Academic Writing (poem) for short video

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1) The Health Issue – The Problem

· Address an Aboriginal health issue that illustrates, describes or tells everyone what you identify as a current health issue for the Indigenous people of Australia.

· * I have chosen to do it in a form of a poem* *mental health due to colonisation*

2) The Solution

· You will produce another statement that fixes the problem or addresses the issue in a culturally appropriate and safe way.

Effort and an ability to show you have an understanding of the issues surrounding Aboriginal people currently is the key.

· To achieve this, imagine you have unlimited resources, unlimited money, and unlimited talent and powers of persuasion. You own international media organisations, and have powerful connections to people in Government who will do anything you say.

Keep it local. Issues that face the Victorian Indigenous community.

You will be expected to include a reference page for all power points and presentations. If you use an artist work it also must be referenced appropriately.

I don't want the health issue to be just a medical diagnosis. I want it to be about DIS EASE- meaning the feeling of un ease due to dispossession, poverty and things caused by colonisation. SO MENTAL HEALTH I GUESS.

Points I'd like to be brought up:

- Transgenerational trauma

-Aboriginal terminology such as LORE instead of law.

-Maslow's hierarchy of needs



-culture and identity

-closing the gap (colonisation)

-Understanding illness in the Aboriginal way.


-white privilege .

Please add other topics relating to these, please use academic sources for everything

APA referencing.

Form of poem:

I want it to be engaging from the start till the end.

one that will make the audience walk in the shoes of the Aboriginal people.

The poem should go for a minium of 5 minutes.

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