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Create cartoon characters out of real persons - Create cartoons create cartoons - Create Catalog for online use Create Catalog Groups cake php gmaps api - Create Categories as in another site and create icons for these using - Most icons are already done Create categories in BigCommerce - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More(repost) Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More - create central MySQL database Create Ceramic Tile Catalog - Create Character game Create Character Illustration and an Animation - Create chart in illustator from PDF sample create chart of website - firmness info graph - Create chat funtion to exsisting app Create Chat Interpreter - Create checks drafts with embedded MICR fonts using Java and iTextPDF Create cheese Brand logo - Create Children's book character Animation CREATE CHILDREN'S FITNESS POSTER SIMILAR TO ATTACHED POSTER - create Chrome extension Create Chrome Extension - Create CI and Name Card Create CI for VPN Provider - Create class resize image and add logo and text inside Create class resize image and add logo and texte inside - create clean and simple website buttons that match the website Create clean Excel pricelists from data - Create clickable prototype from wireframes Create clickable prototypes based on sketches - Create Clipart style images of peoples pictures Create clipart/vector drawings based on photographs - Create closed caption for 6 videos in a SCC or MCC format Create Closed Polygons on Google Maps from Database and edit / determine if within. - Create CMS + Crawler for IOS application Create CMS 1500 Print Image File - Create CMS website from Static Site Create CMS website incl. Paypal option - CREATE CODE ON JOOLA TO CHANGE PASSWORD FROM LMS AND JOOMLA CORE create code php remote upload sites web video - Create codeigniter Website SQL Column create codes/plugins using java (Jedit) and run it in ImageJ - Create color scheme for logo Create Color Swatch Page - Create Comic // manga Create Comic book - Create Community Website Create Community website with Wordpress Multiuser (WPMU) - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - create company logo and namecard design Create Company Logo and or Header for Fliers - Create Company Profile Create Company Profile - Create company web site Create company webapp and our internal database - Create competitive website to Create compilable Visual Studio project and enhance the Lame encoder/decoder - create complex excel function Create complex form mysql data - Create Computer Version Of Design I Will Send you. Create concept / cartoon of 4 - Create Configurable Product From Simple Products (Magento) create configurable products - Create Consult Limited Create Consult Limited - open to bidding - Create contact form page HTML and PHP Create contact form using cgi/perl - Create contact page and fix mobile look Create contact php form for website - Create content boxes at homepage and install a language at WPML -- 2 Create content boxes at homepage and install a language at WPML -- 3 - Create content for Social create content for Social media and blog - Create content pages using existing master page Create Content Protection JavaScript Similar To Tynt - Create Contributor Accounts in Tech, Business and Marketing Blogs. -- 2 Create Contributor Accounts in Tech, Business and Marketing Blogs. -- 3 - Create copies of landing (A/B testing_Vietnam) Create copies off a working voting function - create cordova/ionic plugin for ios create cordova/ionic plugin for ios -- 2 - Create Corporate Profile (Format: PPT/DOC) Create corporate site - create counter for interspire ecommerce system Create Countertop Quote System In Flash - Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. Should be interactive Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. Should be interactive - open to bidding - Create CPC campaigns (for Google AdWords) in Japanese Create CPT Model - Create Creative Content like Photos,Videos etc for a Brand Create creative funny/sarcasm, deadpool jokes type cartoons/memes/posts and stuff - create cron Backup files to skip Directory Create cron for image import - Create Crosstab Recordset from Normal Recordset create crosswords for wiki using provided software - Create crystal reports report for ordering Create CS4 Illustrator logo file from a PDF - Create css file and fix formatting on Wordpress site Create CSS file for a web site - Create CSS Menu using OpenCube Create CSS ONLY Website - Create css themes for bootstrap based pages and fix mobile grid layout -- 2 Create css themes for buttons - Create CSS3 Button create csutom url for venues and featured hotel box - Create CSV File with Gift Article Database Create CSV file with photos from online pdf catalog for use in shopping cart - Create Cubecart v5 skin Create cupon Simple project - Create custom Android firmware - open to bidding Create custom Android firmware/ re-stack and UI - Create Custom Bot Create Custom Branded Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Webpage - Create Custom Component in Swift Create Custom Components with PowerBI (RScript / TypeScript) - Create Custom Donation form for WordPress Site Create Custom Donation form for WordPress Site - ongoing work - Create custom Facebook share button to share canvas HTML5 as PNG image on Facebook Create Custom Fake video Player with sign Up and Sign in - Create Custom Form Designer application in ASP.NET MVC with MS SQL back-end. Create Custom form for Wordpress site - Create Custom Graphs Create custom gui controls for use in C# program - Create custom images on the fly with custom text Create custom implementation of angular-xeditable and angular-chosen plugins. - Create Custom Joomla Website w/ same Features as current website: to very similar to Create custom Joomla/Community builder addon - Create Custom Magento Modules create custom magento report - Create custom modules for an October cms portal Create custom Moodle Block in PHP: List of items - Create Custom Page in wordpress with specific contents from Database (woocommerce) Create custom pages for cPanel, WHM and Webmail off template - Create custom PHP/jquery app Create custom phpBB theme and setup categories. - Create custom Prestashop module for my website Create custom pricing on Drupal e-commerce site - Create custom respsonsive Joomla component Create custom Restful API Webservice with Laravel for an existing php script - Create custom SHIPPING module for OSCOMMERCE using AJAX/API Create custom shopify form - Create Custom Spreadshirt T-Shirt Shop 2 create custom square posters based on existing design - Create Custom Titles and Ads - Great English a MUST Create Custom Titles and Ads - repost - Create custom website Create custom website - Create Custom Wordpress blog
Create custom wordpress blog - Create custom wordpress premalinks Create Custom WordPress Real Estate Website - create custom wordpress/ whmcs hosting theme with correct text and images Create custom Wordpress/woocommerce page - Create Customer Groups for OpenCart 2.0 & increase MOQ Create customer login database - Create Customize Blog template not to look like a wordpress site Create Customize Blog template not to look like a wordpress site -- 2 - Create customized skin for Captivate 4 Create customized skin for Kodi (XBMC) - Create Cycle Map Using Files create cycler website - Create Dashboard Create dashboard - Create data entry and database tool for business report data Create Data Entry Form (front end entry) for excel spreadsheet - Create Data Lists in excel Create Data Mart with Olap - Create Database Create Database - Create database - Dubai & Abu Dhabi Create Database - open to bidding - create database and then help with Queries Create database application from simple spreadsheet - Create database from existing excel files/ write software Create Database from existing FTP files (Product Information, Photos of old site, etc included) - Create database of Australian Real Estate Agent Contacts Create database of Australian Real Estate Agent Contacts - Repost - Create Database of supermarts worldwide Create database of TV & Film Commercial Production Companies UK - Create Database Website Directory for Churches Create Database with Access | Excel - Create datafeed with indicated fields from EXCEL file create datafeeds for classified sites(repost) - Create Dating website Create dating website. Do not apply unless you read attached description! - Create Deal Aggregator Website! Create Deal Listing Website in Wordpress - Create Delphi function to select tab by URL in Firefox tabbed browser Create Delphi function to select tab by URL in IE7 tabbed browser - Create demo video create demo video - Create Design Create design - Create Design For A Cat Mug Create Design for a Display Unit - Create design for resume & cover letter Create design for rollup banner 85*200 cm - create design only for IT services business Create design or screen-page for a mobile app(non-functional skeleton)-ios and android - Create designs for packaging materials create designs for paper crafts - Create Desktop software that mix 2 videos Create desktop theme for win and mac ASAP - Create Development Plan and Specification for Drupal site Create Development Server on EC2 and Upgrade WordPress, WooCommerce and Plugins - Create diagrams for JAVA application Create Diagrams from Google Maps - Create different format on Advanced Search widget. Create different format on Advanced Search widget. - Create digital image of label on bottle Create digital image of three bags with our labels - Create Diploma for my instructors Create DIPLOMA for my instructors - as qualified instructors - Create Disc Image with AUTORUN for Win and Mac Create disclaimer position for Vid page - Create Django Template and Deploy Application Create django website to run python forms - Create DND Filter in Bulk SMS App Create DNN 7 Skin in Win8 Style - Create document template for publishing reports; includes styles for heading and body text, headers, footers title pages, tables of contents etc. Create document template in Microsoft Publisher - Create DokuWiki theme from provided Wordpress theme Create DokuWiki theme from provided Wordpress theme - Create Dot Net Nuke skin from HTML Create Dot Net Nuke Template from HTML/CSS Template - Create Draft Listings on a new Etsy shop Create Draft Listings on a new Etsy shop - Repost - Create drawings for a microscope slide Create drawings for Children's school shirts and blouses. - Create driver installer Create driver installer -- 2 - Create drual 7 theme from my html based theme Create drual 7 theme from my html based theme - ongoing work - Create Drupal or Wordpress Theme Create Drupal Page - Create Drupal Theme from PSD Create drupal theme from psd - Create Duplicatable store with Woo Commerce Create Duplicate Comparison Shopping Website - create dvd design and artwork create dvd design and artwork -- 2 - Create Dynamic DNS routing Create dynamic drop down menu-submenu for ecommercial site - create dynamic landing page Create dynamic library, which intercepts Windows processes and is fast - Create Dynamic Reports Create Dynamic Reports For Music Site - Create dynamic url rewrite (no page reload) for single page music video playlist app Create Dynamic Video Sitemap Generator and install - create e commerce website Create E Commerce website similar to = transfer 700 woocommerce products - Create E-Commerce Checkout Funnel Plus Integrate Widget/API Create E-Commerce Plattform, input offline files - Create E-learning Videos Create E-learning Videos - Create EA based on 2 indicators and a set of rules Create EA by converting the indicator. - create easy concept image for flyer Create easy database model for webapplication - Create Ebay API Connection to Download Active Listings Data into CSV Format Create Ebay Auction Ad - create ebay listings create ebay listings - Create eBay Store & Listing Template Create eBay Store && Listing Template - Create ebay template from website design Create eBay template to Work from our Opencart Website - Create Ebook Cover / Format Text into Ebook Create Ebook Cover in less then 15 minutes - Create Ebook PDF create eBook PDF with existing content - Create ecommerce for groceries similar to redmart Create Ecommerce for tyres - Create eCommerce website Create ecommerce website - Create EDDM Map Create EDI Bill Of Lading PHP Class - Create Editable PDF Create Editable PDF - create editable spreadsheet and convert to html to achieve result as Create Editable table in Wordpress and feed data to Mailchimp Newsletter - Create Educational Portal on Wordpress Create educational poster - Create eLearning (VILT) courses Create eLearning Course - Create Electronic PDF Forms from Existing Word Forms Create Electronic PullTab Game - Create email accounts create email accounts - Create email autosubmission software for email marketing Create email banner - create email hotmail - repost create email hotmail 2 - Create email lists Create Email Mailing List - Create Email News Letter Template