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Add custom features to Gmail contacts and Google calendar - Add custom field to NinjaForm Add custom field to order -virtuemart - Add custom fields from Virtuemart into VMinvoice Add custom fields to a commenting plugin on wordpress - Add custom fields to prestashop contact form Add custom fields to product page in WooCommerce store to display on front end - Add custom forms, book database and shopping cart on a wordpress site Add Custom Function to Website - Project for Dr.Tech - Add Custom header to wordpress blog Add Custom HTML/Javascript field to Expression Engine CMS - Add custom logo to website Add custom made Facebook feed to existing Facebook app - Add custom page redirect (or hide/show content) after Typeform is completed Add custom page to website. - Add custom post types to Wordpress Template Add custom price-encoded barcodes to Unicenta (open-source) - Add Custom Social Media icons and change footer fonts colors & buttons.... Add Custom Store to site. - Add custom tracking pixel to Magento Checkout add custom url and ge traffic to my website - add Customer ID and Parcel ID search bar -- 2 add Customer ID and Parcel ID search bar - - Add Customers/employees to database not working anymore Add Customised Aweber Form - Add Customizer controls and create a WordPress child theme Add custum field on a Petition (on a WordPress blog) - Add Data Columns to eBay Search Results Add Data Coupons to - Add data from mysql data base into another table. Add data from PDF's to spreadsheet as per examples - Add data into incomplete products that have missing attributes Add data into magento shop - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar - Add data to Excel file - dataentry Add data to excel sheet - Add Data to spreadsheet Add data to the admin panel of our software - Add Database Connectivity and Programming to Admin Template Add database details to report - Add database to page Add database to script - Add Date Gmail Subject Add date model to existing Ruby project - Add DB_DataObject_FormBuilder to PHP system using Pear Add dbase and uploads to video search site - add deisgn into net project Add delay to a dropdown menu (javascript) - Add Delivery Slot in open cart Add Demo Content to New Wordpress Site - add descriptions to site Add Descriptive Data to News Feeds - Add design elements to existing webpage Add design feature to website. - Add design to Wordpress - realty_assoc Add design to wordpress site - Add details into spreadsheet from google Add details onto a spreadsheet - Add different backgrounds to images - Graphics Work - URGENT - NEED in 24 hours Add different music and/or voice to current video. - Add Digital Products to my Online Store -- 2 Add Digital Signing To My Certificate Page - Add disclaimer to a wordpress site Add disclaimer to website - Add discount to paypal express checkout Add Discount/Coupon Function for Orders - Add distributor login to my website Add div class to element when a certain ID is in screen - Add Domain in DirectAdmin Add domain name in blocked list from context menu - Add double elimination to tournament script Add Double Elimination to Tournament Site - Add download vouchers button to a page (no checkout functionality, simple version)) add download-script to website - add drop down box to my text Add drop down boxes to - Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template -- 2 - Add drop down multi-level menu to my Wordpress template ADD DROP DOWN TO "AREA OF STUDY" PHP SCRIPT TO EXISTING CODE - Add dropdown fields to existing oscommerce payment module Add dropdown list to contact form + capcha - Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song -- 2 - Add dynamic content to website design Add Dynamic CSV feature To Bulk SMS App - Add Dynamic Meta (Title, Description and Keywords) Add Dynamic Meta's (Title, Description and Keywords) for Member Portfolio - add e-cards option/display new members into dating site(repost) Add e-commerce & better gallery to photography website (JA Avian II) - Add E-mail and Push Notification for indicator Add E-mail and Push Notification for indicator - Add eBay html to existing Ebay store template Add ebay integration to existing php script - Add eCommerce and login functionality -- 2 Add ecommerce area to existing word press site - Add Ecommerce Store Front to Local Shop Website Add eCommerce to a website - Add Ecommerce to Wordpress Sute Add Ecommerce to wordpress website - Add editable fields to existing PDF Add editable text fields to a pdf. - Add Elance Model a Blog Add Elastic Search Geoshapes to existing rails app. - Add Elements to Existing Wordpress Form add elements to html - add email and password recovery to site -- 2 Add Email Attachements to Forms Page - add Email fucntion with sms add on a store website Add Email Function To Reminder App - Add email on contact us form on website Add Email once a purchase is made to my client - Add email submissions to a spreadsheet_update 2 Add email submit ticket function to my helpdesk - Add emails Add emails from onine directory to database and email them - Add Embedded Posts to Media Websites Add embedded video and text to already completed 'coming soon' page - Add encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA - 01/09/2016 09:38 EDT Add encrypted password to my current iPhone app - Add Enhancements to Articlelive Add enhancements to Christian website using MURA CMS - Add ePDQ to ecommerce website that currently uses paypal give options Add epoch payment gateway to premiumpress video theme - Add European coolie law script Add Event Function in my App - Add Events Calendar to osCommerce website add events for an application - Add Excel appointments/events into Outlook Calendar w/ Required Attendees attached Add Excel Data to Datazen Publisher - Add existing custom web form to Joomla site Add existing dropdown menu to html pages - Add existing software customization code to new upgraded app version Add existing team with vacation rental website, - Add expiry date for existing Pdf and epub file Add expiry date for existing Pdf and epub file - add extension from opencart Add extension mcrypt in plesk pannel - Add external widget to Wordpress Add External XSLT Stylesheets to our Google Mini - Add extra feature to existing wordpress website - open to bidding add extra feature to firefox addon - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost Add Extra fields and captcha to Registration forms builded in theme - ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link
Add Extra form fields + Output on post - Add Extra Functionality to WordPress Travel Agency Theme Add extra functionallity to a wordpress site - Add extra page to existing Wordress site & add HP Wallart API Add Extra page to my website - Add extra user level ! Add Extras and Make Changes to Joomla Site - Add Facebook 'Like Button' and Addthis Functionality Add facebook 'like button' to xcart productpages, and to main page. - Add Facebook and Twitter login to a system Add Facebook and Twitter Register and Sign In to my site - Add facebook comment social plugin in wodpress sidebar for my website Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme - Add Facebook event Going Add Facebook Events to User's Wall - Add Facebook features to a finished game Add Facebook features to a flash game - Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted!! Add Facebook Gallery to Website - Add Facebook Interface to Add facebook intersitial and banner to a simple iOS App - Add facebook like button to app within few hours Add Facebook Like Button to Nextgen Gallery in Wordpress - add Facebook likes Add Facebook Likes & Twitter Follows for Social Media Pages - Add Facebook Login and associations to drupal accounts (Drupal CMS Facebook) - Rehire Add Facebook login and update SMS provider - Add facebook login to unifi hotspot, and the ablity to limit bandwidth/data limits Add Facebook Login to Website - Add Facebook Photo Likes! I Want To Win This Contest! add facebook pixel - Add facebook sdk&game service and twitter to android app -- Add Facebook share and admob banner ads in unity3d - add Facebook website real likes Add Facebook widget - facepile - Add Fade Effect to Text and Enable Touch / Swipe on Supersized Slider -- 2 add fade to image - Add Fans to a FB page. Add Fans to Existing Page - Add fans to my Add Fans to New Facebook Fan Page - Add FB Autopublish/Have it Post as user (Classipress) Add FB Connect to my site - Add FB.CommentClient.add_onComment script to php template page Add FB.Twitter etc - add feature and make new desgin for add feature and make new design for food ecommence - Add feature in existing app Add feature in my app ( AdMob ) - Add feature OpenVPN with Obfsproxy on connection -- 2 Add Feature Section to a wordpress Blog, and other small changes - Add feature to an Android App Add feature to an App - Add feature to custom jomla component Add Feature to Custom PHP API - Add feature to existing magento extension Add feature to existing site - Add feature to Joomla Add feature to Joomla 1 - add feature to my search engine,, Add feature to my site - Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d (repost) - add feature to upload script Add feature to web tool - Add Feature to Working Website Add feature to WP Plugin - Add featured product in blog and forum of magento Add Featured Products to existing Amazon Webstore - Add Features & Set up Images Hosting Site Add Features & Set up Images Hosting Site - Add Features and Facebook Viral calls - Facebook Application Add Features and Facebook Viral calls to my app - Add features and Solve Bugs in Social Network(Joomla) add features and update an existing iphone app - Add Features in Couponpress with external plugins and create a child theme for new design, look , layout [Wordpress] add features in demo examples - add features joomla component Add features on an already working export module for Magento 1.9 - Add features to a custom ecommerce framework Add features to a custom text control in C++ and MFC - Add Features to a Open Source Project PHP, JS and MySQL with JSON and Handlebars Add Features to a Open Source Project PHP, JS and MySQL with JSON and Handlebars -- 2 - Add Features to a Scraping Software Add features to a semi-completed social media website project - add features to a wordpress classified script Add Features to a WordPress PopUp Plugin - Add Features to Already Existing WordPress Theme Add Features to AlstraSoft E-Friends - Add features to an existing app. add features to an existing app. - Add features to an existing MEAN site Add features to an existing open-classifieds customized website - Add features to android app Add features to Android Application - Add features to backup program 2 Add features to Bigcommerce mobile website. - add features to crm Add features to current android app BASED ON NEW USER INTERFACE - Add features to DevExpress built ASP CRM website and Add Features To Directory Site - Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developer) Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developers) - Add features to existing iPhone application Add features to existing iPhone utility app - Add Features to Existing Project Management Website Add features to existing Real Estate script - Add features to existing website Add Features to Existing Website - - Add features to Google Map based Bus Directory Admin Module add features to google mashup - Add features to iphone and make changes to Iphone and Adroid app add features to iPhone app - add features to jquery drag drop web app Add features to jquery plugin - Add features to my app. Add features to my Article CMS - Add features to my script. ADD FEATURES TO MY SITE - Add Features to my website Add features to my website. - Add features to online management scorecard Add features to Open Cart store - Add features to our web app Add features to our web app PHP - add features to php/ajax chat script Add features to PHP/Java Calculator - Add features to Redmine / Easyredmine (Free plugins) Add Features to Rest. Pro Express - Add features to Site Scraper Perl Script Add features to Site Scraper Perl Script-(repost) - Add features to the SlimBox Javascript ADD Features to the Timesheet.php Open Source - Add Features to website Add features to website - Add features to wordpress plugin Add features to WordPress template - Add features, and modify website Add features, bug test/fix .asp site. - Add Feedback button to more page Add feedback feature and updates to my PHP website - Add few Features and custom design add few features in core php website Please read Project Description before make bid - Add Few features like SL,TP, TS etc in a small EA
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