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Create multiple versions of our logo - Create mumble Web Based Client -- 2 Create Mural quality image from JPG file - create Music player with build-in sale Store create Music player with build-in sale Store - create mvc application create MVC controler for redirecting to webportal - Create my brochure advert Create My Business Templates!?! - Create my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile - Content Writing Create my first Customer Marketing Email Via MailChimp - Create my logo from my picture Create my Logo in a vector file - Create My Own Google Playstore Create My Own Green Powder - Create my shoe shop a simple but elegant website. 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Create new check out Thank You page - Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) - create new database & form for users to update their profile Create new db and keep data syncronized - Create New Drupal Template for an existing site Create new dynamic product label in Bartender label software. - create new expression engine website with a css template Create new external screen for search and change contacts registration date - Create New Font create new font type based on company logo - Create new graphic design for a 3 company brochures and 1 Trifiold Create new graphic theme through CSS for financial platform - Create new homepage in cool design Create new homepage mockup - Create New ios app Create new iphone app - Create new layout design for current group buying site Create new layout for modenacam based website - create new logo - repost create new logo - repost 2 - Create new Magento theme Create New Magento Theme (repost) - Create New Modules for Odoo V8 Create New Modules in PHP Codeigniter - Create new OSCommerce site Create NEW OSCommerce store website - Create new photofonts Create new Photoshop styles based on existing base template - Create New Product Listings Create new product listings/ads on Gumtree - Denon - Create new RSS feed from custom post types Create new RSS feeds using Yahoo Pipes - Create new site PSD Create New Site to Send Bulk Emails - Create new T-Shirt with Ninja Cartoon Create New Table with Values - Create new textures for an asset from unity asset store create new theme - Create new video site(repost) Create new videos for VertexFx - Create New Website Create New Website - Create New Website (Wordpress+Search script indexing results from other websites) Create New website - Drupal - create new website from 2 source sites create new website from existing - create new website template Create New Website Theme and Update Old Site - create new wireframes based on existing website Create new woocommerce extension plugin - Create new WordPress theme using MarketPress e-commerce plug-in Create new WordPress User Relations function - Create news reader application for Android Create NEWS section on my wordpress site - Create Newsletter template Create newsletter template - repost - Create nice Facebook and Twitter cover image from images Create nice Facebook and Twitter cover image from images -- 2 - Create Niche Instagram Account Capable of Earning $5 - $10 A day. Create niche website wordpress - Create node DNS server Create node type & view in D7 - Create notifications for an existing webview PHP live chat Android app Create notifications for Android App. It currently uses Webview and runs an online livechat service - Create Obj-C library of project, based on C# source Create object storage & index system - Create office location map in editable Powerpoint format Create Office Locator ASP - Create on-line vots - ongoing work CREATE ON/OFF BUTTON FOR CRELOADED OSC SITE SHOPPING CART - Create one conditional logic form in Wordpress Create one css page exactly like this pic - Create one html/php page Create one icon - Create one nice designed infographic (1 pager) create one of a kind characters for stickers - Create ONE page in HTML/CSS/JQuery Create one page in HTML5 (few animations) - create one page website design from a paint sketch Create one page website for auction site (swooper.com.au) - Create one simple ad banner Create one simple ASP .NET application MVC project with an example "call" to consuming an working webservice in .asmx and get an list output - Create one Vectorgraphic with AI or CorelDraw Create one very simple graphic - Create one Wordpress page Create one Wordpress page - Create online and email game called Where's Lisa Create Online Animation Tool - CREATE ONLINE CAR RENTAL APPLICATION | WP | PHP | MYSQL Create online Casino - Create online database w/web page displays Create online database/webpage - Create online form from excel and PDF Create online form on wordpress - Create online mailers for a real estate agency Create Online Manager Game + Website - Create online Presence for a business x2 Create online preview + calculate data from CAD file - Create Online Shop Create Online Shop and report - Create online store for an already recognised brand Create Online Store For Fashion - Create online timesheet system 500 remote workers Create online tool for windows/frames preview - CREATE ONSCREEN KEYBAORD **no dependencies FOR MAC CREATE ONSCREEN KEYBAORD **no dependencies please - Create Opencart extensions to be integrated with journal 2 theme or create ecommerce using code based on journal 2 theme functions Create opencart modul or vqmod for website Conversion code - Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- 8
Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- 81983 - Create Opera Plugin (WindowS) Create Operating system - Create OptipizePress Squeenze (landing page) page Create or adapt a piece of PHP SEO script - create or edit an extension for wperp for employees punch in/out with qrcode Create Or Edit Any Tumblr Website - Create or make a Computer Science Marksheet of Galgotias University Create Or Manage a PPC Campaign In Your Old Adword Mcc Or Adword Account - Create or Re-Skin iOS and Android Game Apps Create or recommend WordPress theme for landingpage - Create Oracle Weblogic Course content create ORCAD schematics from PDF schematics - Create Organization Structure using MySQL and PHP scripte Create organizational chart in Visio from Excel -- Consulting / Tutoring - Create original graphic of two dials - exact/near replica Create Original Instagram Meme's - Create Oscommerce Site With Nice Template Create osCommerce Template, Edit Logo and Install Module - Create our Islamic App HIGH QUALITY Create our Letterhead design using our logo. - Create our website! Create our website!. Comics and popculture items. - Create outreach spreadsheet/database Create outstanding Joomla site design - Create Package design for coffee cup Create package design for product - Create Packaging Design -- 2 Create Packaging Design 1 - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs (Shipping Boxes) Create Packaging Designs - the gift tube - Create Packaging Designs including 3D industrial design drawings Create Packaging Designs On A Supplier Given Template - Create page elements to display our products create page for Adult Watch to add video by url - Create page template and Gravity forms auto post draft Create page template for WP blog (Mac) - Create Pages and Menu in wordpress from another site Create Pages and optimize a Template on Wordpress (yet installed) - Create pages on my website and optimize it Create pages on our wordpress site [Perfectionist needed] - Create pair of autonomous Robocode Create Palm OS Tour/Tutorial - create parses for gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail create parses for gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail (498143) - Create Pattern background sheets using vectors provided Create Pattern for Hood Jacket - create Payment Gateway API and integrate with Shopify shopping cart create Payment Gateway API and integrate with Shopify shopping cart - Create Payment optiuo box for onlineshop Create payment page - Create PayPal Product Page from VB Program Create PayPal Purchase script and DB/key value store - Create PCB layout from schematic with Proteus or Eagle Create PCB layout in Eagle based on schematic drawing - Create PDF based on Excell file information Create PDF booklet from files - Create PDF file Create PDF file 05-07 - Create PDF for Web Create PDF Form - Create PDF Form from Word Document w/Fillable Cells -- 2 Create PDF Form from Word Document w/Fillable Cells -- 3 - Create pdf from mysql data Create PDF from MySQL data in PHP - Create PDF invoice based on template given in attachment in nopCommerce Create PDF Invoice in Java - Create PDF Report from SQL Server (zuiguanglong) create pdf report using crystal 8.5, vb and ASP - Create PDF with form entry capability Create pdf with parameters in PHP - Create Penny Auction Site Create Penny Auction site in PHP - Create Persian Rugs from pictures in Vector format create persistent reverse ssh script for openelec device - Create personalized squeeze pages Create Personalized Web Pages From Form Results - Create Phone/Email List of Hotel Chain GMs and Management Create Phone/Email List of Small Business Sales People - Create Photo App Create photo based art - Create Photo Service for Existing Mobile Application Create photo sharing mobile app - Create Photorealistic 3D Homes Create photorealistic 3d jewelry - Create Photoshop CS4 script to output layers in a custom way(repost) Create Photoshop CS4 script to output layers in a custom way(repost)(repost) - Create Photoshop Script to Automate a Batch Process. -- 2 Create Photoshop Sports Template - Create php app for time registration and export it to a .txt file Create php App to Generate SKU's - Create PHP code to create and run VB6 scripts on my Website. -- 2 Create PHP Code to Form and Sent to Email - Create PHP Form Mailer Create php form that emails on submission - Create PHP library and a sample app for the Quickbooks API Create PHP library and a sample app that uses the Quickbooks API - Create PHP program to interface with API. Create PHP program to web scrape - Create PHP script that downloads mp3s and videos from youtube's webiste Create PHP script that execute a PHP script when payment is received (Paypal IPN) - Create PHP script to submit web form to Lasso CRM system Create PHP script to transform CSV data to XML - Create PHP video course Create PHP web app for management billing & payroll - Create php.ini file Create php.ini file (asap) - Create Piano Intro/Remix to Song Create piano tutorials on popular piano songs - create pinterest boards Create Pinterest style layout for my EasyBlog/Joomla - CREATE PLAIN OLD JAVA OBJECTS FOR DATABASE DATA Create plan for Mission Model - Create Playlist using Treeview ListView Control Create playlist video from audio files and image files - Create plugin Chrome and Firefox - open to bidding Create Plugin convert audio voice to text file - Create plugin for WordPress. Create plugin for WP - Create plugins for chrome, firefox then list them in the stores & directories to get downloads. Create plugins for Moodle - create point cloud cad file from 3d models files create point cloud cad file from 3d models files - Repost - create polygon and extract it on AUTOCAD create polygonal portrait in photoshop - Create POP3 Account on server # -- 2 Create PopBrush 3D animation & hi res images from SLDPRT. - Create Portal like American MLS Create Portal User and Manual Documentation - Create Post Card Ad for University Create post card images - Create poster size photos of my websites Create poster/banner - Create Potato Launcher DIY kit Create POV-Ray Movie from Example - Create Powerful Promotional Video for a Ministry YouTube Channel Create Powerful sale page - Create PowerPoint presentation Create PowerPoint presentation - Create Powerpoint presentations Create powerpoint presentations - Create Powerpoint Slideshows based on articles for link building Create Powerpoint Slies & Record with my Audio to Create WMV Files - create ppc campaign Create PPC Campaign - Create PPC Campaign -- 2