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A Social Mobile App - A Social Network for Authors trying to get published A social network for autistic parents, friends, and people - A social network website C# MVC A social network website not working - A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE A Social Networking site - A social networking template - open to bidding A social networking type of mobile app - A social platform for food recommendations A social platform for food recommendations - open to bidding - A social website A social website - A software / System A software app Social media - A software developer A software developer - A software for 3D printing using c++ A software for getting Car License Plate - a software like cccleaner a software like cccleaner - open to bidding - A software program which can annalyze data from multiple app users A software program with C++ and visual studio - A Software that talks to website and get data.. A Software That upload a video to all video sites - A software to record multiple TV channel at the same time a software to register the purpulations of poeple on net work clurb, and there payment. - a Solaris domains / zones / ldm expert A solgan for a business card/e-mail signature - a solution for tradetuber.com ranking better on google.com - repost A solution for video conference call embedded on website, SKYPE API? - A Song for my Wife must be Native English FEMALE Singer (1 Singer) and must have guitar & Drums Togater Music -- 2 A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) Boardgame Application - a sound device A SOUND ENGINEER - A Spanish Speaking PHP/MySQL Developer (Full-Time Job - 160 hours/month) A Spanish translator - A special marketplace - repost A special module for Prestashop - A Special Project for Tarek A special real estate website - a specific project for aelanadula A specific type of Christmas card - a speech for my best friends wedding a speech for studen council at school - A SplashScreen for a videogame A splashscreen for a Windows application - a sports fest website A sports fixture fite - a spot light operator a spotlight bar connected with paypal,similar to www.badoo.com - A SQL query to make HIghCharts works properly a sql question - A Stand Alone Mac OS X App That Listens for Changes to a URL and Saves Files Locally A stand alone program needs to be written that will take finnancial data which is in both Excel (.csv) & windows notepad format from a folder located on my C; drive. Then Convert it to METASTOCK formated data and place it into a new folder on my C; drive - a start-up business plan A start-up charity looking for grant writers. - A Statement A statement 1 - A Static page a static page - A Statistical Analysis A Statistical Analysis - repost - a statistician a statistician professional - a steel structure house design A Steganography Application - A STL to MatLab 3D array converter on MatLab a stock advise tracker tool - A store online A store online - A story/beat board for a cartoon short, Animation. A story/beat board for a cartoon, Artist. - A strategy to sell my course on Facebook ADS with 60$ a streaming video website like izognmovies.com - A Strong duck logo A strong Editoril thta want put on A strong publishing that want put my book on the market ... I'm sure that will have a big impact.the market my book. - A stub for an investment application - repost a stub program for a c++/poco/regex .cpp program - A STUDENT. A STUDENT. - open to bidding - A study of pollution levels in Paradise Creek(R_studio_ software) A study of the Queen’s Building, Leicester - A stunning race day outfit. For example, Melbourne Cup A STUNNING WEBSITE PROJECT FOR RESTAURANT WITH DYNAMIC PANEL - a subpixel renderer A subscribe website - A suite of smart city illustrations A Summarized proposal - A Super Fun Halloween Project-Photoshop my Sister onto Jessica Rabbit real life look alike -- 2 A super hero costume design for a person to wear - A Supermarket store A supplier for health nutrition products to dropship - a survey of local digital TV operators A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format - A sustainable energy source: for a small village A sustainable energy source\" for a small village\" - A symbol for Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy in Egypt A symbol or design combining three zodiac symbols - A system for getting registered users email id from a page A system for logging outbound calls and printing reports for a small business - A system to control incoming patients in a clinic A system to disclose and sell tickets; - a t shirt for a family birthday (I don't understand the question "what skills are required" and I can't submit without picking one!! 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