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An apple app - an application android an application android - open to bidding - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for my product An application for sending message to Finacle Bank Server(ISO 8583)) - An Application on AccessDB using Access forms an application Onebip - an application that uses geofencing and 2 way SMS An application that will copy emails from PDF document and and webpages (php, html and xhtml) - An application which can check my youtube videos if they are up An application which can locate my resources location and give them a option to login and logout. in login mode they should be visible to customer of particular locality. Also an interface where user can access our resource and get there booking done alon - An approach for ECG based Cardiac abnormality detection through the Scope of Cross Wavelet Transform An Approach For Software Effort Estimation Using Fuzzy Numbers And Genetic Algorithm - An Arabic E-Commerce An Arabic e-commerce website needed - An Architect of 10 to 15 years experience An architect or draftsman - an arduino based kettle (with temp reader and 2 servos) An Arduino program to send a push notification message to an Android application through Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service. - An Art Writer.... an artical - an article about An article about 15 mobile phone gadgets in ARABIC - An article about ICONS an article about leadership - An article about the environment An article about the environment - An article for publication in the news paper an article for seasonal food research - An article on common diseases prevailing in primary health care centers An Article on Creating Your Destiny - An article on" Malaysia" which was earlier called" Malacca" An article or brief (these are being utilized in the field of corrections as an effective method to present information in a concise format) written about "Girls in Gangs". - AN ARTICLE TO THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE JUNIO GAPHIC ON THE REASON WHY SOME STUDENTS DONT PEFORM WELL IN THE BECE An article tracing the history of weighing - An Article writing an article writing job - An Artist An artist - An artist looking for Indie game team (2d art) an artist manager - an artist to draw me a sketch of a piece of jewelry an artist to draw me a sketch of a piece of jewelry -- 2 - An artist who can improve on current work being done. Needed, facial expressions particularly. An artist who draws. - An ASP . NET Project -- 3 An ASP .Net Work - An ass kicker - open to bidding An assembly project - An assignment completed at 1st class quality An assignment for Academicintegrit - An assignment on accounting - repost An assignment on Assembly Language - ARC - An assingment about childhood studies an assinment about router - An assistant to deal with weekly client enquiries and to manage some simple social media tasks An Assistant to do webinar training with my customers. - An attorney An attorney - An Auction Web site An Auction Website - an audit of the accounting firm that heads my condo association. an audit on Saguache county DHS - An AUTHOR and all their Books turned into MSWord files an Autism Community website - An autobuyer made to work with FIFA Ultimate Team web app An autocad designer - An Automated Photo Bot? an automated s/w needed for website - An Automatic Search Program for Contact Information an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) transcation system - an average cost/invoice an aviation Company logo - an bessay for an art exhibition catalogue an brand new bbs/blog/social network mix system, but simple! - An copy of the script like An critical essay differences between Sharia and Fiqh - an e book cookbook an e book of asian cuisine with ingredients, pictures in English with proper grammar and vocabulary. - an e-boutique An E-com shopping cart upgrate to higher version - An e-commerce website An e-commerce website - an e-commerse site An E-learning course on Physiotherapy and/or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - An easy and fast change in my Drupal site An easy android launcher (china programmers welcome) -- 2 - An easy immediate fix, website error An easy invitation - An EASY Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Report An easy OOP project - an easy project for making games with a drag and drop engine -- 3 an easy project for making games with a drag and drop engine -- 4 - An easy to use GUI script! An easy to use GUI script. - an easy writing assignment An Ebay Account Wanted - An eBook (Special Interests) An eBook (Special Interests) - open to bidding - An ebook designer needed..... An ebook designer needed....... - An eBook on Hacking An eBook on Hacking2 - an ebook written An ebooking (shopping) site with design. - An ecommerce store An eCommerce Store using Magento (Very Urgent!!) - An ecommerce website must be with all products copied. An ecommerce website must be with all products copied. - An editable analog watch face theme for Tizen OS An editable bracket system (have one now in Drupal 6) that will work in Drupal 7 - An editor and proofreader for various texts An editor and writer - an editor to advise on a book on a comparative economic history of Canada & US in 1929 - 1934 An editor to be a second eye by proof reading my work. - An educational app An educational consultancy services brochure - An efficient C++ Programmer with background in Parser and building Language Translator An Efficient Denoising Architecture for Removal of Impulse noise in images - An Electrical drawing An electrical engineer - An electrical/mechanical engineer to help me on a side project - repost an electronic B2B 'save the date' party mailer - An Elegant website ( Design of a smilar web will be Given in html) -Scripting Language should be PHP and Backend will be My SQL. An elegant WordPress site for building and construction business - An email reminder system for customers An email scraper - An emblem for my Grand Theft Auto Crew made An emblem/logo for an elegant clothing line. - An emplyee skills database created in MS Access An empty page.. - An engineer to aprove a site project An engineer to certify carport plans for council - an engineer who has designed circuit boards with accelerometer an engineer who knows about air compressors and c02. - An English Conversation used in daily life. AN ENGLISH CV - An English Teacher An English teacher - An enhancement and update for stability/improvement of a current iPhone app. An enhancement of Python app - an EPS and High Resolution Version of my logo An EPS image - An Essay
An essay - An essay about me an essay about memory. - An essay in 5 paragraphs -- 2 an essay in italian about clothing - An essay on renaissance art an essay on the adverse conditions of the weather and their effects on man's activity - An essay writing An essay: Effects of computer impact on teenagers - An event in Melbourne filmed An event logo - An Event Website An Event-Drive Gashapon Interface for Android - An Exam Software for teachers... An Examination of the Equipment or Technology Required to Secure an Organisation’s Data - An excel expert who can design a macro for me in excel An excel formula - an excel sheet and two page report An Excel Spread Sheet to calculate optimal resource for job scheduling - An Excellent Article Rewriter Needed an excellent article writer - AN EXCELLENT PACKAGING/PRODUCT LABEL DESIGNER REQUIRED An Excellent website - An exciting release about a music video An Exciting Save the date Video Invite - An exercise about the conditions that govern the use of the auxiliary "have" in British English - repost An Exhibition - An existing tired old amateur pdf brochure made into a new cooler looking one an existing vb6 program enhancement - AN EXPERIENCE TALLY ACCOUNTANT YOUNG LADY ONLY An experience web developer for a Digital Marketing agency - an experienced developer needed to wrapp me website into native app An Experienced eBay seller to sell our items - An experienced marketing individual having worked in or working in the Marine Oil & Gas Market World Wide. An experienced moodle developer and user who is used to the technical side of moodle - to upgrade & update the software versions of a recently designed medical education course - An experienced SEO professional An Experienced SEO Writer - An experienced writer, someone to write my story an experienced, local, freelancer graphic designer - An expert educational technology consultant – IT background An expert English/German translator needed - An expert in dataming to do test in any robotic dataset An expert in dataming to do testing in any robotic dataset - An expert in selling on Amazon An expert in spectrophotometry and laser technology - an expert on photoshop design an expert on photoshop design - An expert to find out why my website's traffic decreased by 85% in one night. An expert to fix Joomla Errors - An Expert's Advise On ''System.Runtime.InteropServices.COM'' an experts,responsible,honest crystal report and programmer is needed for this project - an extensive community like facebook and linkedin needed An extensive expert JOOMLA components developer / programmer - an eye catching simple lacrosse website where you are able to purchase our products. similar to www.houseofmesh - open to bidding An eye catching Website - an HD game with only online capabilities and a 3D interface. An High Quality Home page Based on sample - An Hour Project for swamiaks00 an hour's work fixing indoor bikes - An HTML5 design for a simple game An HTML5/JavaScript animation - An icon design for every music genre An icon for a mobile game - An Idea or ideas to make money online an idea to have my own job - An illustrated picture of a cat (from a photo) sitting on a moon AN ILLUSTRATION - an illustration for musical theatre classes for kids an illustration for my business logo - an illustration of a wine manufacturing plant An illustration of an existiing map made - An Illustrator An Illustrator - an illustrator an illustrator able to do ink drawings for cards - An illustrator for a children's book An illustrator for a children's book - An illustrator for a realistic face graphic An illustrator for a series of Children Books that entertain, engage and educate - An Illustrator to create a image for a birthday present An illustrator to create pictures for a children's book - An illustrator what is creative for a kids poem book that I wrote. An illustrator who can depict an off-beat children's book in a uniques style - An image designed and coloured before Vday. An image drawn for a conceptual tee shirt - An image needs processing AN IMAGE OF A 3D SOFTWARE BOX-SELLING SOFTWARE ON EBAY - An image website connected with SnapShot an image where the image it shows changes according to its source - AN IMPROVED APRIORI ALGORITHM FOR ASSOCIATION RULES An Improved Dynamically Reconfigurable Pipelined Adaptive Viterbi Decoder for High Throughput - An Index Screen Trial Design An indexedDB developer - An individual proficient in Matlab to solve a Travelling Salesman Problem (Level Easy-Moderate, Deadline: Thursday) An Individual to join our team - An Infographic on Technology An information App on iPad - An input stream reader class in RealBASIC (066) An insert flyer for a charity campaign - An Instagram BOT - repost 2 An Instagram Clone for Android - An integrated business tool An integrated shipping software for FedEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, CanadaPost - An intelligent website design company for a trendy web development required an interactive / animated industrial process presentation - An interactive on-line Access database An interactive online studio - An Interactive Story Book App An interactive survey funnel script - An interesting project in delphi An Interface designer for my website - An Interior Designer An Interior Designer - An Internal Project for Kenara-June An Internal Project for Kenara-June2014 - an internet spider An Internet-based survey site with extensive ADMIN capabilities - an intro for 2 new products An intro for my YouTube channel - An Inventive Digital Marketeer who is completely au fait with all social platforms - An Inventory and POS System and Appointment Scheduler - An Investigation to a new online book retail business model an investment analysis report - an iOS (iphone and ipad) and android app (per description an iOS + Android application - An iOS app based on Nuance NEDV SDK An iOS app based on Nuance NEDV SDK -- 2 - An iOS app that can train apnea an iOS app that people will be able to add contacts from address book and group them - An iOS developer is wanted An iOS Email app with customized backend service - an iOS translator app An ios travel app - An iPad App for kids An iPad app for patient check in and queue ticket taking - an iphone and android app An Iphone and android app developed using a clock function and push notifications - An iphone app coded. An Iphone app developer - An Iphone app that utilizes Iphone camera,voice recorder and posting text on picture An iPhone app to find people to meet when traveling - An iPhone application or Mobile responsive website required An iPhone application that serves as a digital "Douchebag Jar," allowing friends to charge each other for actions deemed inappropriate - An Iphone Bible App
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