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create an icon. - Create an IFTTT Syndication network - complete instructions (and video) provided Create an IJVM(JAS) program iabs(x) that takes absolute value of x - Create an Illustration of me & my boyfriend for a christmas card Create an Illustration of me & my girlfriend to put in a portrait - Create an Image Create an Image - Create an image for October Breast Awareness Month Create an image for photochromic glasses promotion. - Create an image to represent a publisher create an image upload page and database - create an indesign document from a word file create an indesign document from a word file - ongoing work - Repost - Create an Infographic Create an Infographic - Create an infographic from statistics Create an infographic including background graphic and icons for our fertiliser company - Create an information pack Create an Information Product - Create an instagram account Create an Instagram account and get followers. - Create an Installer (just need InstallShield) Create an installer - Easy - Experience only - create an instructional video Create an Instructional Video - Create an interactive 3D product showcase Create an interactive animated logo for a website - Create an interactive Image Map with appealing and creative design. Create an interactive job market place where candidates are ranked by employers needs - Create an interactive smartwatch face from my website Create an interactive Snake Game using Flash and ActionScript 3.0 - Create an interface that can retrieve and add to a MySQL database, and an additional interface that shows matches for the algorithm based on the users input. Create an interface UI/UX for interactive detective iOS mobile game - Create an Intro Create an intro - create an intro for YouTube channel Create an intro I can use for videos and fix our You Tube Page - Create an intro video/animation for match3 and cog game Create an Intro/Advertising Video for a Software Product - Create an intuitive Plant Health Care field report Create an intuitive Plant Health Care field report -- 2 - Create an Ionic 2 Application Create an IONIC app as a Mobile Web, on IOS and Android - Create an iOS and Android step counter app that synchronizes app data to a central SQL database Create an IOS and Google App - Create an IOS application Create an IOS Application -- 2 - Create an iOS, Android application Create an iOS, Android, Windows Phone application - Create an ipad/iphone app and android app for my website and submit it to Appstore and GooglePlay market Create an iPad/iPhone template from existing website (PSD file) - Create an iPhone and Android application Create an iphone and android application - Create an iPhone app Create an iPhone app - Create an Iphone App for Pizza Online Order Create an Iphone app from my Android app - Create an iPhone application Create an iPhone application - Create an iPhone application for an Existing Android App create an iPhone application for app store. - create an iphone game Create an iPhone game - Create an iPhone/Android Game Application Create an Iphone/Android app - Create an isometric illustrations system Create an isometric view of pages on iPad - Create an list on every business in Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex Create an little php script (project for Vamir) - Create an logo/image to lead the brand identity of an (internal) Business Architecture Practice Create an LVM and Help me Configure IP Block On solusvm - Create an mobile app that enables a moderator at a centralized location to ask questions and receive answers from subscribers to the app, creating a " mobile" focus study Create an Mobile Application - Create an MS Access query in a database that will be used as an eBay FileExchange Data Feed Create an MS Access Switchboard that lets user select Area->Equip->Print Form - Create an new Pagetype in an existing WP Theme Create an new side menu & featured/bestseller section - Create an offline data entry form Create an offline map from a WMS source - Create an online article writing platform Create an Online Assessment with a Series of Questions - Create an Online Card Game, Coding create an online cart for password protected pages of my site - Create an Online Database Create an online database - create an online form create an online form - Create an online Job Application Webpage Create an online Landing Page that is Mobile Friendly - Create an Online Ordering System (Similar to Dominos) Create an online ordering system for food shops - Create an online restaurant directory Create an online restaurant table booking system - Create an Online Store Create an Online Store - Create an online store for a startup sunscreen brand Create an online store for an existing website - Create an online system to upload/edit pictures to a DB Create an online tax questionnaire - Create an online Website and future App Create an online website for data entry and tabulation - create an opencart plugin create an opencart plugin -- 2 - create an operational budget plan for a company Create an Opt in Bar in Header for existing wordpress site. - Create an Order form for Wordpress Create an order form in Pages for Mac - Create an original small soundtrack for videos about Tennis Create an original sock design based on Nike Lebron Everglades Shoes - Create an outstanding logo for my online store Create an OUTSTANDING professional video to Promote our Product or Website - Create an Product Introduction Animation Create an professional hand drawing Animation - Create an RSA like animation for me. Create an RSA Style Teaser and 5 Minute Videos - Create an SEO software Create An SEO Software that Does Local Directory Submission - Create an Sinple ASP.NET MVC 4 application in Visual Studio 2012 Create an Skill Animation - Create an SQL Server stored procedure Create an SQL table - Create an TV ad create an tv show database (like IMDB) for my oxwall powered website - Create an Unity 3D Game Create an Unity animation from an existing project and add few features - Create an user interface in .NET Winforms 2 Create an utillity app for iphone - Create an VM image (VHD) to replicate one VM machine Create an vtiger 5.4 app for smartphones - Create an Whiteboard Animation Create an whiteboard Animation - Create an XML file to build repetitive PHP pages Create an XML file to upload to server for RSS Feed - Create Anchor Tags with Horizontal Menu to a Template Create and Install Outlook Email Template - Create and Adsense Website Create and Advanced iOS Application - Create and Apply CSS on my ASP.NET website Create and apply menu buttons for joomla web - Create and build website for manufacturing company for window covering system and folding door -- 2 Create and Buildd an Amazon Online Store - Create and configure your own EC2 instance with Tomcat server Create and connect form Payment for membership for non England Users - create and design 3 contact form page Create and design a Bank check/cheque - Create and design a Speed controll app Create and Design a TCPDF PDF file for Website - create and design an iOS and android application
create and design an iOS and android application & website - Create and design label for a shampoo packaging Create and Design Large Poster from Exisiitng Graphics - Create and Design website http://www.myspa2go.com Create and Design website targeted at high schoolers - Create and EA for MT4 Create and Easy html Email Template - Create and Edit Software Profiles Create and Edit Videos in Adobe Premier - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 - Repost - open to bidding Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 - Repost - open to bidding -- 2 - Create and handle online presence of a food statup in India Create and handle online presence of a food statup in India -- 2 - Create and implement Cam4 features to existing website Create and Implement Combined Products Shipping Option in WooCommerce - Create and insert subtitles in a small movie. create and insert tables, erd - Create and Install for me a Safelist Network Create and install google merchant feed - Create and Integrate a "References - upload center". Create and integrate a contact page creator into wordpress core. Criar e integrar um criador de página de contato no núcleo do wordpress. - Create and integrate wordpress plugins Create and intergrate a custom API - Create and Maintain a website for a year. Create and maintain altcoin (cryptocurrency) - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Various Platforms (including monthly services and reporting) Create and Manage a PPC Campaign for Clients - Create and manage ads on google display network Create and manage ADWord Campaign - Create and manage Google Adwords Pay-Per Click Campaign. Keywords research - open to bidding Create and manage Google Adwords PPC campaign - Create and manage SEM campaign + Facebook ads Create and manage server - Create and Modify Module for Joomla! Create and modify one logotype - two versions - Create and post 1000 HTML related form posts create and post 30+ Coupon Codes to country coupon sites - Create and promote small videos Create and Promote Web Site Through Various Methods. - Create and Publish iPhone/iPod Wallpapers (Ongoing Project) Create and publish professional websites with adobe muse - Create and run SeNukeX Campaigns Create and Run Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns on Kickstarter and indiegogo - create and setup 3 pages on my site NOW Create and setup a Facebook page for my company - Create and Submit a Wikipedia page Create and Submit a Wikipedia page - Create and update packing design with ue of a step-by-ste guide -- 4 Create and update packing design with use of a step-by-step guide - Create and upload repair site Create and upload simple splash page for a website - Create and/or Translate Advertisements to Chinese! Create andoid application - Create Android and iOS app as a Dawah Assistant contact management tool Create Android and iOS App for Magento eCommerce Website - Create Android App Create Android App - create android app Create android app - create android app for posting articles like news create android app for real estate agent (customized) - Create Android app to take photos, add and create product in Prestashop website through Prestashop web-service - ongoing work create android app to track incoming sms - Create Android application Create Android application - Create android apps for unicode input keypad for single language Create android apps from existing website - Create Android Game Create Android Game - Create Android Layouts Create android layouts from psd - Create Android Strategy Game Create Android Studio Layout xml form my design - Create Android, Iphone and Ipad app Create Android,Iphone and Nokia SIP soft phone with G729 codec support. - Create animal cartoon characters (110 animals) Create animal illustrations for a game - Create animated branding video for company Create animated butterflies, fun project - Create animated gif create animated GIF - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 24 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 25 - create animated headlines Create animated homepage overlay - Create Animated Pose with rig supplied. Create animated preloader for web - Create animated video Create animated video - Create Animated Web Video - Explainer video Create Animated Web Video - Explainer video - Create Animation - 23/08/2016 02:29 EDT create animation -- 2 - Create Animation for Corporate Explainer Video Create animation for device - Create Animation from storyboard 30 seconds create animation icon and add it to a page - Create animation related to eye care. Create animation slides - Create Animation video for Product Demo Create Animation video for Product Demo - repost - Create animations for a 3D rigged model for unreal engine 4 Create animations for a fully rigged game character - Create Animoto Similar Web Application Create Anki Flash Cards From Course Resources - Create another product page on my website with 6 new products Create another promo Video - Create any Simple Game in C Sharp // TO be Done ASAP Create any software with perfect report - create API between Fruugo & Channeladvisor create API between Fruugo & Channeladvisor - Create api for the nearest place events on mobile Create API for Woocommerce (Wordpress) for inserting products in DB - Create API to Import and Export Custom Fields in BigCommerce Create API to script existing trading application - Create app Create app - Create App demo video create App Demo video - Create App for iOS and Android Magento website Create APP for iOS/Android - Create App from a picture book insert Mobile ad Code Create app from Filemaker file - Create app logo in multiple DPI's and create name Create app mock up smooth animations - Create App that works on all devices Create App to Activate and Deactivate Phone calls, Sms, Vibration, Silence with a button and messages. - Create app with Phonegap from HTML and replace cookie function Create App with Soundcloud API - Create application for both android and iphone to access local wifi Create application for connect to mt4 server - Create application prototype Create application similar to megabot.info - Create Appointment booking app ios & Android with backend admin create appointment into someone elses shared calendar in exchange server from access - create arabic logo photoshop Create Arabic Phonetics - Create Architectural Models that are 3D Printable Create Architectural Photorealistic Renderings of Pool Deck and Terrace from 3D file - Create art assets for my game Create Art book from kids drawings - Create article spinner plugin for joomla feedgater Create Article Spinning Software - Create artist signature Create artist view for my music player - create artwork for website Create artwork in postcard format on March 8. - Create Ascara - Webshop