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Control&Quit Smoking - Controle condominio Controle Consultorio - Controle Games Panel Controle na Solicitacao de Reservas de Salas de Reuniao - Controlled animation project Controlled Auction Site - Controller design Controller Design Board - controller.php and mod_rewrite file Controlling quadcopter with an Adaptive Fuzzy PID controller - Controlling multiple steppers Controlling my back end - controls and system Controls class - CONTRUCCION DE SITIOS BASADOS EN WORDPRESS Contruct 2 Event Programming: Checkers Game - Conustruction technology - quantiative surveying CONUTRY MANAGER - SPAIN - Convention Centre Convention Centre - Conver a Script to Wordpress Website.. Conver a site to Wordpress - Conver html5 to Dotnetnuke skin Conver indicator to MT4 build 600+ - Conver PNG to PSD Conver PSD + JPG to HTML + CSS - conver windows driver to work in Linux / Ubuntu / Pi Raspberri Conver WIX website to HTML version - Converion from vb6 to Converion of mySQL results to PDF - Conversation a upload function from Java to VB.NET Conversation a upload function from Java to VB.NET - open to bidding - conversation with english Conversation with English native speaker on skype - Conversión de ejecutable a código fuente Conversión de 3 videos a FLASH - Conversion Conversion - Conversion Conversion to the Highcharts/Highstock - Conversion Analysis Conversion analysis reporting - conversion client 4463 CONVERSION code - Conversion data form word file Conversion data form word file - Conversion for PSD to HTML Conversion format of csv - Conversion from CSV/XLS -> Accounting Software Conversion from Debian to CentOS with Plesk - Conversion from logo to icon files Conversion From MAC Code to QT (Meego and Windows) - Conversion from PSD to desktop application - open to bidding conversion from PSD to HTML/CSS - conversion html5 into epub3 Conversion images - CONVERSION OF ESIGNAL EFS TO AMIBROKER AFL CONVERSION OF ESIGNAL EFS TO AMIBROKER AFL - Conversion of 2 FLASH movies to HTML5 Conversion of 2 FLASH movies to HTML5(repost) - Conversion of a 'CMS Made Simple' static template to a CMSMS responsive template/theme. Conversion of a 11000 MS word file to .mobi and .equp formats - Conversion of a large 2D conveyor layout into ACAD 3D Conversion of a large 2D conveyor layout into ACAD 3D - Conversion of a Word or Picture to XSL-FO Conversion of a WPF project to Silverlight 4 - Conversion of an Excel Sheet into HTML Table Conversion of an existing HTML Page into a Wordpress-Template - Conversion of ASP Code into JSP Code Conversion of ASP code into PHP - Conversion of California Judicial Forms Conversion of CFM site to ASP - conversion of data to import into website Conversion of Databases from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 - Conversion of Excel programme to IPhone App Conversion of Excel Protected Sheet - Conversion of files form Ninjatrader .cs to Metatrader .mql4 Conversion of files from Allegro to Altium - Conversion of game client to Mobile Devices Conversion of geotechnical defect point data into planes for import into Autocad Civil 3D - Conversion of HTML to PHP + Secure Payment conversion of html to wordpress - Conversion of joomla to wordpress Conversion of Joomla Website into Concrete 5 - Conversion of Matlab code to Fortran Conversion of Matlab code to Fortran - Conversion of odoo 7 reports module to odoo 8 compatibility Conversion of old snitz forum to phpbb - Conversion of Pdf files into Word files Conversion of PDF Forms to Adobe Livecycle Forms - Conversion of PHP based application to JSP platform Conversion of PHP encryption script to ASP - conversion of PSD to CSS with 17 pages conversion of PSD to CSS with 20 pages - Conversion of Quark Express to Adobe Conversion of Quickfile closed year to Xero - Conversion of site, SEO optimization for Conversion of sketches to Drawings - conversion of text to Images Conversion of texts in list of files, crystalgrafix only. - Conversion of vb6 application Conversion of VB6 code to C sharp - Conversion of website to Drupal Conversion of website to Wordpress - Conversion of Zencart theme to HTML5 - repost Conversion of ~5,000 plans in SEE Electrical CAD software - Conversion PNG (fireworks) to HTML5 / RWD CONVERSION PRESTASHOP TEMPLATE TO 1.4 VERSION - Conversion Qbasic to windows program Conversion Qbasic XOR in VB 6.0 program - Conversion Rate Optimization Expert to Boost eBook Sales Conversion Rate Optimization for a Mortgage Application on a Real Estate Website - Conversion Software Image to Text. Conversion Software Image to Text. - Conversion to Excel Conversion to Excel - Conversion to Responsive HTML5 Page Conversion to Sharepoint 7.0 - conversion tracker integration Conversion Tracking - Conversion to java Conversion Video - Conversione app da Android ad ios per iPhone: SocialParking Conversione da csv a xml avanzato - Conversiton to HTML - from EPS/AI and JPG - 2 PAGES Converson Google API from .NET 3.5 to ASP.NET 1.1 - Convert .eps to .pdf(repost) Convert .exe file to .vbs + features + ( there is an example ) - Convert Amazon ECS 3.0 script to ECS 4 -: (PHP) Convert Amibroker script to Delphi - convert EXQ to MQ4 Convert file types - Convert MS Excel spreadsheet to VB , C++ or other suggestions Convert MS Word to editable PDF - Convert photoshop to wordpress template convert php to htm on the fly - Convert PSD's to responsive html/css Convert Quark or PDF file to Current InDesign Format. - Convert Text files to Excel Template Convert this to Talent TV commercia Ads - Convert XSL-driven ASP.NET for cross-browser compatibility Convert Youtube Video to MP3 - Convert & Seperate PDF into HTML - Repost - open to bidding - repost Convert & Transcribe PDF formats - Convert (15) PDFs to a CSV with proper field names and values. PDF's are inside. Convert (2) .DBM files to text delimited files for import to Access - convert (PDF to Excel Data Entry) convert (PDF to Excel Data Entry) - convert , change some few logo images (10) images in to vector format
Convert , Upload & Post! - Convert .Ai page to responsive 1 page site Convert .Ai to PowerPoint - convert .bat file to a .jre file Convert .BBB file to .CSV - Convert .CSV product file to Magento .CSV import file Convert .CSV Rows into MD5 Passwords (Quick Turn-Around) - Convert .Docx to LaTex + Graphic Design Convert .docx to Zoho - Convert .eps to .svg convert .Epub to Smashwords .doc version - Convert .fnm files to .cvs or excel format Convert .gif and jpg images to photoshop - Convert .jpg files to HTML / CSS Convert .JPG Form to .PSD Form - Convert .mdb to .exe Convert .mdb to mysql, update form handling scripts in php, sql server - Convert .NET c# form to Mono on Mac OSX Convert .NET CF 3.5 app to PocketPC 3 - Convert .PCD photo's to .JPG and .PNG Convert .pcxm extension files to excel and also convert mutliple image file (jpg) to Excel - Convert .pdf to .rtf file Convert .pdf to EXCEL - Convert .png or .psd file to .dst format Convert .png or .psd file to .dst format - Convert .psd file to html and Css Convert .psd files into bootstrap and responsive HTML template (6 pages) - Convert .psd to .html (only 2 simple pages) Convert .psd to .html/.css - Convert .psd to Webpage Convert .PSD to Wordpress - Convert .sketch on MAC to PSD files Convert .so file to source code - Convert .swf/.fla web page to html5 Convert .tdb file to excel file - Convert .yaqut format to epub Convert / add responsive page to my site - Convert 1 doc to HTML with PHP function Convert 1 Dynamic Php Page into div based xhtml - Convert 1 Page Bootstrap Template v2 To v3 Convert 1 Page CSS Site, to Magento - Convert 1 page PSD to HMTL 5, CSS, CMS full responsive site. - repost Convert 1 Page PSD to HTML - Convert 1 Powerpoint slide to Adobe Illustrator Convert 1 PSD Document to Responsive CSS/HTML (Max bid $25) - Convert 1 web page to HTML - Repost - Otwarte dla ofert! convert 1 web site to offline web site - Convert 10 Lines of PHP code To ASP Convert 10 lines of python code to - Convert 10 small 16 x 16 icons to SVG Convert 10 Word Articles to PHP - convert 100lines of java to pseudocode Convert 103 lines of Easylanguage (Multicharts) to C# (Ninja) - Convert 122 page PDF document to Word and format as free flowing text Convert 123laekpatroner to wordpress site - Convert 15 years ARM code to Cortex M Convert 150 Freehand files to 650 jpg photos - Convert 19 Image Files to AutoCAD Convert 19 Image Files to AutoCAD - Convert 2 Android libraries into Eclipse projects Convert 2 ASP forms to Joomla modules - Convert 2 Ebooks from pdf-file to Amazon Kindle-format (mobi-file) convert 2 english.php file into 8 other languages - Convert 2 HTML pages to ASPX CMS Templates Convert 2 html pages to wordpress pages - Convert 2 JPEG images to AI Files Convert 2 jpeg into high res png logo with transparent background - Convert 2 Normal Form to 3Normal Form And BCNF Convert 2 of my wordpress pages into static HTML - Convert 2 PDF pages in to a Word.doc file that we can easily edit. (need fast delivery) Convert 2 PDF price sheets to excel, extract pricing from website, - Convert 2 PSD Page Designs into HTML using CSS for website Convert 2 psd page to wordpress ASAP - Convert 2 PSDs to HTML with CSS Convert 2 PSDs to HTML-jquery or mootools for the transition - Convert 2 small JPG Image to responsive HTML CSS convert 2 small php files to asp. - Convert 2 websites using Dreamweaver ( convert from Microsoft Frontpage) Convert 2 Word Doc's to PDF - Convert 20 lines of PHP TO ASP.NET Convert 20 Logo JPG to PSD - Convert 21 Page Powerpoint to Flash Convert 21 Pages from PSD to CSS - CONVERT 28 PDF TO EXCEL Convert 29 Images to Art - Convert 2D drawing into 3D model Convert 2D drawing into 3D model - Convert 2d drawings to 3D in Catia V5 r18 or higher Convert 2d drawings to 3D in Catia V5 r18 or higher - Convert 2D Files ( e.g. Corel Draw, AutoCad, AI ) into 3D Object convert 2d files in 3d solid work files - Convert 2D Logo to 3D Convert 2D logo to 3D - Convert 2d to a wireframe Convert 2D to Professional 3D Image - Convert 3 excel calculators to online (wordpress) Convert 3 existing webpages into responsive webdesign - Convert 3 mq4 indicators to format ForexTester Convert 3 Oscommerce Files to table-less CSS - Convert 3 psd files into html/css (urgent ) Convert 3 PSD files into mobile HTML/CSS iPad screens - Convert 3 simple sketches to vector images Convert 3 simple sketches to vector images. - Convert 30 min audio onto website Convert 30 PDF Files to Adobe InDesign Files - Convert 35 AI files to SVG (see description) convert 35 docx files into android e-forms - Convert 3D interior to unity with basic controls Convert 3D Interior to virtual OculusVR tour - Convert 3D Perspectives into 2D Architectural Layouts Convert 3D Player Model from (Milkshape / 3DS / Maya) to Quake 3 (MD3) - Convert 3DSMax scene to Unreal. For Lyova03 Convert 3Dsmax Vray 3.0 to Maya Mental Ray - Convert 4 Page PDF document to 4 Page Word documents Convert 4 Page PDF document to 4 Page Word documents - repost - Convert 4 PDF files to Editable DOC files Convert 4 PDF pages to HTML - Convert 4 PSDs to responsive html/js/css (VG) Convert 4 quite similar content pages to css and html - Convert 4000 PDF's into MySql database Convert 41 pages from quark to indesign - Convert 5 HTML static pages into Wordpress with CMS Convert 5 jpg images to 3D .obj - Convert 5 pages of hand sketches to 2D .dwg CAD drawing convert 5 pages of psd to html 5 php css - convert 5 psd's to html css jquery Convert 5 psd's to html/css with bootstrap - Convert 50 page PDF into Excel Doc Convert 50 page website to Modx CMS - convert 6 EBOOK doc files to pdf Convert 6 EPS banners into flash - Convert 6 rigged blender characters to 6 rigged Maya 2016 and 2015 files Convert 6 second MP4 of logo into powerpoint animated slide - Convert 7 books to audio in English convert 7 corel draw files to layered PSDS - Convert 701 AutoCAD (dwg) files to PDFs - Repost Convert 701 AutoCAD (dwg) files to PDFs - Repost - open to bidding - convert 8 psd into responsive HTML Convert 8 PSDs to XHTML - Convert 90% php and 10% asp template to 100% php Convert 90+ Word Docs to HTML - Convert a ''Flash'' menu to html or javascript Convert a 'chroma key green background' to white #ffffff, colour balance and create smooth transitions - Convert a .net mvc application to php Convert a .NET MVC project to a .NET Web Forms project - Convert a .stl (or .obj) file to an IGES (.IGS) file Convert a .STL/.max file made in polyface mesh to Nurbs solid format - Convert a 1 Page PSD to HTML5/CSS