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Create CI and Name Card - Create Class from VB Code Create class resize image and add logo and text inside - create clean illustrations from existing drawings and images Create clean library from CKeditor + Jquery-File-Upload demo - Create Clickbank Landing Page Create ClickBank Product Verification Script - Create Clipping Mask Create Clipping mask for 248 Images - Create closed caption for 6 videos in a SCC or MCC format Create Closed Polygons on Google Maps from Database and edit / determine if within. - Create CMS and 2 news slide with sections /users/articles Create CMS and deploy the content by javascript - Create CMUSphinx training script -- 2 create CNC file to cut spur gears using laser CNC - Create code snippet in VB.Net 2008 to calculate variables for a power curve trendline/regression curve.. Create Code so that I can upload videos to facebook and they play inline - Create coffee Print and Packaging Designs Create cognito AWS users architecture - Create colored t-shirt jpgs Create coloring book website - Create command to generate Slideshow from list of images with FFMPEG adding filter_complex for effects Create commanding 650 sentences for a mobile phone functions - Create company brochure from template(repost) Create Company Catalog and Marketing Material - Create Company Logo Create company Logo - Create Company Marketing Pieces Create Company Name - Create Company profile in ppt or pdf Create Company Profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest - Create Comparators for MeraWaala.Com Create Compare Page on wordpress - Create complete Time Registration solution Create Complete Website - CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost - Repost CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost - Repost - Create condensed revision notes of AS Psychology Create condition to apply full width (no sidebar) to posts of specific category - Create console application get image from remote URL upload to SharePoint 2010 Library Create Consolidated Plugin (One plugin for all printers) - Create Contact Form and Thumbnail gallery - PHP & Java Script create contact form for html5 site - Create contact list of potential clients - 100 contacts initially Create Contact List on Excel - Create content about Bulk SMS and Internet Digital Marketing Services Create content about development and operations - Create content for my web site and promotional materials Create content for my website - Create content of HTML5 Senior test with 40 questions Create content of JavaScript Senior quiz with 40 questions - Create contractor calendar and payments database Create contractor calendar and payments database -- 2 - Create cool, engaging infographic for teenagers from article Create Coorporate Website with products range (3) - 7 pages - create cordova plugin for android (java) Create Cordova Plugin for Cashlez, STAR mPOP Bluetooth Cash Register + Printer, and Blue Bamboo Bluetooth Printer - Create Corporate Presentation Create Corporate Profile (Format: PPT/DOC) - create counter for interspire ecommerce system Create Countertop Quote System In Flash - Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. Should be interactive - open to bidding Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. Should be interactive.. - create CPT with list category post wordpress Create crafts by hand - Create Creative Content like Photos,Videos etc for a Brand CREATE CREATIVE IQ GAMES, MEMORY & ATTENTION GAMES, and MORE - Create CRON helper/library for CodeIgniter Create CRON JOB for CIM - Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product -- 2 - Create CS:GO server with GunGame mode using TeamViewer Create CSGO Gambling Site - Create CSS for 5 popup widgets Create CSS for 5 popups - urgently needed - Create CSS per lang Create CSS profile pages - Create CSS to match design with HTML. Create CSS to replace lost CSS files for 4 websites - Create csv extraction file from - django, python Create CSV file - Create CSV for Product Upload including gathering HTML Description & Images Create CSV from MySQL - Create Custom Mycred Payment Gateway - ongoing work Create custom "Author" for each WordPress Post - Create custom API using PHP for the Fiverr website Create Custom App on Shopify to Sync 2 Store Inventories - Create custom catagorization engine for stories Create custom Category page template to resemble "home" page layout - Create custom cPanel Theme Create custom cron to fetch and import product into Magento - Create custom EBay theme for shop front and product pages. Create Custom Ecommerce Site - Create custom filters for bigcommerce website Create custom filters for Virtuemart by different fields - Create Custom Gateway (Payoneer Credit Card plugin) for my wordpress woocommerce based website Create Custom Gateway (Payoneer Credit Card plugin) for my wordpress woocommerce based website - Create Custom HTML5 Video Player and Saving Its Statistics in a MySql Database. Create custom icon - create custom interactive pages for a wellness webiste Create custom Invision Power Board theme - Create Custom LIVE Cd Phase 2 Create Custom Load Deny vBulletin 4 Plugin - RBenard - Create custom Members/Administration area, and Freshbook API Create custom menu in Actionscript / Flash - Create custom online form with custom admin panel and CSV Export Create custom online shop - Create custom PHP column/news module for existing website Create Custom PHP database consisting of a few components on joomla 2.5 - Create custom post type for wordpress Create custom post type in wordpress - Create Custom Reporting VBScript Create custom reporting with PDF download - Create custom search form in WP create custom search function - Create custom SHIPPING module for OSCOMMERCE using AJAX/API