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Create a 5-7 minute music video montage with my pictures and video clips - Create a 6 step registration page Create a 6-10 min vlog (video editing) - Create a 60s Video Create a 60sec Animation for 5$ and a 5star Review on good Work - Create a 8sec Youtube Intro Create a 9 Page Wordpress Theme from PDF - Create a \\\"How to\\\" Video for Bluetooth products create a \\\\\\\"Rated People\\\\\\\" type website - create a acrobat form Create a Acrobat Form with embedded Javascript. - Create a Adobe After Effects Plug-in Create a Ads Videos - Create a advertisement picture that will be used to be sent through email to past clients. create a advertisement platform website - Create a AJAX/JAVA/JAVASCRIPT/SOCKET/JQUERY basic chat INCLUDING GIVEN FILES Create a AlertPay Ad profit Share Script - Create a Android and IOS launcher for Website url Create a Android and Ios smartphone game - Create a android web crawler Create a android/ios app - Create a animated or non animated video For total travel technology solution company Create a animated or non animated video For total travel technology solution company - Create a Animated Video for our website Create a animated video for Website company - Create a Animation Video Create a animation video - create a App create a app - open to bidding - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a app for solely demo purpose Create A APP fro website. - Create A Application in MS-Access & VB Create a application to convert excel information into datab - Create a Asynchronous loading Website create a atomic usecase and prototype for the system - create a autoplay script for game Create a awesome Video - Create a backend control panel for galleries creation (images/video) Create a backend database for my eShop - Create a background Video for our Website (HTML5) Create a backgrounf for my website - Create a bank module for Prestashop Create a bank resume website - Create a Banner create a banner 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall - Create a banner for a blog create a banner for a website - create a banner with embedded audio Create a banner with the specifications provided with images provided for Amazon Direct Video - Create a basic after effects video Create a Basic Android app - Create a basic educational website Create a basic facebook type social website - create a basic mobile application Create a basic mobile responsive myBB theme - Create a BASIC web canvas game using Google Dart Create a basic Web page form - Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 - Create a BEAUTIFUL Line Chart -- Excel attached Create a Beautiful Marketing Presentation for my company - Create a beginners C++ Course Create a benchmark for comparing the performance of three open source web servers; JBoss, Tomcat, and Glassfish - Create a Bibliography and format in-text citations for Textbook Create a bibliography APA reference style - Create a Bill of Landing Create a Billboard Advertising Concept (Campaign) - Create a bitcoin payment page in wordpress Create a bitcoin ponzi website - Create a Blog Create a Blog - create a blog - repost Create a blog - wordpress - Create a Blog for our Website powered by WordPress create a blog for us - create a blog page for my websitesshnnu Create a blog page on wordpress - Create a blog whic will be self hosted create a blog which generates 5-10$ a day - Create a blogger template Create a Blogger Template - create a book convert PSD to INDD with excel tables Create A Book Cover - Create a booking platform Create a booking plattform for adventure trips based on WP or Joomla - Create a bootstrap Create a Bootstrap 3 template based on existing layout - Create a Bootstrap Theme for an Existing Website Create a Bootstrap Wordpress Design From an Existing Html Template [Hotel Website] - Create a bot for MaddenMobile NFL -- 2 Create a bot for MaddenMobile15 - Create a Bot to Copy data from Ebay and past on another auctions website Create a Bot to Copy data from Ebay and past on another auctions website - Create a box design for a product Create a box design for our product - Create a Brand Logo Create a Brand Logo - Create a brand report in the format of spreadsheet/booklet Create a brand video - Create a brochure Create a brochure - Create a brochure in PDF format - repost Create a brochure including vectoring images - create a btinternet and comcast email adress for me create a btree, sort the numbers and search the desire value - Create a Bulk SMS Gateway (Complete with Reseller and Sub Accounts Features) Create a bulk sms script - create a business card create a business card - Create a business directory on Weebly Create a Business Directory Web like - Create a business name Create a Business Name & Slogan - Create a business PowerPoint presentation Create a Business Presentation in Flash - Create a Button create a button - Create a C program in Atmel Studio 7 for Mega256 to control digital I/O and a SIM900 Create a C program similar to "Files Option" in linux - Create a C# using libnfc CREATE A C# WEB INSTALLER--- that grabs user's machine info (IP, MAC, HDD SN) during registration and then ensures LOGIN from that same registered machine. - Create a cad drawing for a oil and gas service company Create a CAD drawing to in DXF form suitable for CNC laser cutting - Create a calendar filter for Wordpress site create a calendar module for joomla - create a canvas image editor Create a cap mockup - Create a cardgame app Create a Cardvisit - Create a cartoon animation Create a Cartoon Animation ( app 2 min video) - Create a Cartoon Image create a cartoon image - Create a Cartoon video Background Create a Cartoon Video Explainer Video - Create a catalog create a catalog - Create a category tree for a huge fashion magazine, thinking about sub categories, and sub_sub.. Create a cathing text - Create a certificate for our company Create a certificate generator for my website - Create a character sheet example. create a character that would represent my brand - Create a Chat Bot
create a chat bot! - Create a checkout type liek this Create a cheerful Christmas song with radio hit potential - Create a child theme from purchased Wordpress template Create a child theme in wordpress - Create a Christmas Card - 12/08/2016 00:48 EDT Create a Christmas Card1 - Create a chrome extension that change a url onload Create a Chrome Extension that Copies Selected Text - Create a city illustration Create a City Map - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid2 Create a class for Visual Composer to stretch content in row - Create a classified website with advanced function Create a classified website with advanced function. - Create a clean vector file from raster file (.PNG) Create a clean version of a song - Create a Clickbank Ready to Sell Website Create A ClickBank Sales Page - create a clone of a neural network Create a clone of a site - Create a Clone of Create a clone of website - create a CMS Create a CMS - Create a CMS with same theme as the static sample provided Create a CMYK Prepress Color Proof - create a code to solve the problem of delay differential equatioe create a code using JS, RaphaelJS - Create a color in page Create a Color Mock up from a wireframe for a website - Create a coming soon page for wordpress create a coming soon page with a email form - Create a Commercial Wordpress Template with Framework Create a commercial/profesional dating/social networking script - Create a company description video Create a Company email signature in HTML that can be uploaded to Apple Mail... - Create a company logo -- 2 Create a Company logo 2 - Create a Company Promo (Animation) Create a Company Promotional Video for Web Home Page - Create a Comparison Code for a website Create a comparison for large australian online car insurance. - Create a complete HTML website Create a complete IOS communications App. - Create a complex web based content-intensive database driven application Create a complex website - Create a concept intro video Create a Concept Map of a Subject - Create a connection between Woocommerce and a SMS/GPS Printer Create a ConnectionString in web.config to SQL server - Create a contact form Create a contact form - open to bidding - create a Contact us page and tidy up website Create a contact us page and upload it to my webhosting company - Create a Contest/poll between friends create a contract or schedule - Create a Cool Form Create a cool InDesign Flowchart concept, embed in InDesign brochure, and make few minor edit to InDesign brochure - Create a copy of a Wordpress Theme Create a copy of an Android App from the source - Create a copy of the form for orders creation create a copy of the website - Create a corpoarte company profile (PDF) Create a corpoarte company profile (PDF) - repost - Create a Corporate Logo Introduction with Dramatic Jingle Create a Corporate picture about our computer - Create a corporate website template Create a corporate website. Email system. Job applications. - Create a couple of two page product brochures. Create a couple of Wordpress widget - Create a cover create a cover - Create a CPA website. Create a CPA website. - repost - create a creative login and register form for a website Create a creative logo for an agency named "KnacK Lab" - Create a crmls website Create a cRobot for cTrader from a Metatrader Software - Create a cross platform music streaming site Create a Cross Platform slot machine game with an island theme and launch - Create a Crowdfunding Website Create a crowdfunding website for charities in Hong Kong - Create a CSGO Betting Website - Coinflip and Jackpot System Create a Csgo betting website with trading bots included - Create a CSR for a UCC SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy and install it in my Acquia cloud hosting Create a CSR for a UCC SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy and install it in my Acquia cloud hosting -- 2 - Create a CSS Template from Current Website Create a CSS/HTML custom theme for us - Create a CURL multipart/form-data request create a curl script to log in best buy webiste PHP - Create a custom animated explainer video with custom animated logos, images and motion text Create a custom animated flash slideshow - Create a custom browser / desktop application Create a Custom Build CMS for a Site - Create a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on a Sharepoint site Create a custom CRM for my Home-Care company - Create a Custom eCommerce website in Magento 2 - Jewellery Website Create a custom email programme for VM - Create a custom FLV player to embed youtube videos on our site Create a custom flyer/handout (rck) - Create a Custom Graphic Wordpress Website based on Template Create a Custom Homepage for my Wordpress site - Create a custom keyboard using swift Create A custom Landing Page - create a custom micros push button sheet with mutipul tabs and functions Create A Custom Minecraft Launcher - Create a custom page for wordpress Create a custom page in wordpress - Create a Custom Plugin for Wordpress Create a custom plugin that integrates with wp-invoice - Create a custom quote form in Magento which sends to site owner to create invoice Create a Custom Real Estate Website - Create a custom site Create a custom Slide Drawer in an existing application - Create a custom ticketing system using Laravel5 Create a custom tile layer for University campus map - Create a Custom Website Create a custom website for a freelancing website for local service providers (askers and taskers) - Create a Custom WordPress Plugin Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create a custom Wordpress template Create a custom wordpress template - create a custom wordpress theme for events site Create a custom wordpress theme for Helpdesk portal - Create a customer attribute field - Updated Create a customer case study video (with client interview) - Create a customised field in SugarCRM (php mysql) Create a customised Google Map - Create a customized Excel Workbook to manage a global reseller network Create a customized flow using Llamalab Automate - Create a customized Wordpress Template Create a customized wordpress template - Create a Czech wordlist by visiting web sites Create a D3 chart from the data supplied - Create a dashboard Create a dashboard - Create a data collection website for mining company -- 2 Create a data driven GUI animation - Create a database Create a database - create a database and website login for vpn create a database and write queries - Create a Database from 22 Data Sources Create a database from an MS Excel pivot table - Create a database of clues and hints that are related to one specific word