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CREATE/DEPLOY WINDOWS SERVER 2008 Create/describe SSH communication protocol between Microwave wireless antenna and Android based interface/display module. create/design two responsive pages Create/design 2 multi-player online playing card game for my website. Create/Design 3 Logo's Create/Design a 2D illustration explanatory short video + Script writing Create/Design a 2D illustration explanatory short video + Script writing -- 2 Create/design a Brochure Create/Design A Classifieds Section for a website Create/Design a company Logo create/design a database for peer to peer website Create/Design a PhotoShop Background Image for a Website Create/Design A Professional Powerpoint Presentation Create/Design a simple online calculator (XLS with formulae supplied) Create/design a virtual online world! Create/design a wallpaper create/design a website
Create/Design a website using Wordpress Create/Design a website using Wordpress -- 2 Create/design a well-written/good-looking sales letter for one of my e-mail marketing campaigns Create/Design Front Page Image and Logo Create/design html for landing pages Create/Design landing pages; Crear/Disenar paginas de aterrizaje; Create/Design logo and banner for my website Create/Design Quote Form Create/Design Realistic Formula Create/Design Restaurant logo Create/Design Restaurant logo create/design schematics for a new smartphone Create/design shopping online web page create/design social media icons and 6 web buttons Create/design Web Page from Powerpoint Create/Design Website Create/design website