don’t forget to take into account the encapsulation principle).

The following should be the members of this class:

1- uName (string) //this member will hold the name of the university

2- nbOfStd (integer) //this will hold the number of students enrolled

3- nbOfCol (integer) //this stores the number of colleges in the university

4- uRank (integer) //this will store the international ranking of the university

5- uState (boolean) //it is true if it is a state university, false otherwise

Also create the following member functions for this class:

1- constructors (default and one overloaded)

2- getter (accessor) and setter (mutator) functions for each member variable

3- a function to display any object of this class. This function Display() should display an object in any nice format of your choice.

4- a function Equal(...) that compares two objects of this class.

Now, inside main(), write a test code to test the working of your class. The test code should be something like this:

int main()


Univeristy x; //instead of x, you should specify any different

//write code here to put values in x

University y;

//write code here to put values in y

cout<<"Below are the two universities we created\n";

//print both of them

//now checking some of the getter functions

if([url removed, login to view]() < [url removed, login to view] ())

//display “name of university x” is better ranked


//display “name of university x” is better ranked


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