Google Keyword Tool scraper and Youtube API

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1) We a need a program to do the following:

I need help with an applicsation tool that gets the "Local Monthly Searches" from this page: [url removed, login to view]

It needs to set the language and country to English & United States when it makes a search.

It needs only to check for an exact keywords. I only want to see data about the keywords I entered.".

Do the search and get the value from "Local Monthly Search Volume" column.

For the captcha you can use DeCaptcher, if it can do the job. Or another service that will bypass googles captcha.

It needs to have support for searching multiple words at the same time in the same search. And sending back an array with the words and its monthly search volume.

We have a phrase of max 6 words, record the value of the attribute "Local Monthly Searches" for a combination of 6 words, of 5 words, of 4 words, of 3 words and 2 words, without permutation of the words and from left to right, and always with the first word: for example, a phrase with 4 words, get the value of "Toshiba Camileo S20 Full-HD", "Toshiba Camileo S20", Toshiba S20 Full-HD, "Toshiba Camileo", "Toshiba S20" and "Toshiba Full-HD". (we call these values X)

2)Get from the Youtube Data API, the total number of videos files matching each combination of words above per row. Similar to the youtube search tool, and the result « phrase of words » results K of about Y, then record Y (if no results found, record Y = 0)

3)For each combination of words, make the calculation Z = X/Y, where X is defined under 1, and Y defined under 2, then record these values. Select the best combination with the following criteria :

If X >= 500 and Y =< 100, select the candidate, if there are at least 2 candidates, compare the ration Z and take the highest Z value of the candidates combination. Best combination is found, stop selection

Else , select the highest Z value of the combinations

4) If there is any limitations from Google, find a way to do more and prevent getting banned from mupltiple queries.

The parameter of the program is a CSV file, with an option to add multiple CSV files, each CSV contains a combination of keywords per row. The best combination is written in the CSV file for each entry.

Add an option on the tool to enter manually the combination of keywords (for testing purposes).

For each CSV, multithreads should be run to handle simultaneously the entries of the CSV, when a CSV is completed, handle the second one if any, and so on.

The program could be written with .NET, and any programming language is ok.


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