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Add Reporting and Analytics to my system. Make up to $200 - add reservations to Cre Loaded OSCommerce site Add reset button for EG and fix quick-view plugin - Add Responsive CSS to Existing Wordpress Website Add Responsive Design & referral - Add Responsive Mobile Templates Add Responsive Slider in HTML - Add REST web service to Get/Update some profile information and course data from LearnDash plugin Add restart button to Flash game... - Add restore purchase button and then submit to app store Add restricted access = change settings - Add Revenue Share Add On Into MLM Matrix Script. Add Revenue Spilt - Add Revmob to App Add revmob to eclipse - Add Rich Snippets to my ecommerce website Add Rich Snippets to Website - Add Rocketboom Clone Into Existing Website Add ROI drawing capabilities to an OMERO server - Add rotating banner widget to top of Wordpress theme Add rotating banner with 2 images on side to wordpress site - Add Royal Slider and a few other minor changes to Volusion Store Add Royal Slider to Home Page, Add SSL to blogspot, Add Href to social media icons - Add RSS Feed to Facebook Page Wall Add RSS Feed to Microblog - Add RSS feeds to PHPBB3 forum topics Add RSS feeds to site using PHP - Add RTL Format Add RTL Style to OpenCart Template and Arabic Transaltion - Add russian translation into Magento ( not google Translation ) Add Russian translation to Joomla website - Add sample (none working) Profile, Statistics Page and Search Locations page to html mockup Add Sample Python Code to Google App Engine Project - Add scale control to OpenLayers Add scaling to current system - Add Scoreboard to the Java Android Game Add scoring system to two iOS applications - add script 12 add script 2 - add script features to my current script to post search queries to my facebook fan page. Add script for CHAT to magento - Add script to my site about CHROME APP add script to my website - Add Scripts to start in Linux on Boot. add scroll buttons on special area of homepage - Add Scrollup function to pagination on Visual composer Post Grid addon Add scrub bar | Actionscript 2 - Add search and edit function to simple VB application Add search and favourite functionality to an existing android code - Add search box in drop-down sub-menu on Wordpress site add search box on website - Add search design to Wordpress site. Also tweak a few things on site. Add Search Engine & Reference # - Add Search Form Feature Add Search Form Feature(repost) - Add Search in the header Add search option in exciting PHP website - Add Searchable Custom Field To Wordpress Add Searchable Custom Field To Wordpress -- 2 - add second language to our admin panel ... URGENT.. Add second language to Website - Add section to php download site plus minor changes Add sectioned table to iPhone app - add security code to application Add Security Code to Form - Add security to existing data base tubot Add security to Joomla and later upgrade to 1.7 - Add selection field with db on my existing website Add selection to data base and Revise Newsletter form - Add send to owner email first/last Add SendGrid API for Transactional Emails to my iOS app - ADD SEO to a website. add SEO to my existing page - Add settings for ContentBlocks add-on Add Settings page (with two fields) - Add Shadows and Reflections to Images Add Shadows to 31 basic images - Add Share Text button to iOS app Add Share via SMS to Drupal Install - Add Shipping Charge to 15 wp site each site i will pay 4$ shipping condition. when buy total lower than 3000 shipping charge will be 250 when greater than 3000 shipping free only this you have to do in 15 site Add Shipping Code & image fix - Add shipping per region in Opencart Add shipping per region in Opencart and fix tax not showing correctly - Add shopify Product from 3rd party site Add Shopify Products & Few small changes - Add shopping cart and change code to html website Add shopping cart and checkout to drupal pin site - Add shopping cart and telipliant portal to WHMCS - repost Add shopping cart capability to my website - Add Shopping cart to existing website / modify existing text Add shopping cart to existing Wordpress website - add shopping cart to website Add shopping cart to website, then interface it with Jondo API - Add side banners , extra pictures on a product page , and some attributes for retail store add side bar to wp page and correct width issue - Add Sidebar/Header to Vbulletin Add sidebars to website - Add Signature Capture LIbrary to Existing Android WebView App Add signature capture to existing phonegap app - Add Signup form to RuckSack rails application Add Signup form to website - Add simple backend 2 add simple blog and email function - Add Simple Episode Posts To My Wordpress Site add simple facial recognition to my wpf application - Add simple function to wordpress Add simple functionality to this Ruby on Rails app to build a Microsoft Word-readable document (rtf or doc) from template that currently generates html - Add simple multiplayer to small iPad/iPhone game Add simple news section to website - Add simple product to magento Add simple responsiveness to HTML. - Add simple Video Gallery to Joomla site Add Simple Viewer To My Website - add SISTEM of PAY and register users SISTEM in mi site, like CMS with payment SISTEM Add Site Categories - Add site to Add site to - add sites to magic submitter! asap add sites to my project - Add Sizes and Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - repost 2 Add sizes for 180-250 articles from Excell to WordPress admin (Woocommerce) - Add API to purchase credits to my site Add Skrill/Moneybookers payment gateway - Add slide out menu items to flash menu Add slide show plug in to my website - add slider to a site Add slider to Apparel Website - Add Slideshow Feature Add Slideshow Feature to a Wordpress Website - Add sliding text stocks to my website Add slogan to logo - Add small feature on a ASP.NET MVC Webapp Add small feature to a program you previously did for me. - Add small form to bootstrap template Add small front end filter to an existing Silverlight app C# - Add smart backend support to python pkgcore Add Smart Object to Image - Add SMS functionnalityto existing Web Site Add SMS gateway and create a panel to a Wordpress-WoocCmmerce website - Add SMTP Authentication to an existing script Add smtp authentication to php script - Add social buttons create embed widget fix bug Add social buttons on Joomla website - Add Social Images/Links to sidebar wordpress Add social invite buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc to existing website (NOT WORDPRESS) - Add social media button (FB share) to our videos Add social media buttons and integration to pages + Fix blog and Daily deals borders - Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App -- 2
Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App--3 - Add social media icons to Wordpress website Add social media icons to Wordpress website - Add Social Media to Donation Page Add Social Media to OS Commerce Site - add social networking pluin in my blog add social networking pluin in my site. - add social stuff to a wordpress site Add Socialize Action Bar to .apk - Add some "if statement" lines on a php file. Add some ad scripts to Drupal 7 site. - add Some Api to my app Add Some APIS and Develop Simple admin-panel based on it. - Add some call to action to reduce bounce rate- wordpress expert needed Add some changement to my existing ASP.Net C# website - add some code to an android app(repost)(repost) Add some code to an existing EA - add some colum to my template Add some components to existing app - Add some content to site and a few design changes Add some content to website - Add some customisation to wordpress theme Add some customisation to wp theme - Add some dummy reviews for our product page Add some dunctions to flash - add some extra functionality to my wordpress website and design a newsletter for my studio add some extra functionality to my wordpress website by designing a newsletter - Add some feature to an existing website, and perform regular updates add some feature to invoiceplane (Opensource) - Add some features in iPad app - urgent add some features in iphone/ipad app - Add some features on Website Add some features to sms script. Add Kannel sms gateway. - add some features to a wordpress theme Add Some features to a2billing Inbound Calls Management - Add some features to an MS Access database Add some features to application #1 - Add some features to my CRM Add some features to my current website - Add some features to my WordPress site & template Add some features to my WordPress template - Add Some Features to SoftSwich Add Some Features to SoftSwich - repost - Add some fields to stripe Add Some Fields to Woocommerce Checkout page - Add some Function in Website Wordpress add some function in wordpress - Add some functionalities to my launchpage Add some functionalities to my launchpage - repost - Add some functionality to an existing website Add some functionality to an existing Wordpress plugin -- 2 - add some functions & change design to my php script Add some functions and fix existing issues - Add some functions to the site Add some functions to website - Add some HTML-CSS elements to an existing PHP page Add some icons (flags) on a website for multi-language support - add some items to a menu in php html add some items to food menu, small css and data entry - Add some libpcap information to nginx as nginx variables add some line of code to Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm - Add some modification to php convert file Add some modifications to existing PHP script. - Add some narration to my website commercial and J2K File Conversion Add some new details to a couple of characters - add some nice looking menus with icons and improve layout of site. Add some nice touches to website - Add some pages to my website add some pages to my website - Add some php code to wordpress website Add some PHP function to my website - Add some products to Amazon Add some products to Ebay - Listing products in Ebay - add some shipping features in my osCOmmerce based Site Add some Shows to a website - Add some special effects to photos Add Some Specific Thing to My Website - Add some text & design features to an aerial photograph Add some text and an image to a background I provide - Add some things to a website and fix a coding error Add some things to my site and remove some others - add some web pages with coding Add some widgets on my NodeJS + Angular and D3 website - Add something my project on online examination Add something on a PHP theme script... - add something to the picture add something to videojs - Add Sort Feature to my website Add sort function to auction website - Add Sound Effects & Background Music to a 2 Minutes Animation Clip Add sound effects and music to cartoon - Add Sound To Online Casino Game Simulator Add Sound to Ordering System - Add Spanish and French subtitles (captions) to 5 videos Add Spanish articles to 4000 top high-freqnecy words - Add special font to our font previewer Add special for XVS - Add Speex to the JavaSoundDemo (repost) add spell check functionality to existing mshtml editor - Add splash screen & icons to site to make mobile web app icon able to be saved to phone screen Add Splash Screen in React-Native Android App - Add SQL wrapper class to script for all script database queries ADD SQLITE3 AND ZBAR FEATURE TO ONE TABLE INTO EXISTING XCODE PROJECT - add SSL certificate to website Add SSL certificate, so domain starts with https:// - add ssl to my site Add SSL to my Node Project - Add Star Wars effects to a short 50 second home video Add starcraft support in CrosuS - Add static links in a magento store ADD STATIC PAGE TO A DATING WEBSITE - Add sticky session support to Node.js cluster module Add sting to video - Add storage volume to esxi hosted Turnkey File Server vm Add store and shopping cart to website - Add Story (via DB) Add storyboard and menu to IOS App - Add Stripe Custom Payments Add Stripe Integration Into WordPress Auction Theme - add stripe to menu ordering Add payment gateway to website - Add Styled Widget Areas to WordPress Theme Add Styles to page - Add sub-menu to WP site Add Sub-Products mod to Creloaded 6.2 - Add submenus to service and gallery menu of my joomla website Add submission fields to existing script - add subscription facility to CRE B2B 6.4 Add subscription for website. - Add subtitle in Bangla a Arabic lecture Add subtitle to movies, (in france) - Add Subtitles To My Videos Add subtitles to short video - Add Super Admin User Level add superfish left menu to responsive site - Add support for the eBay messages API to OsTicket Add support for two new SPI Flash chips to existing Open Source project. - Add swallows in flight photo to a photo of an adobe building Add Swedish language to my site - Add system tray notifications to QT application under MAC Add T-Shirt Design to a web page - Add Tabbed jQuery Pane to Page [mockup inside] Add table and modify form on access database - Add table to html Add table to my form and load from database - Add Tabs For Sections