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Create sales projections and charts with existing data - Create Same Excel Sheet Template as attached Create same feature and use from - Create Sample Dashboards for Financial banking Create sample EP Basic file with attributes for CRE v6.2 Standard - Create SAN in the server Create Sandbox environment of live website - Create School Website Graphics Create school website on wordpress theme - Create scrapper software that uses proxyservers and saves data into mysql database Create Scrapping script from Airlines flight schedule comparation - create screenshots and game video intro for android game Create screenshots for app for new client - Create script for a contact form Create script for adobe after effects template - create script for page generation Create script for phpBB 3.1.x - Create Script PHP Nulled create script POC repost - create script to convert XML postbacks to IPN/HTTP Posts =integrate shopping cart Create script to crawl a site and create Wordpress posts with images and descriptions - Create script to publish content of nutrition database Create script to pull data from optimization results tab in metatrader 4 software and paste it on Excel - Create script to verify the integrity of tables in MySQL DB create script to work in facebook - Create Scrubbing VB Application Create ScubaFiend logo - Create Search Box that finds Vegetarian restaurants for a specific location Create Search By Location For Classipress - Create Search Form with Photoshop & CSS for Wordpress Create Search Form, Search SQLite, Paginate Results - Create Searches for Social Websites Create searching software that can find every site that that has certain html code in it.. just check it out so i can explain.. - Create SECURE USER BACKEND Create secure user registration and integrate - Create Seller Account on Amazon CREATE SELLER ACCOUNTS WITH EBAY,AMAZON AND OTHER POPULAR ONLINE TRADE COMPANIES - Create SEO for new website in preparation of launch Create SEO Friendly Business Forum - Create SEO targeted blog. Create SEO targeted blog. - open to bidding - Create Seperate Hyperlinks on each banner image / usemap? Create sepia image in ImageMagik - Create service logo for new service Create Service on Django or RoR. - Create setup file create Setup file for mouse tracking tool - Create several modules for CMS create several MS Excel email lists from lists now in MS Word 2004 files - create shader for our mobile game (ios and android) create shadows and lights on a logo - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create Sharepoint site (workflow) Create Sharepoint Site in 365 - Create shipping labels via Fedex API Create shipping labels via Fedex API - create Shopify app / PHP Create Shopify App for Australia Post API & FastWay API - Create shopify theme. Create Shopify Timer code - Create Shopware Plugin for our Newsletter Software with API and Sync Create shopware5 theme design - Create short Comic Film Create short Comic Film -- 2 - Create short poems / quotes - iteration 2 Create short poems / quotes - iteration 201510 - Create short video clips Create short video compilations - Create shortcode wordpress Create shortcode, prestashop. - Create sIFR 2 & 3 Font from OpenType File Create Sighteeing Spots of Tokyo lists - Create Silent Auto Login Create Silent Installer (EXE) - Create similar design for 728 x 90 banner Create Similar Design to - Create Similar One Page with my Videos (youtube)(repost) Create similar optin sites - Create similar to an affiliate shopping website but with our code Create similar to an existing fashion-related site - Create similar website of Create Similar Website to 65Daigou or Sgshop - Create Simple Training Video Create simple website for clothes store - Create Simple 1D Image Report Cover (Ebook) Create Simple 1D Image Report Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers GOB Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers HEMM - Create Simple 1D Images/ Ebook Covers Create Simple 1D Images/ eBook Covers(repost) - Create Simple 2D Images / eBooks covers Create Simple 2D Images / eBooks covers(repost) - Create Simple Add to Card Function in Swift Create Simple Add-in / Macro Rules for Excel - Create simple android application Create simple Android application - Create simple app for Bluetooth Printing from Firemonkey Android Create simple app for iPad - Create Simple Banner Create simple Banner - Create simple booking system Create Simple BREW Application - Create Simple Checkout with CDG Commerce Create Simple CHROME APP! - Create Simple Custom Flash Video Controls (flash 8) Create Simple Custom Indicator in Interactive Brokers TWS - create simple ebook covers Create simple ecommerce site - Create Simple FireFox Extension create simple flash - Create Simple Game Create simple game - Create simple help desk ticket system in ruby on rails
Create Simple Heroku App that Converts CSV to SQL - Create simple html responsive landing page with contact form Create simple HTML site from PSD - Create simple interactive appointment booking scheduler for website members and staff - must be built into existing cms. Correct minor bugs with existing work Create simple interface and application or process for non profit to create mail merge thank you letters - Create Simple Java Game Create simple Java REST services - Create simple little map to select seat concert Create simple login & few database forms PHP-MySQL-AJAX-Captcha - Create Simple Microsoft Access Database Create simple Microsoft Access database in SQL and PHP - create simple ninjatrader strategy create simple ninjatrader strategy(repost) - Create simple page in flash Create simple page to add product database PHP / MySQL - Create simple PHP WebSite for manage and show specified articles Create simple PHP WebSite for manage and show specified articles.... - Create Simple QR Reader Android App Create Simple Queries from Complex Database - Create simple ruby script for Amazons Web Services Create Simple Running Training Schedules for 4 Specific Groups of Runners - Create simple short amateur video Create Simple Site - Create Simple Student and Teacher Attendance Management Software (barcode) Create simple supplier/product database in MSAccess 2007 - Create Simple user interface to retrieve SQL Data Create simple user management PHP / MySQL - create simple web browser with idm create Simple Web Cache Server Program using java - Create simple Website Create simple website - create simple website template-urgent Create simple website to compare ebook prices - Create Simple Wordpress blog Create simple wordpress library theme - Create Simple WP Blog Theme Create Simple WP Plugin - Create simulation application Create simulation of card game Baccarat. - Java - create single page and css responsive change on wordpress custom theme Create Single Page App with AngularJS and Salesforce REST API - Create single website for excel import to excel Create single website for excel import to excel - Create site application for images to post on products Create site as Appshopper / Apple affiliated site - Create Site From Template Create Site From Template - Create site map from URLs. Data mining. Create Site Map Icon & Add Texts to the Front End - Create Site Themes Collection Create site to collect customer credit apps - create sitemap create sitemap - Create sizing chart for men and women create sizzle video from raw footage - Create slick Powerpoint presentation Create slide (with SmartBox - Smart Slider (ver 1.3.0) for opencart) - Create slides in Revolution slider Create Slideshare Slides - create small Android application create small 'missing cat poster' website - Create small background music and read the English text Create small banner image for email signature - Create Small Excel Sheet Create Small Excel Sheet - Create small Magento shop using a purchased template create small menu in the footer of my shopping cart website - Create small Social Network for Group Create Small sql database - Create small, simple CRM Create Smaller Copy of the Website - Create SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Theme from Existing Website Create SMF 2.0.4 mod which enables to position attachments post body. - Create Snapchat accounts manually Create Snapchat accounts manually - Create Social Bookmarking Accounts Create Social Bookmarking Accounts - Create social media accounts and configure them on Hootsuite Create social media accounts and link them to each other. - Create Social Media Marketing plan for our business Create social media monitoring and analysis platform - Create Social Media Website - Example Facebook, myspace Create Social Media Website for F&B - Create Social Networking Dating site with responsive capabilities. Create Social Networking Pages - Create socila network accounts and configure API's to allow auto registration to my main site Create Socks Proxy Website - Create software (front and backend) similar to Create software - auto follow, auto scrape users - Create Software for Medical Billers Create software for my sales website - Create software product installers using Installaware or Installshield or other create software program - Create Software to easily calculate fee's. Create software to enter data and publish automatically in a website - Create software with LimeLM configuration (MAC Address detection) Create Software with photo comparison ability and web API - Create Solusvm xen template from iso image - Repost Create solution - Create some 3d models and enviroment 3d Create some 3D Models and uniforms - Create some awesome images for my eBay store Create some back link above pr 4 - Create some buttons Create some buttons - Create some custom post types for viewing data on a clients project Create some custom stuff - Create some features on a shoplift website. create some fillable Word of pdf forms - Create some great product page to sell source code of game Create some GUI for my Clash Of Clans type game. - create some images Create some Images - create some js using instagrams API that allows me to stream a list of users videos Create some JSP Pages and complete some modules in a working software. - Create some new webpages for an existing Website - OSV Create some nice Drop-Down Menu - Create some plots Create some plugins for Front Accounting - Create some sample product mockups in a 3d simulator Create some scalable graphics and artwork for our Baby App! - Create some software to respond to a screen Create some software to use an API - Create some visuals : brochure, pvc card design, etc. Create some voice sounds - Create song and melody using provided lyrics Create song download website - Create sound for mobile game Create Sound FX & Music for Mobile Games - Create Spanish questions for learners Create Spanish questions for learners - Create specified theme widgetareas Create Specs for Optimization Process (Math Intensive) - Create split testing wordpress plugin Create split testing wordpress plugin 2 - Create spreadsheet for Amazon,Flipkart,Voonik & other marketplaces create spreadsheet for column base plate design to BS5950 - Create spreadsheet of contacts - easy Create spreadsheet of details of industry associations from websites given - create sprites for 10 image Create sprites for 2d game - Create SQL query Create SQL query - Create Squeez Page for Taxes, Levy Service Create Squeeze / Landing Pages - Create SSL for our website Create SSL Server - Create standalone application -- 2