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Add imap email to godaddy dedicated server. - Add in 5 .net pages to company website Add in a clean pop-up form that requires the user to enter in their email address in order to download. - add in app purchase to iPhone App Add In App Purchase to remove advertising for Existing iOS Game - Add in fatures of MS Access application to VB.net client server application add in feature for existing website - Add in News Indicator inside this Ea Add in or plugin for website - add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups - add in-app purchase to app add in-app purchase to app again - Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. -- 2 Add in-app store to existing iOS along with other updates - Add Index Follow Tag for Wordpress Page on Magento website Add index pages to a new squarespace website - Add Indicator to existing EA Add Indicator to Existing Indicator Alert - Add infinite scroll to Shopify Theme Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress Site - Add Info to a List of Residential Communities Add info to a product list in MS Access - Add information in settings Add information in wordpress header - add initial balancing to existing proof of concept app Add initials to the set of avatar images (via script or manually) - Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. -- 2 - Add installment payment system in joomla virtuemart Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application - Add interactive form fields to a pdf - repost Add interactive image pinboard page to website - Add internal library and drop box storage to iPhone and android application Add internal pages to website - Add intersitial banner to an existing app Add intersitial banner to app and updating the Admob SDK to the newest - Add inventory from 3 motorcycle sites and input into 1 site. Pics, categories and descriptions. add inventory levels to my online store - Add Invoice Form to Existing Access Database Add invoice number to web order form - Add iOS7 MFi game controller support to simple game Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app - Add IP's purchased from OVH into our WHM and Cpanel - Read Description before bidding Add IP's to Server / Other small server management - Add Iphone version of existing app Add iPhone-like scrolling to flash applet. - Add ISO Custom keyboard Suggestion Bar Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - Add item to shopping cart Add Items from eCommerce Site to another eCommerce Site - Add items to current website Add Items to eBay (No Interface), eBay API - Add items to online store -- 2d Add items to online store -- 2d - Add items to Website based on apurchased wordpress theme Add items to website using Opencart Admin - Add Jasper Reports and Spring Security with LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project Add Java algotithm into a php website - Add javascript booking widget to resort website Add JavaScript Calculations to Drupal Content Entry Forms - Add JavaScript interaction add javascript into wordpress page - Add Javascript to our Flash Player Add javascript to our website - Add Jingle chan to asterisk2billing Add Job / Time Tracking to a PHP accounting app. - Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields - repost Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields in Jomsocial (Joomla 3.3.6) - add joomla site login to chat Add Joomla template 2 joomla - Add jquery analog clocks to webpage Add JQuery and CSS to an existing SPRING MVC 3.x project. - Add Jquery form to a webpage + some cosmetic changes Add jQuery Form to HTML Page - Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme Add jquery popup screen, Fixing existing HTML page - Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel -- 2 - add js animation after that upload to wordpress (good comments) add js arrows to ready image slider - Add just 1 Page for me to site. Bids should be no more then $30 Add just 2 custom Features On TinyMCE - Add Keyword Density to Articles Add keyword tags to 393 posts of a Wordpress blog - add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization Add Keywords to WordPress Website - Add label to the empty bottle ASAP Add labels and data (from database) on the product page - add langguge version to website -- 2 Add language and make modifications in a magento template (ecommerce) - Add language to existing site - WPML 5 pages add language to existing wordpress site - WPML ready - Add languages to typ3 Website Add languages to wordpress theme - Add latitude/longitude coordinates to list of United States addresses ADD LAUGH TRACKS TO 20 MIN COMEDY PODCAST - Add Layslider slide to new wordpress theme Add Lazy Load and Responsive - Add leaderboard to ios app Add leaderboard to my website - Add levels of sub-categories to the existing site. Add levels to developed game - add light box pop up like this one http://tiny.cc/j06orw Add light box to 2 web pages - Add Lightbox to .asp pages Add LightBox to CreLoaded 6.2 B2B - Add like at my Facebook page Add Like Box to Facebook Fanpage - Add Limit to Crawler add limitation to ip on email subscription field (grubcanada.com); ruby on rails - Add Link Attribute Code WP Plugin add link button as attached snapshot. - Add link to external website and add a line of copy Add Link to Flash (easy project) - Add Link to Website Add link to website button when data comes up from MySQL - Add LinkedIn Url's Add Linkedin URLs to spreadsheet. - Add Links Pages and Miscellaneous Site Changes Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. - Add Links to Landing Page and Install to Facebook Add links to Mega Menu in BigCommerce - Add links to site Add links to site navigation - Add Lip-sync in After Effect to toys in the video -- 2 Add list of countries to database - Add listings and pictures Add listings and pictures -- 2 - Add Listings to My Site Add listings to my website - Add Live Chat function to Wordpress site add live chat on my website - Add Live streaming and web conferencing in current site Add live streaming capabilities and rtmp server to a website - add liveperson infobox to oscmax website add livestreaming to mobile app and connect app to website - Add Local Directories sites to Senuke XCR Google Places Module - Via script recorder Add Local Language to Wordpress Multisite - Add location tags to photos Add Location through Google Map Maker - Add Logging to HR Application Add logging to the logic layer - Add logic to student email Add logic/views to WHMCS addon - Add Login Form to Module position. Add Login from Facebook to my website - Add login to Admin panel & Make to work an existing search/visualization
Add Login to Bot - Add login with Facebook, login with PayPal to an existing Java/Struts website Add login with Facebook, login with PayPal to an existing Java/Struts website - Add Logo and content to a purchased template Add logo and facebook like button to an existing site - Add logo in banner Add logo in header - Add Logo to Clothing Pictures Add logo to eight product images - Add Logo to Joomla Site Add logo to JPEG image - Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster Add Logo to Product Images - Add logo to website + some text. Add logo to wordpress header - Add logos on a step and repeat banner Add Logos to a Joomla website - Add LTR English to RTL Arabic Wordpress Site Add Lync Mediation server - Add Magento 'Clone' Functionality to Create Another Configurable Product From an Existing Configurable Product Add Magento and AffiliatePlus plugin - add magento stock inventory control to websites add magento stock inventory control to websites- - Add Mailchimp Newsletter to Single Page Add Mailchimp Newsletter to Single Webpage - Add maintenance page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer (Job Card Categories) Add maintenance page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer (Job Card Categories) - ongoing work - Add manufacturing module to Unicenta open POS Add many features to my sample game using Unity - Add Margin Lines and Images to a Visual Studio Addin Add Marina to my Zajra Logo - Add Martingale System into my EA Add Martingale System into my EA (HELP) - Add match setting boxes and connect button. add matching contact form to website - Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only - add me as contact for more info add me fast 20K points - add me on skype: young_blood111 add me on skype: jujju1170 - Add Medical Disclaimer at end of videos to very Short .MP4 files Add Mega Menu Functionality on joomla website - Add members to Facebook group Add members to music Facebook group - Add membership option to shopping cart Add membership plugin and have it function on wordpress - Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost) Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost)(repost) - add menu in Joomla Template Add Menu Item to Eudora - Add menu to website Add menu,Categories and Filter option on my website - Add Meta Data Code to Index.php of Joomla 2.5 Site Add meta data to a blog - Add Meta Tags, Title, Description to 11 subdomains Add Meta Title,Description,Keywords - Add Method to Android Live Wallpaper- request 3 add methods to to fraction class - Add milk splash to chocos bowl add minecraft games to my website - Add missing features to my forum Add missing functionality to a project - Add MMS send function over GPRS to existing software Add Mmy Website Logo Display Plugin(URGENT) - Add mobile menu to existing custom wordpress theme Add Mobile Menu To Responsive Wordpress Theme - Add mobile Specifications and Images to 100 Mobiles Add Mobile Specifications with Price and Images - Add modal pop-up form Add Modal Pop-Up login to Joomla website - add modifications to php ajax chat room script Add modifications to the current websites and some other edits - Add module on joomla 3.x template Add module position in opencart - Add module to website Add Module- gift certifcate/ Add 1 Customized Product - Add Modules to OSCommerce Add Modules to OsCommerce - add monitoring of the exchange Add monitter widget to Redblogroll.com - Add more categories to existing Wordpress website. add more cateory in currently Wordpress theme - Add more Detail and depth to the colored drawing Add More Detailed Registration Form to Joomla Site - Add more feature to my keylogger.. Add More Feature to my Site - Add more features to Authority Engage Add more features to existing add in - Add more fields to my page Add more fields to Opencart address book & autocomplete on checkout page - Add More Functions Add more functions on Wordpress Template - Add more language features to my Monologue for ''Mice and Men'' -- 2 Add more languages to Wordpress website - Add more photos to the banner (urgent) add more phys - Add more textboxes to a functional ajax script Add more than 1 product to the basket in product page - Add mosule cass suffix joomla 2.5 template Add motion capture data to 3D model - Add Movable Lines SL & TP to EA for Directman Add Movie and Music Playlist to Flash Site - Add mp3 player to filesharing script (Not xfilesharing pro) Add MP3 Player to my webpage. - Add MSRP to PJSIP Add MT4 code to EA - add multi level Add Multi Login Types to existing PHP site - Add multi-language - Internationalization feature to Wordpress plugin Add multi-language interface to an AuroraGPT script - Add multilanguage to a flash website 2 add multilanguages on Joomla based site - Add multiplayer functionality to existing iOS app Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. - Add Multiple currency option and few changes Add multiple currency select option to search box - Add Multiple invite function to site Add multiple items to cart (wordpress page, not using WooCommerce) - Add Multiple Ship Address to Zen Cart - repost add multiple shipping charges to magento multi store - Add music and edit an audio with voice (relaxing-meditation one) Add music and sound effects - Add Music to 3D Animation video. Add music to a go pro video - Add Music to PowerPoint Add Music to PowerPoint(repost) - Add my 2 spokeperson video to my site Add my address in a google format if possible - Add my business to google my business without postcard verification Add my business to local directories in London online - Add my extension on chrome webstory Add my flash header to Wordpress ASAP! - Add my logo to a contractor / plumber image Add my logo to an Adobe After Effects template - Add my opt-in form html code into ready made squeeze page and create separate opt-in form from the one included in the ready made squeeze page Add my page on craiglist from USA ip address only. - Add my site to 2,000 websites Add my site to 50 health directory sites - Add my version of dislike button Add my video and links to my html squeeze page - Add Myspace Codes To Site Add myspace email subs box - Add MySQL Db Support to a existing app already using MSSQL Dataset/Dataapater (VB.Net ADO.NET) Add mySQL functionality to Freelancer V2.1 - Add names from a PDF file onto a spreadsheet Add names to a Spreadsheet - Add navigation bar to website - ongoing work