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Develop iOS & Android Game with unity 3D - Develop IOS and Android App with nice UI Develop IOS and Android Application - Develop iOS app Develop iOS app - Develop IOS application Develop IOS application - DEVELOP iOS GAME FOR iPAD. develop iOS iPhone application - Develop Ipad and android App Develop iPad app - Develop iPhone & Android Apps for site Develop iPhone & Android Game - develop iPhone and Androind Application Develop Iphone and Blackberry App - Develop iPhone app - Video app + Social Develop iPhone app a-la Yellow Pages - Develop iPhone Application Develop iPhone Application - Develop Iphone Facebook Only Login/Sign in Sample App Develop iPhone Font Scanning App - Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. - repost - Develop IT consulting website develop it now - Develop Java plugin for internet explorer and chrome DLL will be provided Develop Java program - Develop Job site Develop Job site portal & Online tutorial - Develop Joomla template from image Develop Joomla Website - develop website Develop keys Generatore of a program - DEVELOP LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE FOR BUSINESSES Develop Lead Generation Website - Develop Linux 2.6 System Profiler with Graphing Develop Linux Based Operating System For Guest Computers - Develop login function for car parts website develop login page - Develop Logo for new Internet Radio Show Develop Logo for Photography Interview Website - Develop Loyalty CRM program + POS terminal configuration & integrate with the program Develop Loyalty CRM program and integrate POS terminal with the program - Develop MacOS script develop macro in Excel & Website implement - Develop Magento Plugin Develop Magento Site - develop management software for language academy Develop management website with web service jobs - Develop mashup application using Google app engine develop mass embeddeder - develop MCQ's(repost) Develop MDM system with beacons - Develop Member's Area for Website Develop Member/Registration Form - Develop method to transcribe resume details into standardized format Develop Miayuco application and backbone - Develop MMORPG game -- 2 Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop mobile app for Maptags using Phonegap/Ionic Develop Mobile App for my current widget - Develop Mobile App using Phone Gap API Develop mobile app using phonegap - Develop mobile application for android and ios iphone. Develop mobile application for existing small application - Develop mobile food ordering APP - repost 2 Develop mobile friendly version of an existing website - Develop mobile version of pre-existing landing page Develop mobile versions of landing page with proper browser / platform sniffers to spec - Develop module for prestashop Develop module for PrestaShop (carousel banners) - Develop more module for artvenue script Develop more pages in a MAC Pages document (Windows Word) - Develop MS-Word Template and rework tech bulletins Develop MSI project for an application using the Microsoft Speech SDK - Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet - Develop my chat android app from scratch Develop my coming soon - Develop my IOS App *Easy Social Media* Develop my Java + SQLite application (only two classes) - develop my Search website better(repost) develop my shopify website - Develop My Website Develop my website - Develop MyLikes Bot/Traffic Gain? Develop Myspace Robot / Auto Friend Request - Develop Navigation GUI mockup using HTML5 - ongoing work Develop Network Marketing Suite in PHP/MYSql [MLM script] - Develop new data entry webpages Develop new document scanner and "simple" tablet on a stand, and software. - Develop New homapage and Apply on website Develop New homapage and Apply on website - develop new online shopping website using magento Develop new or modify existing Wordpress plugin - Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure -- 2 - Develop New Website Skin Using Custom CSS - fantasy football site Develop new website using the some of the concepts from an existing website - Develop Ning API Develop node.js - Develop of Android App with bluetooth interaction Develop of Bowling Game (HTML5, WebGL) - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food - Develop one page Website Develop one page with paralax scrolling and outstanding graphics - Develop Online Backup Software Solution Develop online backup website - Develop online game using HTML/CSS/javascript Develop online game: HTML/CSS/javascript - Develop Online Selling Website Module Develop Online Service that Disguises Sites as Word Document - Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software - develop openerp Develop OpenERP module - Develop or use existing IRC-chat for iphone Develop or use existing IRC-chat for iphone. - Develop our CMS on regular bases Develop our compant website - Develop our simple Webapplication in PHP Develop our team site in Sharepoint - Develop page (UI) for existing web site (buy page) Develop Page - Angular, Struts2, Sql Server - Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce Develop Payment Gateway module in WHMCS - Develop PC Game (Boxing) develop pcb - develop personal website - Personal Marketing develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost - Develop Photo Rating Website Develop photobook web app for Wordpress - Develop php file to load and parse an xml file pulled from a url develop php files - Develop PHP site or in joomla Develop PHP Web , Scrape the Android Market data - Develop Planner/Countdown iPhone App Develop Platform Connector - Develop plugin for wordpress Develop Plugin for Wordpress and Emby Media Server - Develop Poker playing software develop Policy, training calendar, management Training projects - Develop practice exams for certification in SAP CRM, and SAP EWM. develop prayer and qibla for muslim - develop prestashop tpl file
develop prestashop tpl file -- 2 - Develop Product Literature develop product name, description and copywriting - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - 23/08/2016 03:05 EDT - Develop proposal for a research project Develop proposal for Automobile Safety Devices - Develop push notification Plugin for Openfire Chat Server Develop Python Backend of Iphone App - Develop QR Code Develop QR Code Website - Develop Ramayana game Develop Random Image Facebook Application - Develop Realestate Software Develop Realestate Software - Develop Remote Access Sofware Develop remote connection software - Develop Requirement Document To Build A Website Develop requirements & design docs in UML 2.1 - Develop responsive website using using current framework Develop responsive websites in wordpress - Develop Retro-Space, Adventure, Survival Video Games Develop reusable Flex 3 dialog - Develop Roulette Game In WPF Develop Roulette Game In WPF -- 2 - Develop Sales Quote Tracking DEVELOP SALES TRANSACTION APP - Develop Scanning Software That Counts Scanned Images Develop Scheduling and Membership Website and App - Develop Script and/or Download Data on Internet Site develop script Apr 2 2013 16:02:18 - Develop Scrum/Kanban Board using Redmine Rest API Develop SDK/Library for OfferWall Advetisement company for Android Developer - DEVELOP SELLING APP FOR AN ECOMMERCE MARKETPLACE Develop SEO - Develop Service and Repair manual for existing electronic products - repost Develop Service like - Develop Sharepoint Online template Develop SharePoint Solution for Cascading Columns - Develop Short Code Application Develop short JavaScript that make HttpCall and parse the response - Develop Simple and quality Android App Develop Simple Android App - Develop simple card games for Windows 8 + graphics Develop simple chrome extension - Develop Simple HTML Website Develop Simple HTML5 Game - Develop simple LightSwitch 2013 HTML web application Develop simple LingPipe 'Significant Phrases'' Demo - Develop simple PHP/MYSQL expense submission tool Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling - develop simple social app Android and iPhone Develop Simple Social Mobile App - develop simple wordpress website. I will not accept revised quotes. Develop simple, custom WordPress plugin for attention box in header - develop site develop site (code only) from framework based on requirements (yii/zend/CodeIgnitr/Django/Symfony/etc) - Develop Site/Webapp in WORDPRESS, C#, .NET SQL Develop Sitemap for website - Develop small module using d3.js Develop small parser to collect data from text - Develop SMS and USSD Gateway Develop SMS and USSD Gateway - Develop Social Media Application Develop social media art work - develop social networking site Develop Social Networking Site (SNS) Responsive Website + App - develop software develop software - Develop software for app Develop software for auto buying from website - develop software for restaurant Develop software for restaurant (Sales and Inventory) - Develop Software Prototype -- 2 Develop Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for App Development - Develop software to generate vector file develop software to make bulk transaction over payment gateway - Develop solution to mask traffic referral Develop some changes to a website - Develop some print ad concepts and ideas Develop some reports on servicedesk systems - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some tabbed content using JQuery UI Develop something like "Taskrabbit" for another industry - Develop Specifications for Pulling Down Exhibits from EDGAR data(repost) Develop Speech Recognition for English Course - Develop standalone frontend to librsvg Develop Standalone Twitter Trend Topic Program - Develop Stores Monitoring software Hydrabad Develop story points in Java - Develop Support Chat App (similar to Develop supporting materials - Develop system similar to Ebay (not so complex) Develop system that allows users to download NNTP (News Server) files and Rapidshare (and similar) files to our server. The user then downloads from our server using HTTP(repost) - Develop taxi apps Develop team work or clients Project Management Software - Develop Template for X-Cart Store Develop templates and maximise use of Zoho CRM on desk top and mobile applications - develop the "Recurring Payment" Robot component Develop the (Order Area) for an E-Commerce with Multiple Vendor - Develop the clone of a script from the demo site in this project Develop the cloning of the Software - Develop the given article title and check its originality develop the habit of reading books - Develop the Phantom Contact Software develop the php/mysql script for - develop the web based game Develop the WEB DESIGN idea and code of our web app like Dribbble - Develop theme in - repost Develop Theme Options Page for Genesis Child Theme - Develop Tool to Monitor Web Page for Updates Develop Tool to scrap real time data from sportsbetting site - Develop Tranzila module for OpenCart Develop Tranzila module for OpenCart. - Develop Twitter Page Develop Twitter Page -- 2 - Develop two single page web sites Develop Two Sister Websites & A Structure for a network of Mini Sites - Develop same web DEVELOP UNIFIED JOINT ANTI TERRORISM DE-CENTRALIZED: STRATERGY FOR MIDDLE EAST - develop URL crawler to identify phone contact numbers Develop US-Brazil Connect Program Management System - Develop VB interface to Virus scanner API Develop app to scrape website & do scrape - Develop Video clip site Develop Video CMS in Wordpess - Develop video player with JW Player Develop Video Plugin for CMS - Develop voice recording task/Asana native iOS/Android mobile app Develop VOICE SMS reseller/ Mobile app for andoid - Develop Watermark Plugin for Wordpress Develop Watsapp Messaging Solution - Develop Web app for school application submissions Develop web app pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript - Develop Web application using .net Develop web application using .net - Develop Web based Lead portal Develop web based Management Console. Must know Python & KODI!!! - Develop web page in Drupal 8 Develop web page mockup and flash header - Develop Web Site Develop web site - Develop web strategy for our clients multi-niche website/blog Develop Web system for my Digital Glances Advertising Network - Develop webapp with Play! framework + integrate FB/G+ etc.. Develop Webcasting Tool For Educators - Develop webpage in html,css,php,mysql