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Coding a ecommerce site Coding a feature Coding a feature for a my Wordpress plugin. Coding a feature for an existing PHP image host coding a Fibonnaci Time indicator for Trading the stock market Coding a Form for a WordPress website Coding a full website like coding a function-cropping uploaded image to a circle Coding a Game - Coding a Game Like Clash of Clans ,, IOS & Android - Unity Coding a Gaming Cheat for CS 1.6 coding a gaming league Coding a Google Extension Coding a graphics a design into a WP-theme coding a hearing test for a website Coding a Hidden Object Game Coding a holiday search box that utlises affiliate feeds
coding a intraday and positional strategy on amibroker Coding a Javascript for pulling out data from Raw Data supplier via API and submit to our DB for further processing Coding a javascript/GeoJSon based feature on a website coding a joomla/clipshare component Coding a Jquery / Javascript article in Jhoomla site Coding a Landing Page (PHP, HTML) - SEO Optimized Coding a landing page picture into Html for a wordpress site index page Coding a mini-site coding a Mockups Coding A Mortgage Calculator For Specific Niche Rental Properties (probably php/css/html will be the main tools) coding a navigation tool in a questionaire coding a new protocol in VANET by ns2 coding a new website structure that is dynamic and upgreadeable like a blog Coding a number to an image and decoding of it Coding a number to an image and decoding of it Coding a page Coding a Performance tracking system.